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The Turkish Detective

Par Mizan (Competent) posted this on Monday, 8th July 2024, 08:48

I love detective and crime shows, and this is a new one started on BBC2. Its an 8 part drama.

An ex-MET officer of Turkish origin decides to go back to Turkey and join the force there. He has a hidden agenda to find out why his journalist girlfriend got hit by a car out there as a mafia type hit.

I have seen the first episode and will continue with it.
First impressions. The main British/Turkish officer character seems to have a lack of acting skills and just seems to stand there looking lost half the time. His older commanding officer is a far superior actor and takes the limelight. Most other actors got the part I think, as they can speak both English well and Turkish. 

On the positive side the story seems quite good and we see a lot of  Instanbul as its filmed on location. Going to keep watching it with interest. Most of the show is in English, but with some subtitles when they are speaking Turkish.

Also available on the BBC I player.

RE: The Turkish Detective

mbilko (Elite) posted this on Monday, 8th July 2024, 19:46

Really enjoyed this, first 2 episodes kept me interested

Liked by: Par Mizan

RE: The Turkish Detective

Par Mizan (Competent) posted this on Tuesday, 9th July 2024, 07:12

The second episode last night got really exciting near the end.

SPOILER (The suicide bomber) /SPOILER

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