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Baby Reindeer

admars (Elite) posted this on Monday, 24th June 2024, 11:49

bit late to the party but we finished this last night, tried to avoid hearing too much about the real parties involved, but it's really bloody good in a "I May Destroy You" kind of way, i.e. bits of it are funny, bits of it are very horrible and make for uncomfortable viewing.

well worth a watch though, very well acted version of Gadd's version of the truth/events of a struggling comedian being stalked.

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RE: Baby Reindeer

RJS (undefined) posted this on Monday, 24th June 2024, 21:00

Yeah, really good, thoroughly recommend it!

It even made me suffer some of Piers Morgan afterwards, which was almost as uncomfortable as parts of the series.


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RE: Baby Reindeer

sj (Elite) posted this on Monday, 24th June 2024, 21:14

Yeah, enjoyed it too - and quite uncomfortable at times too as you say admars..
It will be interesting how the whole legal case pans out - she even denies the whole prison thing.


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