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[VIDEO] Tulsa King

mbilko (Elite) posted this on Monday, 14th November 2022, 23:38

thought I had posted this before but search didn't find it.

Anyway, not since 1883 have I enjoyed a pilot so much, very dark sense of humour, cracking writing and Stallone absolutely shines in a role that was made for him, add the rollocking fast pace and I honestly wish I could binge the whole series, really looking forward to the second episode

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RE: [VIDEO] Tulsa King

RJS (undefined) posted this on Tuesday, 15th November 2022, 08:42

I will wait for your review of a few episodes, but it does look intriguing. :)


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RE: [VIDEO] Tulsa King

Snaps (Elite) posted this on Tuesday, 15th November 2022, 08:52

Looks like it hangs heavily on whether you like Stallone.
Another Gangster movie with a different lead.
I think I'll join RJS and wait till you're a few eps in.


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