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mbilko (Elite) posted this on Wednesday, 14th July 2021, 16:29

Being said that Messi has taken a sizeable pay cut to sign new deal as Barca were well over their salary cap , don't think we have one in Scotland , does England?

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Si Wooldridge (Reviewer) posted this on Wednesday, 14th July 2021, 17:30

Nope, good idea though...


Si Wooldridge

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admars (Elite) posted this on Wednesday, 14th July 2021, 18:10

i think as we've said before it works well in USA for basketball, as they can't really go elsewhere, and big stars have been known to take big pay cuts to lure talent to their team.

But here I suppose if Man U player has to take pay cut he'll go abroad.

they have it in rugby don't they, but one of the big clubs blatantly didn't follow the rules so they could keep several stars.

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Robee J Shepherd (undefined) posted this on Wednesday, 14th July 2021, 19:14

I don't like the idea, and the reason is it will just redistribute the wealth from the players to the clubs.

Are footballers overpaid? Yes, I'm pretty sure anyone who is a top rate tax payer and beyond is overpaid. That's capitalism, you don't get paid for how hard you work or how much you contribute to society, you get paid for how much you contribute to the endless generation of wealth.

However, football is one of the few international sports, maybe the only one, where the majority of people who earn the big bucks come from poor backgrounds. I find it hard to begrudge them for earning what they earn, when so many less talented and less hard working people also earn lots of money.


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RE: Salary Cap

mbilko (Elite) posted this on Wednesday, 14th July 2021, 20:41

Couldn't agree less, it means the big earners will be more evenly spread surely? Instead of them all turning up at Barca , Man U, PSG they will go to Athletico Spurs and Juve, or Bayern

RE: Salary Cap

admars (Elite) posted this on Wednesday, 14th July 2021, 21:05

it "should" keep things interesting, so that a team could have 1 all-star and a few good players, or a roster of above average. That's aided though by their draft system of getting players from college, team that did worst, gets first pick etc.

obviously there are problems though, teams get round that by trading their draft picks for players, and as I said before, players choose to drop their salary to entice a good player, I suppose when over 1/2 your annual income comes from sponsorship, you don't mind losing a few k from your "main employer" ?

Overall, for NBA it does seem to work, LA Lakers will always attract big names, but they won't always win, and "underdog" teams do become successful for a few years, then someone else does.

I don't understand your argument Rob, I think you'll still have the wealthy club owners, the wealthy players, some coming from the streets, and the wealthy agents.

Maybe it depends on who you support, if your internationals play for Scotland you like the idea, if they play for England, Portugal, Spain, Italy, Belgium, not so much? ;)

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