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Sony DVP NS51P

Eldho (Harmless) posted this on Monday, 4th September 2006, 08:22

Can anybody help me to get the region unlock code for my "SONY DVP NSP". It is a Region-2 DVD player. Atleast I want to change it to Region-5. HELP me! Thanks in advance.

RE: Sony DVP NS51P

Hackeroonie (Elite) posted this on Monday, 4th September 2006, 09:22


Sony Player or Recorders Cannot be Hacked with the Handset Supplied with the Player.

Most newer Models and a lot of the Older ones can be Hacked using A One For All Remote, Palm Pilot or Other Similar Programming Device.

Check out these Forum Pages...The options and codes needed are covered comprehensively on those Forum not be concerned if your Player is not actually listed 99% of Sony Players with the Prefix DVP NS can be made Region free with the Methods and codes there ...and just about 100% of European R2 Models.

If you think that the Options covered on the Threads there are too much for you to attempt you can always use the Services of a "Chipping Company"... To find one of those Companies do a Google search

Or a Sony Main Dealer may be able to help you

Let the forum know how you get on


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