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Is the physical cinema dead?

Pete-MK (Elite Donator) posted this on Thursday, 6th June 2024, 22:53

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RE: Is the physical cinema dead?

Par Mizan (Competent) posted this on Friday, 7th June 2024, 04:27

Yes. A few things that are the killer for cinemas. a few cinemas in my area have closed down. Blame me as I have not been to a cinema since the covid pandemic.

1...Covid pandemic, a lot of us have never went back due to being an enclosed space. I also still have problems going to the the pub as I panic, unless it has an outside space for drinking I will not go.

2..High cost, prices for snacks and drinks really shot up in price with greed, making it a very expensive night out for the family. Now stay at home watch a movie with a curry carryout.

3...The very fast speed that new films are now out on streaming on-line or even sold as DVD.   
4...There may be more reasons, please expand.

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RE: Is the physical cinema dead?

mbilko (Elite) posted this on Friday, 7th June 2024, 11:54

Main 1 movies have been poor, couldn’t tell you the last movie I thought I’m all over that

RE: Is the physical cinema dead?

admars (Elite) posted this on Friday, 7th June 2024, 12:51

I suppose when we were kids, household TVs were small, films took ages to get tv or video.

my parents, sometimes, 1, soemtimes both would take me to cinema school holidays as a treat, sometimes a Disney film, also remember seeing Superman 2, Return of the Jedi, Bond films, back when you joined a queue.

We've only been a handful of times as a family with our kids, too expensive, last time we went was Barbie, when there was some Cinema Day cheap tickets promo, Spiderman Spiderverse one cinema the hols after the hols it came out was doing a £20 family ticket or something like that, so it was a no brainer, happy to pay that, but "normal" adult tickets of £15 is too much. There's still family tickets but they're not cheap, even though we always smuggle in food and drink it's expensive,

nowadays with people having "home cinema" I think some of the "magic" has gone, but I think mostly it's the cost.

it's too expensive to take a chance on seeing something that may be good, as part of a night out.

Apart from with the kids, the only films I've seen at the cinema have been Star Wars films!

Before we had them the missus and I would go quite regularly, once a month or more, and not just to see "cinema" films, i.e. we'd see superhero, Star Wars, Blockbuster hollywood films, but we'd also see Coen Brothers, quirky foreign films in the local Picturehouse, black comedies, whatever took our fancy

we have 2 cinemas now, a Picturehouse and a Showcase, so they compliment each other, there used to be an Odeon, and before that a Vue as well

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