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RIP Tina Turner

Pete-MK (Elite Donator) posted this on Wednesday, 24th May 2023, 19:28

Another one you always thought would go on forever

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RE: RIP Tina Turner

mbilko (Elite) posted this on Wednesday, 24th May 2023, 19:45

Absolute rock star!!!

RE: RIP Tina Turner

RJS (undefined) posted this on Wednesday, 24th May 2023, 19:55

RIP legend


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RE: RIP Tina Turner

alfie noakes (Elite) posted this on Thursday, 25th May 2023, 12:04

I never knew that Martyn Ware, Glenn Gregory, et al of Heaven 17 produced Turner's break through single (and one of my favourite songs) Let's Stay Together which re-established her as a superstar.

RE: RIP Tina Turner

Snaps (Elite) posted this on Thursday, 25th May 2023, 18:46

No and there's a lot I didn't realise about her restart after Ike.
She was given two weeks for that first album from start to finish
I think I might search out a bio unless she wrote one herself.

Sad loss.
Most definitely a one off


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RE: RIP Tina Turner

Brooky (Elite) posted this on Sunday, 28th May 2023, 15:01

I didn’t know much about her marriage to Ile Turner, sadly I wish I met her or even
Went to her performances in New York.
Funny n sad my parents had that kind of stormy
And physical abusive marriage that let
me to tell my mother when I was almost13
yrs old I beg her to divorce my father, because
All my childhood seen n stayed up to see n hear
Her crying all night finally I said divorce him he isn’t t good After school mommy I will go n work
Plus I heard he has to pay for our rent,
A classmate told me her mom is getting. My
Mother said with tears on her face but
Angry tone of voice he is your father
And you don’t know what love is. I
responded saying to her if thats what you call love
I don’t believe so and if that’s what
You want, I don’t want it and I cannot believe that
At all. Years later I heard Tina’s song 🎵 you all
Know the title. Amen Tina

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