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Legal car problem

Snaps (Elite) posted this on Sunday, 17th October 2021, 15:38

I'll make this as brief as possible.
Near enough 3 months ago my son bought a car, his first.
Very nice S/H Audi A4 from an Audi main dealer who searched their database for what he wanted and found one in a dealership in Wolverhampton.
Bought up, test drove, nice car. Found a load of service history in the glove box which listed a notification for a timing belt and an oil leak.
'Oh we'd have done that anyway (doubt it). Said okay if that was done and the pre delivery service.
Picked up car on a Friday, next morning small pool of something under car so thought, not done the oil leak properly ring them Monday.
Following day he gets in the car to go to work and just about manages to get it back on the drive after discovering 'No brakes'.

Audi breakdown, included with the deal, called.
Guy says you might want to keep this, small spanner.
The mechanic had left a spanner on , I'm guessing the bleed nut, so that every time you turned the steering it was loosening the nut, so the puddle was brake fluid.
This could have happened when he was just down the road on the ring road or 3/4 mile later on the M62 with possibly fatal results.
Car went back in for a recheck a week or two later.

Lots of phone calls with we'll ring you back, they never did.
Eventually contacted head office of Audi who took it up.
The dealers will ring you and we'll ring you back in 7 days to see if it's sorted.
I should say the sorted we're after is some kind of compensation for putting his and other road users life at risk.
Dealer rang on the 7th day shortly before Audi rang and offered 2 free services. He's got two free services already with the deal.
To and fro a bit with them asking what he wants. No idea about this sort of thing so didn't know.
Eventually head office came back with how about £500.

I'd like anyone's opinion.
Maybe if they'd offered that with a really sorry at the beginning but they've never rung back at any stage except under duress and even when the car went back in it was returned covered in bird s***.

So it's either £500 and write it off to experience.
Sod off you can do better than that and see what they say
Or one of the no win no fee ambulance chasing law firms


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RE: Legal car problem

mbilko (Elite) posted this on Sunday, 17th October 2021, 15:53

I don't drive so merely from a customer Service point of view and confidence in the car lost I would want a replacement tbh. Probably don't help but that's my tuppence worth as you asked.

Thanks from: Snaps

RE: Legal car problem

sj (Elite) posted this on Sunday, 17th October 2021, 17:46

For me you got typical customer service like most places now sadly.
On the spanner thing, yeah, someone made a mistake and there's hopefully something in place to stop it happening again (but doubtful).
Don't go involving solicitors (free or otherwise), just learn from it and move on - life's too short.  The minimum there is someone probably getting sacked too probably.


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RE: Legal car problem

Mikeonfreeserve (Elite) posted this on Saturday, 23rd October 2021, 21:40

£500 is fair.

Nearly having an accident and having an accident is very different. Compensation would be limited to the cost to clean the drive, time off and some mileage.

That's not going to add up to £500.

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