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Late Rooms and Superbreaks enter administration

mbilko (Elite) posted this on Friday, 2nd August 2019, 09:13

Came into work last night to be told the procedure if we received bookings from these companies and was gobsmacked tbh, really didn't see this coming, I mean Laterooms where one of the biggies back in the day with Lastminute and, the good thing for customers is they don't normally charge so guests can pay hotel direct, Superbreaks a different kettle of fish and we can't accept anyone turning up at the hotel because we would normally bill it back to the company who have charged the guest directly....Quite shocked that even online travel is struggling, and wonder who's next? If you are a customer who has pre paid, contact your card company asap or ATOL.

RE: Late Rooms and Superbreaks enter administration

bandicoot (Elite) posted this on Friday, 2nd August 2019, 13:16

Wife and I are not keen on last minute booking via any of these companies, since our encounter with 'Night owl' (now gone bust, thank goodness).

We were visiting friends in the North of England  and we thought we would do a stopover at the last minute to break the journey, so booked a room for the night via Night owl and when we got there suspicious looking characters were sitting around at the reception, looking at us, so thought nothing much of it till we got our room, and it had a sink right by the bed, opps, not a good sign. I went back out to the reception and there were ladies of the night hanging around. Double opps, the place was a knocking shop. I wonder why the night rate was so good  

It was too late to leave, so we did not get much sleep, with banging doors and banging going on, and as my Scottish wife said 'we shot the craw' in the early dawn and got the hell out of dodge 

PS..I thought it must have been the first time that 'hotel' had a booking for the full night, instead of by the hour.

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