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Amazon AutoRip.

sj (Elite) posted this on Thursday, 10th January 2013, 21:46

They create and store a copy of (many) CD`s bought from them, for you.
Seems a good idea and trying to embrace legal ripping/format shifting of music you`ve bought.

More here.


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RE: Amazon AutoRip.

Pete-MK (Elite Donator) posted this on Friday, 11th January 2013, 00:09

So, if you`ve purchased a physical CD from them, which can be easily ripped using Windows media Player, they will allow you to download a copy of the ripped CD, which you have to download from them for free, even though you already own a copy of that CD, and downloading content you already own, at a detriment to your bandwidth allowance..


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RE: Amazon AutoRip.

pat-w (Elite) posted this on Friday, 11th January 2013, 00:24

I`ve paid for loads of CD`s that were gifts so I could download a mp3 of a disc I`ve paid for but don`t own?

RE: Amazon AutoRip.

bandicoot (Elite) posted this on Friday, 11th January 2013, 01:13

Quite a lot of newer DVDs are now giving you a digital download to put on Ipad2`s etc.

So when I buy a disk, I give one of my sons the digital copy detail and `code` leaflet, as I have no Idea how it downloads, and leave it for him to put on his Ipad2.

I think it is a one off though, because if you delete it electronically off the Ipad2, thats it gone.

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