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admars (Elite) posted this on Thursday, 30th May 2019, 18:59

when we watched First Blood a little while ago, I had forgotten that the first in the series is actually a very good, serious film, and it's the later ones which are good dumb action films, even if the story lines haven't stood up to the test of time ;)

RE: Rambo: Last Blood

bandicoot (Elite) posted this on Friday, 31st May 2019, 10:03

Always liked the earlier Rambos, which showed up the killer conditioning of a soldier and  finding it difficult if not impossible to fit back into society.

I think most of us liked it as when he was ganged up on by nasty authorities. Rambo could just forget the polite ways of society, and strike back.

In real life he would have been shot dead without a thought by the authorities, for the actions he took, but hey, its Holywood.

What makes the later films dated now is that the enemies were all based on the cold war, which technically is now over. Also death count was hilararious, as the numbers got larger in each sequel.

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Robee J Shepherd (undefined) posted this on Friday, 31st May 2019, 17:12

I quite enjoyed the previous recent(ish) Rambo, although yes that was a dumb action film. :)


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Jitendar Canth (Reviewer) posted this on Friday, 31st May 2019, 17:16

My favourite 'Rambo' movie...

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RE: [VIDEO] Rambo: Last Blood

marksparks999 (Elite) posted this on Sunday, 2nd June 2019, 19:09

i hope this delivers what the trailer promises, RAMBO, John J back to his best, the dark real story... not some of the sillyness of the sequals (as watchable as they were)

RE: [VIDEO] Rambo: Last Blood

Gareth Williams (Elite) posted this on Saturday, 30th November 2019, 03:21

So I just watched this for free and I still want my money back.

Literally the same plot as every other revenge thriller. Bad thing happens (daughter sold into sex slavery, murdered wife/husband/family, dead dog etc) so the old white dude kills everyone. How many times are they going to make this movie?

This is so far removed from First Blood that to have imagery from the original in the end credits just feels like an insult.

Protip: play 'Setting The Trap' from Home Alone during the planning sequence. This made it mildly bearable.

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