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RE: Will forums like this survive the growth of `social networking`?

sj says...
"Hopefully not mate.  I still don`t Facebook or Twit.."

Don't worry, you've still got my email address for the odd shout out.

Rob, I tried to also quote part of your post, but it wouldn't do two of them (I now have two "Quote" elements hanging around on the page which I can't remove).
The fact the posting element overlays the thread postings (when it used to be inline) is a poor choice in my view.
I don't have an issue with change, when it's for the better, but that depends on how each user uses the site, and your changes simply don't make a lot of sense to me as a user.

Snaps - I never said I found it complicated, I said "I couldn't get on with it", which basically means I don't like it. I work as an IT developer (for trading systems and web applications - so I'm not bad with computers ;)).
I actually find that Facebook is now pretty easy to use, and providing you manage who & what you see on your news feed (as I do) then you get to see stuff you actually might be interested in.

Anyway, I wish you all the best.

RE: Will forums like this survive the growth of `social networking`?

Well folks, I thought this may be an apt thread for it, and not intending to be over dramatic about it, but I can't see me visiting the site much longer.

I figured I'd post rather than completely fading away without saying anything.

There's a few reasons for it, for those who can be arsed to read them.

1) Lack of time!
I simply don't have the time to spare anymore with two small children and a pretty demanding job. Other things (like sleep!) seem to be higher on my priority list these days.

2) Recent site changes.
I know Rob works hard on the site and it's not only about the forums, but that's really only what I used it for. With the recent changes to the layout and colours I simply can't get on with it, so it seems / feels like a lot of effort simply browsing...and the mobile version on my iPhone seems even worse :(

3) Other sites...
A number of the regulars from here that I enjoy 'chatting' with I am friends with on Facebook etc. so I won't lose touch with them. There are also others like Ben & Neil who I now only communicate with via Facebook after they stopped visiting.

So there you have's been a blast, but so long and thanks for all the fish.

All the best

RE: The Wii U Thread

Wow, it really can`t be selling well can it.

RE: Reviewer history

The oldest modified thread is on this page: (aptly enough about "First Contact" :D)

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RE: Satellite Reign (the real Syndicate successor)

Gareth Williams says...
I was starting to worry last week when it was only just over half way there

Yeah, me too.
Thankfully it looks like it`s a "go"!
I`m hoping that EA don`t swoop in and offer a ton of money to produce it and take away the `independence` of it, but I just can`t see £350k being enough to develop a brilliant title. I will happily be proved wrong. :D

RE: Low Winter Sun

Added to the watch list, thanks.
Good to see a couple of British guys taking the lead :)

RE: PDF Creator

Second vote for CutePDF.

RE: With summer being here, how do you like the heat?

I`ve got a load of ply in the garage which I`m going to use to make covers for the open window frame.
The only issue I think I`ll have is the size of the rooms. My bedroom is pretty big (4mx6m) which is larger than the max they recommend, but I figure it`s got to be better than nothing.

Belle`s is definitely the hottest room though, and that`s 5mx3.5m so should be within the limit of 20m2

RE: With summer being here, how do you like the heat?

Yeah,that`s the one mate. How did you handle the exhaust?
I reckon the units are hit and miss, as some say it`s ace, but others say the same as you. I`ll be sorting mine out today before deciding whether it`s kept or not.

RE: Install a GBA emulator on your iPhone without jailbreaking

I think you need to have the developer licence in order to build and deploy the app.
I already have Xcode on the Macbook, just don`t want to pony up the developer fee.

EDIT: Anyway, planning on getting the next Google `nexus` phone anyway :D

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RE: Install a GBA emulator on your iPhone without jailbreaking

Damn, forgot this last night, was going to try it :(

RE: With summer being here, how do you like the heat?

dkuk2000 says...
You might end up spending more than that on one, The retailer I work for has now more than doubled the price of fans as nobody else in the are has any stock.
Such a shame :(

I`ve ordered a `portable` unit from Argos to arrive tomorrow. It has mixed reviews (some love it, others hate it) - but I`m giving it a shot.
Just need to grab a piece of ply from the garage, cut to the size of the window, then put a hole in it for the exhaust of the unit and gaffa tape everything in place :)

RE: With summer being here, how do you like the heat?

I`ll be heading out in the morning to see if someone has a portable air conditioning unit left anywhere (I may well have left it too late).
If we`re due to hit 35 degrees next week, then I`ll happily spend £400 on one tomorrow!

RE: Accurate Broadband speedtesters?

Yeah, forget the wireless for speed tests Jim, they`re crap (unless you`re sitting in a radiowave protected room!)

As for the PS3, I wouldn`t trust it either. It reports only 25Mbps (ish) on my 55Mbps connection. (on the PC / laptop wired in to the router) seems to give me the most accurate readings.

RE: Justified - Season 4 UK coming soon

Great show. Not sure where they`re going with it next though.

RE: Satellite Reign (the real Syndicate successor)

I think it`ll be my first Kickstarter backing! :D

EDIT: Done. May have to wait a while for completion, but it certainly looks like what I wanted a Syndicate sequel to look & play like.

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RE: [VIDEO] The Last of Us

miikeyblue82 says...
Stick with it.
I intend to...the sleep wasn`t caused by the game, more the sleep deprivation!

RE: [VIDEO] The Last of Us

Received it yesterday, made it as far as the first part of gameplay (after the cinematics) where you start to walk around and interact with a ladder (!?!?) before I fell asleep from sheer exhaustion....I had my 4 week old baby sleeping on my chest whilst trying to play it.

I can see this game taking me a while!

RE: [VIDEO] The Last of Us

Have succumbed and ordered this one. 
God knows when I`ll really get time to play it properly (i.e. be awake enough), but I look forward to it anyway!

RE: Amazon `Auto-rip` service - now live for Europe

I`m tempted to try out their £22 a year cloud service to see if it`s any better than the Apple one I currently pay for. I only really used it to improve the quality of some of the earlier rips I have (and can`t be arsed to re-rip because it means finding the boxes from the loft with the CDs in!)

RE: Amazon `Auto-rip` service - now live for Europe

Si Wooldridge says...
Just logged into Cloud player and it added 159 albums and 2731 songs.  Sadly that isn`t them all, so I`ve had to send a query to Customer Service to see if I can get the rest - although I feel a little ungrateful in doing so...

Yeah, I`m not convinced they have all of mine, but I`m not overly worried. I`ve ripped everything of mine since the year 2000 anyway.
They did say that it wouldn`t apply to all CDs (something to do with licences / royalties).

RE: Amazon `Auto-rip` service - now live for Europe

When I log in to the cloud player it came up with the message about how they`d added x number of songs based on my past purchases.

Interesting to see that RJS auto-adds a "myrevxxx" link to the end of Amazon links :D

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RE: Amazon `Auto-rip` service - now live for Europe

I`m sorry, did you say something? ;)

Amazon `Auto-rip` service - now live for Europe

I`m pretty impressed with Amazon for doing this:

Just logged on to my account and seen that they`ve added a load of songs that I`d previously bought on CD.

RE: Obesity is a disease

Si Wooldridge says...
You`re missing the point. Whilst long-term that may well be true, it doesn`t help with the immediate problem. If everyone could shed pounds/stones at will then that kind of advice, I assume, might help but considering how difficult it can be to shift unwanted weight, that`s no help at all for someone with a twisted ankle or head cold in that moment.
No, I`m not "missing the point".

It`s quite possible that the quote was taken out of context, or was an exert of a longer quote (which may state something similar to my point), but I think it highlights the need for a more drastic approach.

They`ve gone as far as to define obesity as a `disease` - so the medical establishment obviously think it`s a pretty serious issue (one that I`m sure we`ll be facing in the not too distant future). Therefore, something drastic has to be done - i.e. telling everyone who goes to see their doctor with an ailment that they need to be in the `healthy` range of body weight & fat, and repeating that message over and over.

Do you really think it`s that difficult to shed unwanted weight?
I personally believe that we`ve just become lazy and our tastes have adjusted to the sugary / fatty / salty foods that we consume so much of - to the point where we find it incredibly hard to give them up.

I`m just as guilty as the next person of over-indulging and not doing regular exercise, but I`m now well aware of it and also whether I`ve gone too far (I wasn`t so aware 6 years ago).
So there`s a large element of education that needs to take place, whether that`s something that will be successful or not I don`t know. But when you consider the prolific fast food industry in developed countries I find it hard to believe we can really turn it around.

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RE: Obesity is a disease

I love this quote in the article:
"You might go to the doctor with a twisted ankle or a head cold and be told you need to lose weight, which doesn`t help with the twisted ankle or the head cold," she says.

Surely you`re less likely to twist your ankle if you`re fit and healthy? (Assuming you`re exercising).
Also, I thought it was the case that the healthier you are the better your immune system responds?

RE: RIP: James Gandolfini

Chris Gould says...
Never got into The Sopranos; I remember him best as the psychotic mob henchman who beats up Patricia Arquette in True Romance.

Said exactly the same thing to a mate earlier today.

RE: Help setting up a Win 8 machine...

r8sso. says...
because we all know miles wouldn`t like it without an SSD!!!

Good lad ;)

RE: Xbox One

The problem they now have is that they showed their intention with their original plans...something that they could easily re-introduce if they wanted to in future, piece by piece.
That is assuming that their owner base is high enough to not worry too much about it :D

Does anyone know anybody who`s pre-ordered one??