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RE: Panasonic HDD Recorder

Bingo!!!  I did the Factory Setting (Initialise) carry-on and everything appears to be normal after disconnecting and restoring the power.

Many thanks to everyone with all the helpful suggestions.  I appreciate it.

Cheers Jack.

RE: Panasonic HDD Recorder

I'll try it and see what happens.  I can transfer any recordings onto a USB HD.  I'll let you know the outcome.

RE: Panasonic HDD Recorder

Yes, it fails to record as the date is wrong also..  That is what I am concerned about if we are away and have a power outage I miss out recording anything.

RE: Panasonic HDD Recorder

Thanks for your reply Jitendar. I am aware of the setting in the manual and I have it on automatic but what I find is that when I check the settings after the power comes on I find that it has reverted to manual and the time is 1200 with the date 01/01/2011.

I have tried just switching on the automatic but when in standby mode it doesn't appear to get any time info.

Cheers Jack

RE: Panasonic HDD Recorder

Thanks for your reply.  I have the latest 1.20 firmware.  I have trawled through the service manuals and can't find any reference to anything to do with time.  What happens when the power comes back on is that the automatic time setting is at manual so it doesn't get any time correction signal.  I have only discovered this in the last couple of weeks when our power went off for a few minutes.  I have since fiddled about with it to try and find out what's happening.

Panasonic HDD Recorder

I have a Panasonic DMR-XW440 Freeview HDD recorder that will not keep its time when the power is disconnected and reconnected.  It just flashes 0:00 until the time is reset manually.  Is there a backup battery that has gone flat or something?