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RE: Movie Myths

Wasn`t there supposed to be some `rude` bits in Who Framed Roger Rabbit? Near the start the baby runs through a womans legs and has a finger pointing upwards and when Jessica Rabbit crashes her car if you forward frame by frame apparently you get a glimpse of her ****. :B :o

Internet Explorer 8

Has anyone else just been upgraded to the all new singing and dancing IE8 ??
I`ve just been testing it out and it seems as fast if not faster than firefox
Bill Gates just might have won me back over! lol

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RE: The Narnia Code

It`s all to do with the planets. 8)

RE: EBAY getting even more insane ?

But doesn`t `as new` mean just that, `as new` meaning it`s `as new` but not quite new.
I was selling some DVD`s on preloved and said in my ad that I had `copies` of so-and-so and whathaveyou etc etc and they blocked my ad because they thought they were copies.

RE: f***ing robbing scum c***s.

Take the baseball bat and hit `em hard, as hard as you can, right across the shins.

RE: Google maps Street Level comes to the UK

Ooer, according to Yahoo news... ...

Scores of pictures have been removed from Google`s controversial new mapping application after a glut of privacy complaints.

Google have removed pictures from their new mapping application.Street View, launched in the UK on Thursday, allows users to access 360-degree views of roads and homes in 25 cities.

The database - which includes photographs of millions of residential addresses, people and cars - sparked concerns about privacy infringement which forced Google to remove offending pictures.

The images removed include one of a man emerging from a sex shop in London`s Soho district and another of a man being sick on the pavement outside a pub in east London.

Unveiling the project, developers said they were keen to respect individual privacy and would "act quickly" to remove pictures deemed to breach privacy or display inappropriate content.

Sophisticated technology has been developed to automatically obscure the faces of people featured in Street View photographs, and car registration plates have been blurred, but such efforts have failed to quieten critics, with many labelling the maps voyeuristic and intrusive.

A spokeswoman for Google could not confirm the exact number of images removed but said the volume of complaints had been "less than expected".

She said the firm has also received a number of compliments about the maps. "We have had lots of people asking when we will be going to their street," she added.

At the bottom of each photograph featured on the application is a link which users can follow to "report a concern" to Google.

Individuals who do not wish to be featured in images or want their home to be taken off the database can register their objections by filling in an online form.

RE: Google maps Street Level comes to the UK

It`s very sinister really, at the right angle on the right pic you can see into houses.


I got them from The Box, both downloaded overnight, excellent quality for video rips, all ads taken out. I watched all 3 at the w/e. The 2 Tina films and Mischief Night, this is a film and not a TV Drama but it makes up the trilogy. Thanks for all help.

Multi Region Hack For Duraband LEDVDR0702

I`ve searched high and low and am still stumped, can anyone help please. :/


Both films are on torrent sites but there`s NO seeders on them. I think I`ll give the torents a go and see what happens anyway. It might take a couple of weeks but I`ll save £85. Thanx for your help.


I`ve just had an email back from Blast and they`re charging £42.50 per production. So if I was to buy both Tina films that`d be £85.00. I think I`ll do without thank you.


I don`t think these dramas came out on DVD or video. I had them both on video taped from the TV but it was lent out and disappeared. The 2 Tina films are on torrent sites but there are NO seeders on any of them. I have the film Mischief Night and it would be great to have the other 2 tow make up the trilogy. I`ll post what happens with Blast Films.


Thanx very much for that info, I have emailed them and hopefully they can help. I have friends in these films and in the third of the trilogy, the film Mischief Night.


I would also like a copy of this and Tina Takes A Break too please, if anyone can help I would be most grateful.