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RE: avoid FOXY.CO.UK !!!!

OK I got them :D

I suggest that you order as normal but keep the pressure on.

I get the impression that they have got a really good website, but haven`t realised how much work is involved in keeping such a site maintained at the same time as keeping everyone happy and the customers returning.

I was impressed that the site generates progress reports... but then they dried up.

If you get stuck with them then use the number above, just don`t P them off, or post anything slanderouse else you`ll get in a right mess.

Have fun.

RE: avoid FOXY.CO.UK !!!!

I`ve ordered some DVDs from the site and it took a bit of work to get any sort of response from them... and haven`t had them yet, I`m assured that they are on their way but watch this space!!!

I`m sure this will help: Little bit of research on the internet - including domain name look-up and a few calls and hey hoo...
Its the reception for a bunch of offices... if they ask "its about an order". ;)

I`ll post it tomorrow but its at work so the above will work fine in the mean time.

OK think this is it: 01534 885900

Positive that actually speaking to someone will help you guys but I may be back with more negatives if I don`t hear from them or receive my items.

If i get the DVDs i`ll post back some positives but i DO NOT trust them.

Just noticed that a review on Kelkoo was submitted from the guy I`ve been speaking to, and I`m pretty sure that the other Glowing review was by his boss ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

I design online shops for a living and No-one reviews sites saying:
"I found what I was looking for very easily using their search bar and result filter options. Although I`m always scepticle of new online websites I thought I`d give them a go as they were the cheapest (I hope) and was very surprised when my order arrived just a few days after ordering it. As long as their prices stay low I`ll keep going back."
5 STAR excellent

But I hope I`m wrong

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