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RE: Xbox One

Long time no see sorry guys but the news of this has drawn me back to the fold.

My first impressions are ones of disappointment in honesty. The games appear to be more of the same big brash, bombastic affairs which simply don`t excite me anymore. There seems to be yet more focus on things that don`t interest me such as using it for TV (won`t be free and will depend on decent broadband), Skype (never use) and Kinect (no thanks, novelty wore off after 48 hours). 

On the plus side I did have a little reminisce about the VHS player I once had when I looked at the console. It was a Hitachi in a glossy black and the buttons were concealed in a little plastic flap at the front. It was the muts nuts as it had Fast Play and everything.

The last thing which I am not entirely happy about is that they have tried to distract us with news that the machine won`t require "always on" internet so lets rest easy on that. However, it will require internet and the games will require an installation on the machine. What this means is that when you buy a game it is going to get tethered to the first machine it plays on. The internet will be used to check this each time you play the game. You can then use the game on another console "for a small fee". EA recently tried this with their online pass and have now chosen to abandon it due to lack of take up.
It would be easy for me to say "I don`t buy second hand games so this won`t affect me" but I fear it will. I currently only buy games that have been out for a few months as I wait until the price drops. With no second hand market for these ageing games to compete with the retailers will be able to keep the prices artificially high.

Overall, dissappointed and fearful of what this means for the future.

RE: Lewis Hamilton off to Mercedes.

Just putting it out there, do you guys think the fact his current team mate is Jenson Button had anything to do with his move? I always got the impression he hated Button`s ability to be the likeable nice guy, good with the press etc etc and Hamilton always came off (rightly so) as the sulky hothead who thought he had a divine right to win and nothing was ever his fault.

RE: My email to the British Bee keeping Association.

I`ve decided that my alter ego will be Sebastian Diggler

RE: My email to the British Bee keeping Association.

I am sensing the birth of a new game! One where we all, as a community, take on the alter ego of Derrick Regal and approach different organisations with our considered opinions and then post the findings here!

RE: Tablet PC Query - advice please

Cheers guys, you`ve helped me remove the Blackberry Playbook from my enquiries anyway.

As far as the Nexus goes, how does it work as an eReader? Are you locked to buying books from the Google store thing (presumably like the Kindle pushes you in that direction although there are alternatives). Is there a Kindle App or similar for it?

The Kindle Fire does have a bigger hard drive I believe though.

Tablet PC Query - advice please

Hi all

Not been about for a while sorry due to work commitments. Things are improving now though so should be about more and putting my pointless thoughts forward!

I am in the market for a cheap tablet PC. I don`t want an iPad for a number of reasons (mainly cost). Initially I didn`t see a space in my life that a tablet was needed but recently been thinking of getting an Amazon Kindle. From there then the thought process became "why not get a Kindle Fire then" which would offer me the Kindle with a web browser, ability to play films and have Apps available to me.
From there the debate has become an Amazon Kindle Fire HD or a Google Nexus 7. I can see a debate for either.

I have also now seen that the Blackberry Playbook has been reduced drastically and so entered into the arena of decision for me.

As a result my head has now exploded.

Essentially I want an eReader with the added benefits of a browser, video and some Apps. Some flexibility to not get left behind in the future updates stakes would be nice too.

Does anyone have anything they would like to advise on any of the above? It would be greatly appreciated!

RE: Really........?

Speechless. That blurb seems to suggest its a sympathy piece for the poor victims who mercilessly killed an innocent defenceless child. 
I could understand a film adaptation following the mother/family and the torrid time that followed the awful circumstances of that day but to do a film about the killers that will almost certainly depict them as "not that bad", "they`ve done their time" etc etc is ridiculous.
Having said all of that, is it any different to the debatable glamorisation of Charles Bronson in Bronson? Personally I think glamorising any person who has caused such trauma to families is not acceptable. If a member of my family had been treated in this way I would be beside myself watching a film making entertainment out of the circumstances.

As for calling one of the killers James then that is callous, insensitive and moronic

RE: A Touch of Cloth

I watched it and nearly switched it off a number of times in honesty. Morbid curiosity kept me watching though.
I can sit here now and rip to shreds many things about it such as numerous gags being "borrowed" from things like Airplane and Police squad (the brick wall behind the door an obvious example). The funniest parts were actually the subtle things though and not the jokes that were milked for every ounce of their being.

Looking back though, it seems funnier in honesty. I didn`t laugh out loud once during the program but certain things seem amusing now and I wonder why I didn`t laugh at the time. Weird

RE: Tia Sharp : Body Found :(

Or buy a Thai bride! ;-)

RE: Tia Sharp : Body Found :(

Is it a good idea? Probably not, and I would hazard a guess that one, if not both sets of pregnancies were not planned. Does this mean that society should not allow it? Or if it does treat crimes committed any differently? Of course not that would be ridiculous. Therefore, I`m not sure I understand your point.

Slightly off topic, I haven`t been posting much lately due to work commitments but have been lurking and noticed that you are , IMO, turning into the new Paull. A lot of your comments seem to be wildly different for the sake of being wildly different. Not trying to start an argument, just an observation I have made.


I am actually really impressed with it. The dynamic between the judges is good I think and each person on the panel has achieved at a high level, unlike judges on certain other shows (I`m looking at you Holden and Minogue)..

The manipulation of the audience and contestants, so far, is minimal and it`s a question of whether the acts are good enough without feeling the need to take the p155 or put through acts and champion them as brilliant when the entire world knows otherwise.

Quite rightly the show is concentrating on being a talent show in the way Popstars did all those years ago before X Factor just took it to a money making farce.

RE: Best National Ever?

Never thought I would say this but I agree with Paull.
If it were not "the highlight of the racing calendar" and the sport of choice for the rich then the race would be banned.
In my mind the Grand National is the Mario Kart of the horse racing world. Fun as a spectacle but carnage in reality. As much as I would like to see Lewis Hamilton attempt to do jumps and dodge banana skins in his F1 car it would never be allowed due to the risks involved. Why is it any different for horse racing?
Comparisons with banning aeroplanes are unnecessary. Nobody is saying "ban anything that hurts animals" it is simply a case of "should we be finding entertainment in something that so regularly proves fatal to its participants?" I vote no. For air displays its less easy to argue that point but the fact is the participants have made an informed choice to take part. None of the horses in the Grand National have a choice whether they participate. Essentially it`s the Hunger Games for horses with better odds.

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RE: TV refresh rate advice?

Thanks Ste that doesn`t help!!! ;-)

Now I`m even more confused!!

TV refresh rate advice?

Could someone tell me whether i should be concerning myself with refresh rate whilst buying a new LED 40" TV? The two I am considering have either 50hz and 100hz (with the more expensive one being the 100hz) and I can`t decide if it`s a necessary expense. The TV is used for gaming, sky sports, films and everyday TV.

RE: To 3D or not to 3D? that is the question

The sound system is a Sony 5.1 Dolby digital so absolutely no need to replace. Both of the TVs are capable of connecting to the Internet and being "smart" (am I the only one starting to hate that term?) so that`s not a concern either.

To 3D or not to 3D? that is the question

Our 40" Sony Bravia LCD has sadly been condemned by the John Lewis technician but is fortunately covered by their 5 year warranty. The TV needs a new screen which are no longer available so JL are giving us £530 to go and get a new one. 
The question now is do I just replace like for like and spend the £530 on virtually the same thing (with a new 5 year warranty) or spend £200 extra and upgrade to a 3D TV (not sure if the glasses are included though) with a free Blu-Ray (to sell as I already have one).
Opinions anyone? I want to stick with a Sony as most of my kit already is Sony and I make use of the Bravia sync a lot.


Not 3D


RE: The Walking Dead - season two

Was a good episode to end the season with, I wish it had been like that through the entire season though. Sitting about on the farm just got silly. I have a few questions now though! Can`t do spoiler tags using my phone though so will wait till later

RE: Things are looking bad for GAME

I think its a sad time when a specialist shop like this fails to exist anymore and my heart goes out to the families who this will effect with redundancy looming etc.
On the non-human side of things though I cannot help but think GAME have created this current mess for themselves. They have failed to adapt to a changing market place. Competition from supermarkets and internet have hit them hard and their choice was to either stand firm or adapt accordingly. They chose to stand firm and their once loyal customer base, consisting largely of hardcore gamers, realised they could get their pre-orders, brand new releases, niche games etc for a cheaper price online. Sometimes even a day early! I used to go down to my local Electronics Boutique years ago for a chat with the manager and look at the list they were taking pre-orders for etc! I wouldn`t even recognise a staff member of my local GAME now if they sat on my desk in their GAME uniform.
This loss of customer base left GAME with its majority of customers sitting in the "casual gamer" or "family" bracket. GAME has chosen to exploit this market (who typically don`t bother to make the purchase online) by maxing out prices in order to maximise profits. Sadly it seems this ignorance and disrespect of their customer base looks like it is going to come back and bite them.

RE: Ebay listing question.

I`m no expert but I would say yes providing it is clear in the listing and not tucked away in size 4 font

RE: Anyone claiming Child Tax Credits? Prepare to lose them


How many kids do you have

We have two but we have received no said letter
Just the one Mrs Wembley

RE: Anyone claiming Child Tax Credits? Prepare to lose them

Just to clarify I was originally referring to the Child Tax Credits element which is entirely different to Child Benefit. Although I agree that it is ludicrous to base Child Benefit eligibility on one earner and ignore the other.
My gripe is with the Child Tax Credit element though. Previously it was assessed on whether your JOINT income was at approx £42k per year, this is now changing to £26k per year. What this effectively does is say "if you are a 2 parent household who are both employed full time you won`t get Child Tax Credits, you will only receive Child Benefit (providing neither of you earns more than £45k)."
My problem is that the reduction from a £42k threshold to £26k is massive!

Anyone claiming Child Tax Credits? Prepare to lose them

Had a letter today saying that our Child Tax credits will cease as from next month. The reason being that our joint income exceeds £26k a reduction from the previous allowance of £41k. That`s a 15k reduction!!!
I can`t imagine any family with two adults working earn less than 26k. Crazy

RE: Should we allow uploading of images?

Big yes from me. Would probably help people contribute more as photobucket is sometimes just too much hassle.

Has the threat of SOPA stopped you acquiring certain things?

Putting aside the legalities it is clear that many people on here have indulged in the acquisition of things via a friendly bittorrent site or two. I was just wondering if people had changed their habits now with the impending SOPA stuff?

RE: Big release dates for 2012

For PS3 and 360 I`d throw in GTA V and The Last Of Us (no definite release windows as yet) but other than those nothing on the horizon excites me. What the list does tell me is that the end of current generation machines is nigh. Expect some announcements on new machines this year. Maybe with a Q4 release or 2013 release depending on whether they want the Xmas rush or not.

There will obviously be a new FIFA game where nothing needs to be said and also a new CoD. This years CoD will be by Treyarch though which are normally the weaker of the studios. Most people seemed to play Black Ops and go back to MW2`s online and the same with World of War where people went back to MW1. Maybe the same pattern will happen here.

Other than that there will also be Bioshock Infinite which is getting a lot of buzz. Personally I find the Bioshock universe too dark and quirky and struggled to care about the first one to the point where I never finished it and the second one was largely ignored. There will need to pull out some serious stops for Infinite to be a success, although I`m sure it will do well critically.

Personally though I can see the next twelve months being filled with games from 2011. Skyrim will take me an age to scratch the surface of, MW3 I have done the single player but little multiplayer, FIFA I haven`t completed a season yet and not touched Uncharted 3 or Batman yet and I would still like to pick up F1!!!! That`ll sort me out nicely

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RE: The Walking Dead - season two

Well if they stay at the farm something will need to happen as a zombie show with no zombies won`t be very good at all!
In fairness I like how the show has concentrated on the characters and the horror of survival in such a harsh world rather than just gore. Sure it still has its fair share of gore but the focus is really on the characters which I really like. I compare it in that respect to The Sopranos which also focused on the characters at its core rather than just the mafia stuff.

RE: The Walking Dead - season two

Sorry to act dull here but when that picture was tweeted had they finished filming the whole series or just the first half?

RE: The Walking Dead - season two

Ah Heroes *nostalgic sigh*
Known in our house as "how to ruin a good idea"
I`ve been enjoying TWD though in fairness and didn`t see the "shock" ending coming too far in advance. Though
the longer the missing girl storyline went on the more obvious it became she wasn`t going to survive and would inevitably turn up zombified at some point. Plus it makes a far more interesting ongoing plot. You can have Rick beating himself up for leaving her and Shane doing the "I told you so" route. Also, the mother can also take the other guy (crossbow boy) under her wing as surrogate son now.
The interesting stuff is what will happen now. I think the second half of the series will be the movement towards Fort Benning that they keep talking about. If I was to bet I would say that the group will split in two. Rick and Laurie will stay at the farm since she is pregnant. Rick won`t want to take her out on the road if he can help it, plus he will want Herschel to deliver the baby. On the other side though Shane won`t want to sit around and wait it out so he will want to move on forcing people to pick sides and will set up a touching scene of Rick`s son begging Shane to stay etc.
I`m thinking Rick, Laurie, their son and the Chinese boy will stay on the farm. Shane, Blondie will go. Leaving the black guy, Sophia`s mum, the hunting guy with ears on his necklace and Dale to pick sides. Not sure which way those will go. Dale is particularly tricky but I think he will go with blondie to try and keep her safe from Shane.
I would also like to see the return of the black guy and his son from the first episode of the first season but it looked like Rick was saying goodbye to him at the start of this season.
I`m probably thinking about this too much.

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RE: Neverland

I really fancy this but I don`t have Sky Movies sadly :-(