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Yeap, delivered from Futureent on Monday....£51.99


I watched this on Monday and I have to say that this version is far superior to the theatrical release. I`ve always liked Alien 3 but this longer version gives the characters more depth and re-introduces some previously deleted sub plots.
It`s still not as good as Alien or Aliens but it still sh*ts on Resurrection. God, that film is crap!

RE: Will TERMINATOR 3 R2 have DTS?

cheers, looks like it`s the R2 version...(that makes a change)

Will TERMINATOR 3 R2 have DTS?

Some sites are selling this listed with DTS, some aren`t....does anyone know for sure?

RE: The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen...

I preferred it to Pirates of the Carribean

"ALL PARTS" in Rochdale are a bunch of Tw*ts!

I`m not one to post angry emails, but this is more of a warning.
DO NOT, I repeat.....DO NOT! under any circumstances buy spare parts from these will live to regret it.
I made the mistake of buying a replacement wing mirror from them. Their price was competitive but they were some distance way so I had to have it delivered.
Not normally a bad thing. I`ve bought dozens of things mail order and never had problems before.
First of all they sent me the wrong part and then refused to take it back, despite the fact the invoice had the wrong part number printed on it. Secondly I was told I was "well out of order" for even considering returning the part. But after several phone calls (after being promised a call from them- that didn`t happen) I was told that if I returned the wing mirror in the same condition as I recieved it I would get my money back.
Not only was the part in the same was better because I had cleaned up the bloody thing.
One week went I phoned this chirpy little `bloke` at the place this morning only to be rudely told I would not be getting one because I had broken it. B*LLOCKS.....there is no way in hell I did anything to was so well packaged when I returned it I almost didn`t want to let it go.
Then, this `bloke`...lets just call him MATTHEW.....kept putting the phone down on me as I tried to ask him what he thought he was playing at.....he then even pretended ro be the manager to stop me calling back. He then was abusive and swore. What great customer service!
So, I didn`t get my spare part and it`s cost me £60 to do so.
If anybody reading this knows MATTHEW, or indeed if MATTHEW is reading this................You are a prize lemon my friend and if you are the manager there I take pity on the company because you couldn`t manage a gang bang in a brothel.
Phew....that`s me done
Sorry to have to moan on but this seems to be a growing trend of smaller businesses getting away with murder.

How do I remove my car stereo?

I`ve just bought a new car and want to change the stereo unit over but I can`t get the blasted old one out as apparently it needs some kind of special device to remove it.
It`s a pioneer unit so what I`d love to know is how can I get it out of my car?

RE: NOTW Carry On Doctor offer

When I walked into Blockbuster on the Sunday I bought the paper I was told they had none left. This was at 12.15pm so they probably only had five to give away! I know it said whilst stock lasts but that`s ridiculous.
I was thinking of writing to NOTW to complain but I couldn`t be bothered.

`Just watched Tomb Raider: Cradle of Life and......

I thought the first one was cr#p but this one is even worse.
There is only one good bit in the entire film and that`s right at the end and lasts for 2 minutes.
I`m really glad that this bombed in the states because it sends out a message to the makers of trash like this that they must try harder.
It`s simply a series of stunt set pieces strung together by a p#ss weak storyline.
Avoid at all costs.

RE: PLAY.COM. Any Good?

so, yes then (I guess)

PLAY.COM. Any Good?

I`ve just ordered a couple of cheap DVDs from these guys. I`ve heard pretty good things about them.
Has anyone ordered from them before?

RE: `saw T3 last night and....*SPOILER*

she does have a fine rear

`saw T3 last night and....*SPOILER*`s f*cking really good. It adds an edge to to the existing story and the conclusion is totally logical and in keeping with the first two movies.
The action is first rate (the sequence with the `wide load` truck will have your mouths open for a good five minutes), the drama is spot on and the humour, though thankfully used sparingly, is genuinely funny.
T3 strips way all of the cr*p that Cameron bloated T2 out with. Instead we get an efficient slice of sci fi action that leaves you wanting more.
And thankfully the finale shows a fine return of the apocalyptic `downer` ending, very much in the style of Planet and Beneath the Planet of the Apes.
This, in my opinion, is the best of the summer blockbuster releases so far.

RE: Family Guy R1

no, but it will appear on the next disc..due out in September.

RE: The Hitcher: NO DTS!

This seems to happen alot with DVD releases. I`ve bought a few films which advertise features, anarmorphic pictures, and sound formats yet have not had them on the disc itself. If Momentum had decided to not use the DTS soundtrack then they should be legally bound to alter the packaging which promises it.
I work for a major high street bank and we would be crucified if we made false statements or promises to customers.
Okay, I know it`s not quite the same thing but I really wanted that DTS sad as that may be.

Solaris-is it any good?

Any comments, I might buy this next week but didn`t get a chance to see it at the cinema.

RE: The Hitcher: NO DTS!

Perhaps they should take it off the box then, couldn`t that be described as false advertising!

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The Hitcher: NO DTS!

I`ve looked high and low and I can`t find a DTS soundtrack on this disc. It says it has one on the box but f#cked if I can find it anywhere. Has anyone else found it?

`Saw The Hulk at the weekend

Sorry folks, but I was really disappointed. This film is a f#cking mess! The script needed to be tightened up, it`s overly long and the characters are not really, in any shape of form, likeable. The Hulk himself rocks though. Sometimes he does look fake but for 94% of the movie you`ll not care `cause he can really kick arse!
The whole cartoon style of split screen is really intrusive. Everytime the picture zoomed in or out or in and out and in and over and in (I could go on) I just cringed.
Ang Lee seemed to want to have the style of Sam Raimi, but he fails miserably. It`s just too much. Like an A-level media student editing his first feature on an Avid system...every effect, every dissolve, every wipe...nothing is too much. How can you be expected to care about the characters in scenes when every five seconds the screen splits in two.
I really wanted to like this, BUT I didn`t. The first big disappointment of the new generation of Marvel fims.

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RE: Should I buy 28 Days Later?

I thought that it was a great movie at the cinema, but it will look alot better on the small screen because of it`s technical limitations. I have just seen a clip for the dvd release on a video that I rented last night and some of the deleted scenes look really promising. My only real regret about this film is that it really could of benefitted from having a larger budget so that the apocalypse format could of been develped further. If you`re a Romero fan like I am then I think you won`t regret purchasing the dvd as it`s got plenty of extras as well.

RE: What Are The Best Horror Films Of All Time

Dawn of the Dead has got to be one of the best. But the remake....why do people have to add so much humour to horror now? Apparently the new script is littered with unnessary comical moments....they even manage to f*ck up one of the best lines in the movie.."when there`s no more room in hell". And of course we get the mixture of racial, ethnic, male- female casting, which is usually so PC it`s offensive. Why can`t horror be strictly for adults anymore? The seventies has got to be one of the best decades for genuine horror.

RE: Back To The Future replacement discs

Nope, I`m still waiting myself. Typical of a major company to promise a date and not commit to it. I have a feeling we will only recieve parts two and three as replacements.

People who talk in cinemas

People who talk whilst you`re trying to watch a film in a theatre (you know who you are!), please feel free not to talk throughout the film, I paid £5.30 to listen to an actor, not some moron telling his girlfriend what he`s going to do at work the next day. Why bother going to a cinema if you want to have a chat? Go to a cafe instead. And if the film is boring you...leave! Don`t ruin it for everyone else. And one last thing....turn off your mobile phones.That little message before the film starts is for you as well as everyone else with a phone still turned on.
On a lighter note though, whilst watching Jurassic Park 3 someone in the audience started complaining because she thought the mobile phoning ringing on screen was someone in the theatre.

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RE: Buying expensive things on E-bay

Thanks for the information guys, I`ve decided NOT to buy it. It may be more expensive in Britain but at least you know that you`re buying a camera and not a few lumps of wood.

Buying expensive things on E-bay

I`m on the verge of spashing out £1200 for a Canon Xl1s on Ebay. The price is a steal, I`m hoping the transaction won`t be. The goods will be shipped from Italy, and the camera is 220v Pal.
Has anyone spent a large sum of cash on E-bay? The guy selling it has over 200 reviews, nearly all of them excellent, it seems to be a pretty secure deal.
Or am I mad for even considering wiring £1200 to a person I don`t know in Italy?
Many thanks for any other buyers/sellers suggestions

Starship Troopers 2?

I`ve just read in a magazine that Starship Troopers 2 starts shooting in May, but I didn`t even know they were making a sequel!
Apparently, Phil Tippet is to direct. I`ve just looked on the web for info but couldn`t find anything. Does anybody know anymore about this?