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RE: [VIDEO] I've got a new job!

Well done sue! I hope you enjoy it :-)

RE: [VIDEO] Halloween soon!

Bah humbug!

I absolutely hate halloween. We never celebrated as kids, my kids aren't allowed to go trick or treating, they don't go to halloween parties. They do carve a pumpkin, but that's the be all and end all of it.

Aside from little "darlings" banging on my door all night demanding sweets, I hate the idea of celebrating evil as though we welcome it in (my dad always said "if you dance with the devil, you invite him in" and it kind of followed us allon as we grew up), I hate the tatty decorations they"ve stuck up at work today (which they attempted to put up behind the checkout where there is about 3' of spare space for walking to the lottery machine during our busiest period of the day today.)

I hate that I have to work halloween and will spend the day defending my choice not to dress up and celebrate something I disagree with to people who will decide (like last year) that I am a grumpy b***h and am spoiling everyone's fun, despite my joining in with every other activity we've had at work throughout the year. I hate that my day at work will be filled with terrified children hiding from staff dressed up in "spooky" costumes that are far too scary for most children (especially as we're on a main drag to a local infant school). I hate that no matter how hard I try to keep them away from it, some inconsiderate sod will think they're being funny at some point in the day jump out at/sneak up on/generally be around a corner where they're not expecting it and I will be up til all hours calming nightmares and tears. I hate that my children are too young to explain how I feel to them properly so they understand I'm not just being mean.

Roll on 1st November when there will be many reduced sweets at work and it'll all be over!

(I'll finish being a grumpy cow now, sorry folks)

RE: [VIDEO] Doctor Who 2014

Thnks Rass! I thought the garden was from there, but I wasn't sure if I was crazy as my friend told me it wasn't!

RE: [VIDEO] Doctor Who 2014

I enjoyed Saturdays episode (only just watched it), interesting, but not too complicated so I was lost and then felt stupid!

I like the relationship with Clara and the doctor, it's interesting to watch it change from matt smith to the new one. I quite like the new doctors character, but I agree that Clara's boyfriend is just wrong. I was a little sad that we didn't pick up "Perkins" as a companion too :-)

I'm going to ask a silly question, at the beginning of the series, there seemed to be a sort of recurring theme with people (baddies) ending up at the promised land with a lady, where both the lady and the garden look annoyingly familiar. Should I know what isgoing on there? Has it all been explained and I've missed it? Was I imagining it in the first place or is there going to be something going on the future which will explain?

RE: Phone boxes become free mobile phone charging points

Sounds like a good idea! I'm always forgetting to charge my battery :-)

RE: [VIDEO] Doctor Who 2014

I assumed I was being a bit thick and had missed something really important and vital to my understanding of this weeks bank robbery one...turns out I hadn't, I just didn't think it was particularly good.

I'm enjoying the series as a whole though, although I'm certainly no whovian and certainly not interested in the technical bits and bobs, just enjoy watching it!

I've decided that the opening credits are probably quite good, and Capaldi is too, but I still miss Matt Smith! I avoid all tv gossip programmes or magazines like the plague (like to be surprised by what's coming up in the soaps lol) so I'm a bit sad to hear you guys say we're going to be having a new companion, I really like the current one (amy pond annoyed me, and i think i didn't watch most of the series when it was catherine tate because i find her so infuriating!)

RE: [VIDEO] I'm going to hospital today

I'm really pleased for you, that is fantastic news! You look fantastic in your new photo too :-)

RE: google tracking you

I have no location data for the last 30 days...I am also invisible!

RE: Pushchairs on public transport

They do the same
Here. The space is markes as a designated wheelchair
Space, but may be used by buggies if it's not needed for one. School rush hits amd the bus is completely full (literally standing room and squished up) and some blithering idiot tries to get a buggu on, unfolded! A lot of the mothers (and it usually is mothers before anyone says I'm being sexist) seem to think the drivers are there to be ignored/shouted at/spat on/bitched about so the drivers just let them fihht it out!

I think there should be a buggy ban at certain times of the day.

RE: Wasp Mass Murder...

There's been loads down here this year, although no where near 5000!

I can't believe she didn't hear them buzzing or anything if the nest had taken that long to build!

We had a swarm of bees come through the garden a couple of weeks ago who decided they rather liked my lilac tree and settled there. Fortunately the bee keeping association removed them for free as they took them to a local keeper whowas looking for a new swarm :-)

RE: 2 weeks in America. Absolutely shattered! :)

Very jealous, but glad you had a good time :-)

Puts my 6 days in Butlins leaving tomorrow to shame! ;-)

RE: Doctor Who 2014

I found it quite hard to get into, but thn ended up really enjoying it, I thought the phone call was a nice touch (although I get the impression I'm in the minority there!)

I really liked Matt Smith and wasn't convinced about Capaldi, but I was surprised to find myself liking him by the end of the episode, quite looking forward to next weeks!

Not sure about the new titles yet, can't make y mind up!

RE: Under the Dome S02

Just in case anyone is interested, series 2 starts tonight at 10pm.

RE: Gis a click

Voted, couldn't read it though as my stupid phone cuts it in half widthways and just won't let me!

This item was edited on Friday, 15th August 2014, 18:45

RE: The Scottish Referendum

I can't vote, but I'd like them to stay!

RE: Diesel driver?

I started reading the bandicoot's reply without realising who it was from...halfway down and the word chemtrails pops up and I thought "bandicoot" lol.

Surely if you're as worried as you seem to be about chemtrails you'd want to be set up in some sort of farm house in the middle of nowhere so it's harder to get you?

RE: [VIDEO] I'm going to hospital today

Good luck at the dentist, dentists suck, but i'm sure it'll be ok compared to everything else you've been through :)

Yay for a proper prosthesis :-D

RE: How to hide yourself from face recognition...

See, I would entertain myself all day sticking my head in and out of one ship door to set all the talking thingies off nd see how long it takes one of the shop assistants to get a red ball for murdering me :-D

I am very easilly pleased just in case you haven't guessed, one of my life ambitiobs is to drive a tractor during morning rush hour traffic ;-)

I do agree, however that talking people recognising adverts would be rubbish if you were trying to avoid the clingy friend/ex boyfriend, but perhaps a paper bag in the handbag for such eventualities would resolve the problem?

RE: How to hide yourself from face recognition...

I don't want to hide my face, I'm looking frward to personalised adverts and people tracking, like on minority report ;-)

RE: I'll turn the lights off then ?

Leave them on please! I'm scared of the dark!

I'm still around, but betweeens the joys of working at sainsburys and the fun/hassle of the girls, my life is too routine and boring for interesting posts! Therefore I tend to lurk more these days :(

RE: [VIDEO] I'm going to hospital today

Glad to hear your've finished the radiotherapy, well done you:-)

I definitely couldn't have kept still with a bug near my me heeby jeebies just thinking about it!

We'll still keep you in our thoughts and prayers and hope you go from strength to strength :-)

RE: [VIDEO] The 100

I'm quite enjoying it to be honest, but I'm not much of a sci fi nut :)

RE: [VIDEO] I'm going to hospital today

Glad it's going ok, thank you for the update x

RE: [VIDEO] I'm going to hospital today

Hope everything is still going well smurfette :)

RE: Under the Dome S02

Only finding a repeat from series one on youview too :-(

RE: Under the Dome S02

What channel was it on again? Didn't realise it was coming back so soon!

RE: [VIDEO] I'm going to hospital today

Glad it's going well and you're still staying positive.

Good luck with your weight loss, although with your seemingly endless positivity I'm sure you won't need it!

We still have you in our thoughts and prayers.

RE: New mobile

I have a Sony xperia e and its pretty rubbish to be honest...i realise it's an entry level phone, but it regularly freezes and drops its signal often for no apparent reason! Would avoid them next time I upgrade to be honest.

My sister went for a Nokia lumia 620 and got shed loads of stuff chucked in for free, alongside £50 cash back and its lots better, might headfor something like that at upgrade time.

Probably a bit more basic than you are aiming for, but that's my two penny's worth!

RE: Could you pass GCSE's now?

15/16...we are apparently brain boxes!

RE: Facebook is listening to your private conversations...

So, it'll only record if and when I want it theory!

Not too bothered about that :-)