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RE: Big changes to Amazon prime

The love film part of Amazon on top of Prime for 2discs at a time costs me £4.00 a month.

RE: hitch hikers guide to galaxy radio show live

Had a ticket to see show in November was looking forward to it. looks like I will have to get a refund now.

RE: Upload image test thread

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RE: Suggestions needed for a decent tablet around the £100 range

HP Slate 7" at Tesco Direct

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RE: Has 3D film making had it`s day?

I am another that has never been to see a 3D movie in cinema. Tried the 3D tvs when in showroom. Demo films shown are filmed to show off Hi-res 3D to its best.

RE: [VIDEO] What the COW??????

I was thinking more of a Meat Roll.

RE: I dont think my life will be complete

You could always build your own TARDIS 

RE: [VIDEO] Geeky old computer gets turned on

I wonder how long it took to boot up?

RE: [VIDEO] Frustrated rock drummer

Another drummer wanting all the attention

RE: Will you be buying Windows 8 on sale this October?

Only just upgraded to widows 7 about a month ago after upgrading computer. Not quite to grips with it yet so very unlikely will I will be going for windows 8 soon. Let them sort out all the bugs first maybe then think about it in a couple of years down the line if needed.

RE: [VIDEO] Seth MacFarlane`s "Ted"

Its looks similar to tv series Wilfred.

RE: [VIDEO] A lovely tune about Doors Doors Doors

I think you have the wrong video link ( same video as your other post first date)

RE: Movies you sat through and didn`t understand

One film I could not get to grips with was Hidden It had no start, no ending and confused middle.

RE: Pottermore...?

Whatever that means?

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RE: Spectrum vs C64 (many years later)

Link not working

"Page Could Not Be Found!"

Edit Just tried new forum link is working

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RE: The worst pop song of all time (apparently)

EPIC MULLET GUY Covers Rebecca Blacks Friday

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RE: Disney it ain`t

Awesome - Talk about product placement in films