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RE: Bangkok Information

Thailand is a beautiful country and Bangkok is an ace city! Complete culture shock mind you when you step off the plane! January is a perfect time to go as it`s out of rainy season and I reckon you should get a flight for about £500.
At Bangkok airport don`t just jump into any old taxi as they will possibly try to screw you! Get into a cab from a tax rank in arrivals, or always agree price first.
Places to see, that I can remember: Grand Palace, Patpong, Khao San Road, there`s a huge mall but I can`t rmember the name...

RE: Samsung PS50A457 Plasma TV

Cheers, I thought it would probably make a difference. I`ll hang on a little longer instead.

Samsung PS50A457 Plasma TV

I see John Lewis are doing this set with the 5 year warranty for only £699! I am very tempted but wondered if anyone has any views on this TV? I noticed it isn`t 1080p though, would this really matter too much particularly as I`ll be watching Blu Ray films through it.

Replacement Instruction Manual

I picked up a cheap 2nd hand copy of the Orage Box on the 360, but there`s no instruction manual with it. Does anyone know of anywhere I can get one from?

RE: Metal gear solid 4 lots of long fmv!

I need a new game and I`ve been thinking of getting this. Now I didn`t like the first MGS on the PS and that put me off getting the next few installments. I`m a little dubious about the long cut scenes as I can get fed up with them sometimes if they`re too long. So the question is, shall I get it? Also, how frequent are the saves points?

RE: Baltic states advice - Stag do .

I went to Bratislava a couple of months ago and the place itself is pretty underwhelming. It`s pleasant enough and there are pretty good bars, clubs etc. All the baltics are pretty commericalised now but obviously the cheap beer and flights are the main attraction for stags.
If you want good strip clubs, then Warsaw is a different kettle of fish altogether..... ;-)

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RE: EzyDvd HD Fire Sale

I find that Movietyme`s website is a good source of which Blu Ray discs are region coded. Also most of the films I`ve wanted have actually been region free.

RE: EzyDvd HD Fire Sale

Yeah I picked up Cloverfield from Tower on Blu Ray for about a tenner!!

EzyDvd HD Fire Sale

Dirt cheap HD DVD`s at EzyDvd. Picked up The Frighteners for only a couple of quid!!


This is it! Your last chance to get discontinued HD DVD titles at massively discounted
prices! Forget paying up to $44.83 for a HD title, prices have been slashed to
as low as $3.92!!!

Get Shrek The Third, King Kong, Nacho Libre, & more for a crazy $7.92 each! Ray,
Skeleton Key, The Thing, Dante`s Peak, & more for only $5.92 each! Big Lebowski,
Waterworld, American Werewolf in London, & Mr Bean`s Holiday for only $4.92 each!
The Frighteners, Out of Sight, Red Dragon, Spartacus, & Daylight for an insane
$3.92 each! Plus there`s still a chance to get the Harry Potter Years 1-5 Bundle
for only $34.83!

Also, if you buy any 3 HD titles from this range, you`ll get Harry Potter and
the Order of the Phoenix HD FREE! That`s right, absolutely FREE!

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RE: Rambo for £9.00

And instore at Asda. They have all four films in a boxset for around £21. Plus the Blu Ray version is about £16 from what I can remember.

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RE: hmv box set offers

Now instore too

RE: Car Dvd Player Repairer

Cheers peeps, I`m going to have a look round. Found a guy in Bolton.

RE: Car Dvd Player Repairer

There is a picture but it`s very fuzzy and faint, almost like a really bad TV aerial reception. I had a look to see if there were any loose wires but it wasn`t that.

Car Dvd Player Repairer

My folks have a ceiling mounted dvd player in their Chrysler Voyager that has decided to pack in. The dealer where they bought it from says they don`t repair them but just replace them with new ones, which costs around £800!! Does anyone have any suggestions as to any company that may repair it? I`m in the Manchester area. Cheers.

RE: hmv box set offers

Omen Pentology £6.99 too.

RE: National Treasure 1 & 2 Blu Ray Boxset - £17.72

Bugger, they must`ve put the prices up on Friday!

National Treasure 1 & 2 Blu Ray Boxset - £17.72

In store at Asda, not bad considering the dvd boxset is the same price and the Blu Ray edition of National Treasure 2 alone is twenty quid!! I picked one up at the Trafford Park branch for anyone interested...

RE: Shrek The Halls

Thought it was pretty funny and far better than the mediocre Shrek The Third.

RE: Argos break Halo 3 street date

Just read the Eurogamer review and they give it 10/10. Sounds incredible!!


Well I`m going to get one hopefully on Friday as my fourth 360 has died. Apparently the ventilation has been slightly improved on the Elite so for an extra £20 it`s worth it. My only thing is, what happens in regards my gamerscore? Will I lose all my points? I assume I can log into my gamer tag on any 360?

RE: Unreadable Disc Error XBOX 360

Well my fourth 360 has just died and I`m tempted to get a PS3 now instead! I`m sick of taking them back to Currys. The problem is though I don`t want to miss out on Bioshock or Halo 3...

RE: The Hamiltons

My brother rented this last night so I thought it was worth a go. It was the worst film I have seen in years!! Half way through I gave up. I think the Wicker Man remake was better, that`s how bad it was...

RE: Bad or good news about the Transformers movie

I went along to see it this morning and really enjoyed it. To be honest it was exactly was I was expecting. Anything with Michael Bay attached to it, you`re going to get a dumb plot, cringewirthy acting and massive explosions!

Any great films this year?

I`m going to see Transformers tomorrow and I`m hoping we may have a contender for film of the year. However I`ve had a few discussions today and looking back as we`re at the half way point in the year, I`m struggling to come up with any classics! I do have the memory of a sive, but it`s proving tricky. I loved Hot Fuzz, Ocean`s 13, Spidey 3 and Sicko, but I`m not convinced any are of the same calibur as some of last years movies like Pan`s Labyrinth and Letters From Iwa Jima.

RE: Bit torrent problem - "connecting to peers"

I`ve just changed client to Utorrent and the downloads are working, Wonder whats up with Bit Tornado.. :¦

Bit torrent problem - "connecting to peers"

Ok this is driving me nuts now. Last week an engineer had to come out and reconnect my phone line as the dumb bastard cut it whilst trimming the ivy on the front of his house! The internet is working fine now but whenever I try to download a bit torrent I get a green light and it doesn`t get any further than "connecting to peers". I am using Bit Tornado and using a Netgear DG834GT router. I`m using a static IP address and have opened up the necessary ports on my PC. Also I`ve switched the Windows firewall off but still no joy. It seems as if something is blocking it but I can`t figure out what... Any suggestions??