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RE: Seagate External Hard Drive Won`t Work On My PS3!!?

Yeh my bad for not realising that was what miles meant in the first place. I`m not that great at the hardware side of PC`s and came on here to ask for help. I was given a direct link by a mate which happened to be the very same site that miles suggested I searched for. Once again I apologise for not realising this mistake...

If everyones going to jump down my throat everytime I ask for help then I won`t bother in the future. Now I realise why I haven`t bothered posting anything on this site for months on end!!?! Nicely composed p*** take by the way sj....

F*** it....consider this my last ever post on here! >:(

RE: Seagate External Hard Drive Won`t Work On My PS3!!?

Did it work?

No it didn`t! After what must have been 5 hours it simply reached 100% then stated that the external hard drive was too big to format(??).

I was also going to use swissknife but according to various reviews on the net people are having problems with it. I wasn`t prepared to wait another 5 hours just to be told that the hard drive was too big to format again.

Anyway , all`s ended well as I stumbled across this. I advise anyone to use this as it formatted the drive in a mere 10 seconds and it works like a dream on my PS3!!! :D

Well happy with it.....

RE: Seagate External Hard Drive Won`t Work On My PS3!!?

I pressed `start` on my desktop and then selected `run`. Using the C Prompt I`ve ordered it to reformat it in FAT32. Just started now and its up to 3% so hope it get`s to the end and completes the task!!
Yeh I realise I will lose everything but I just want it to run on the PS3 and then be able to click and drag files to it at will.
Many thanks for your guidance... :D

RE: Seagate External Hard Drive Won`t Work On My PS3!!?

My Windows XP doesn`t allow me to format in Fat32!? Is there any sites that will allow me to do it?

Seagate External Hard Drive Won`t Work On My PS3!!?

I purchased a Seagate external hard drive today and loaded a few mp3`s and avi`s onto it. I plugged it into the PS3 before but it won`t read it whatsoever!? I have a Western Digital and Toshiba hard drive which works like a dream.
Is there anyway I can fix this problem? Im wondering if I would have to reformat it but it states in the booklet that I don`t have to...also I didn`t have to reformat the other two hard drives!

Many thanks....

RE: Zach Braff R.I.P.! :-(

Thanks for clearing that up admars. Yeh that is one hell of a sick hoax!? The missus was nearly in tears there!!

RE: Bryan Singer directing Battlestar Galactica Movie

He should have started the Superman franchise from the very start as well! To make us try and imagine his film as a direct follow on from Superman 2 was a huge mistake!?

RE: Sky Cold Caller

Im getting totally p***ed off with Halifax ringing me up asking me my name , date of birth , phone number and address for security reasons and to check that its me just so they can offer me all kinds of health insurance!!?

I`ve resigned myself to just hanging up now.

RE: Best Wife in the world...

Or that other classic....
"I wanna baby"

Hang on!? Straight after the wife bought the LCD for me she fell pregnant!!? There may be some truth in your post!!!!!?! :o

RE: Question regarding ripping Vob files to AVI.....

I`ll give that a go soon. I`m giving DVDShrink a go at the moment and have managed to extract a complete 2GB .vob file from the DVD. I`m running it through AutoGK now. I`ve converted other .vob files to .avi`s using AutoGK and they work like a dream on the PS3.

Handbrake would be better though as it will be less `long winded` but at least I have this to fall back on.

Many thanks`ve been a great help! :)

RE: Question regarding ripping Vob files to AVI.....

I`m also playing them through the PS3 via an external hard drive. The conversion has finally finished and the avi file won`t play on the PS3! I`ve had various issues with certain avi files not playing on the PS3 but have found its a common problem. I`ll give it another go with the settings you have stated but first I`ll give DVD Shrink a go.

Many thanks for all of your help! :)

RE: Best Wife in the world...

Haha...this reminds me of a few years ago when the missus and I moved in together. I only had a crappy 4:3 Bush CRT and kept saying to the wife we need an LCD TV. I was always greeted with the answer `but we have a TV why do we need another one??`.

All of a sudden...out of nowhere one day...she asked me if I still wanted an LCD TV and that she would pay!! We went out that very same day and purchased a 32" Hitachi LCD.

Wives huh? They can be great when they want!! :D

RE: Question regarding ripping Vob files to AVI.....

I`ve installed Handbrake and am currently ripping `The Dark Knight` DVD to avi. I started it last night at around 8pm and it`s still currently converting as I type!!? (10 hours later!!?!). I didn`t mess about too much with settings as it`s the first time I`ve used Handbrake so maybe if I tweaked with the settings I may be able to convert it quicker...lowering bitrate etc!

Question regarding ripping Vob files to AVI.....

I`m currently ripping a load of my DVD`s to avi and putting them onto my external hard drive. I`m using DVD Decrypter to extract the vob files and then using DVtool to stitch the vob files together. This is all good and well but when I watch the completed file back there is a slight noticeable flicker at the join.

I`m just wondering if there is any way I can just extract the...for example...4GB vob file as it is instead of individual 1GB files and having to stitch them back together?

Many thanks! :)

RE: Credit card question regarding interest!!

Yeh I did expect to be charged. I won`t be making any other cash withdrawls as it was just a temporary thing so am I safe to assume I won`t get charged for the cash I took out last month in my next months bill?
Thanks for your help by the way! :)

Credit card question regarding interest!!

A few weeks ago I withdrew cash out of the hole in the wall using my credit card. I don`t have an overdraft so had to do this as a last resort. I`ve just received my credit card bill and have been charged interest on this cash. I`m just wondering though...if i don`t take out cash from the hole in the wall from now on will I still be charged monthly interest on this one tranasaction?? If so it will be a tad unfair methinks!!! :/

Help!! PC keeps restarting by itself....!??!?

Everytime I turn my PC on it restarts itself!? The only way round the problem is by performing a system restore. When I turn it off and try to turn it on again the next day it restarts again as soon as the desktop appears!!?

Does anybody have any suggestions???


RE: PFA Player`s Player of the year awards nominations

I will be shocked if Steve Bruce or David Moyes get the MOTY award but IMO one of the two of them should!!

They used to simply just wait to see who won the league and give the MOTY award to the clubs respective manager but that has relaxed somewhat. Still...there has been some shocking decisions. I remember Moyes getting it for finishing 7th but didnt get it for finishing 4th!? Gerrard Houllier won the treble but didn`t get it!!!!???! Rafa didn`t get it for winning the Champions League has to be said...the greatest Chapions League / European Cup Final ever!!?????!!!

Going onto the Player Of The Year Awards...where is Phil Jagielka? He`s been fantastic for Everton this season. You really think Giggs has out-performed him all season? Where is Torres? He`s absolutely tore most deffences to shreds this season. There are other many nominations ahead of whats been put up for selection.

I`d laugh if Man Utd only ended up winning the League Cup this season. Imagine having to nominate any one of those players...along with Steve Gerrard...for the best player of the year??


RE: LIVERPOOL Season 08/09 thread....

It`s weird seeing Liverpool fans so disappointed gaining a point against Arsenal towards the end of April and going top of the Premiership as a result!? Thats football for you!

It aint over yet by a long shot. People are predicting that Man Utd will still walk away with it but theres something strangley lacking in their performances of late. They weren`t their usual self against Everton on Sunday (Come on you blues by the way!!) in more ways than one...and they seem to be pushing the self destruct button too many times this last few weeks or so. They have been their own worse enemies what with chasing too many trophies this season and total burnout is what happens. Also on a side note why did Alex Ferguson slate Rafa for calling Everton a small club and not showing us any respect then goes out and puts his third team out against us???

Man Utd simply going out there and winning their two games in hand is not a cert and I feel a twist in the tale here somewhere. You still have a chance Liverpool......

RE: Happy 1st birthday to my daughter Jessica...!!

Haha I love the Santa picture also!

Many thanks for all your messages. Yeh time has absolutely flown by. It won`t be long til Im standing at the front door with a baseball bat...scaring all the boys away!!?

RE: My trip up Mt Snowdon on Friday.... with pics....

Anyone else been up Snowdon?

Not as high as you`ve been but I did go on another walk. I think it was round Snowdon as opposed to up Snowdon. I remember walking round a massive lake there and it being so very quiet. Does that ring any bells!?

I`ve always wanted to go up Snowdon. My Dad does it every year or so with his pals and I`ve said that the next time he goes I`ll come with him. Just need the right gear though....!!?

RE: Breaking News on BBC - Pirate Bay Guilty

I`ll third that!

The words `hitting` , `nail` , `on` and `head` spring to mind!! 8)

Happy 1st birthday to my daughter Jessica...!!

My daughter celebrated her 1st birthday today! Can`t believe how fast the time has gone. It only feels like yesterday I was holding her for the first time.

Were holding a party for her tomorrow. Heres a few pictures of her through her first 12 months.... :x

RE: At Last - The Beatles - Entire Original Catalogue Remastered - scheduled for September !!!!!!!!

I was sent an email via and it states that the first four albums are in stereo for the first time ever. I`m guessing that the original mono tracks have been seperated and put back together in proper stereo...not the horrendous `singing on the left/music on the right` that they brought out years ago. If this is true...and I hope it is...then I`ll be a very happy man! I`ve always wondered if they would ever have the technology to do this as I hate mono. Its a shame because I love The Beatles but don`t tend to play their first four albums as much as I`d like due to it simply being in mono. Still , we should feel lucky the others after that are in stereo because if Lennon had his way they would all be in mono as he wasn`t a fan of stereo!?!

I`m drooling at the mouth at the prospect of listening to stereo mixes of `Things we said today` , `Im a loser` , `Do you want to know a secret` , `All my loving` and the rest!! :D

RE: LIVERPOOL Season 08/09 thread....

I know a scouse male porn star. He`s the only Liverpool fan who will reach a semi this season! :p

RE: Who,out your fellow reviewer members, would you most like to have a pint with?

I think your all mad. I wouldn`t feel safe having a drink with either of you!! :p