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Would be interested to know if you do find a hack for this. I have a similar tv/dvd combo that I need to hack. 


RE: Well done Cavendish and Wiggins.

cracking tour this year, Cav has had a great year so far and he should have had the green jersey too. oh well, plenty of time for him to get more of them than Hushovd.

looks like dolmio boy is a bit of a fan too:

RE: Expect Windows 7 to be costly, Dell warns

I pre-ordered the home version from Currys for £44.99, wouldn`t usually give them a second look but it seemed a bargain.

RE: Warning - visiting this web site may harm your computer problem

it was someone`s cockup at google:

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RE: Warning - visiting this web site may harm your computer problem

same here, it`s even flagging up sites within google itself with the same message.

RE: Can`t send email... baffled..

had he done anything daft like try to email an enormous attachment out?

RE: Anybody DVD Record "Ian Fleming: Where Bond Began" off BBC1?

I just watched that show on the bbc iplayer on virgin. It was on the catch up tv thingy.

Try and count how many times Joanna Lumley mentions she was a bond girl...

RE: Boston

I was there for a couple of nights two months ago, great city much more relaxed and chilled out than NYC.

I had to get a hotel at very last minute so ended up staying ten miles out of town and had to get taxis in and back which was quite pricey so wouldn`t recommend being too far out.

Go to the Union Oyster bar if you can, it`s near Quincey`s market which is also a nice area but quite touristy.

If you`re into it, the aquarium was quite nice too, it was peeing with rain on one day so I ducked in there to escape the weather and then spent a couple of hours in macys and blew $400 on clothes. oops.

great city though!

RE: Hooked On Google Earth

Cool, I`ve done barcelona and valencia for the moto gp but always wanted to do Brno.

I`m hoping silverstone gets the rights to hold it from 2010, I went there for the F1 last month and it was great!

anyway, to keep the thread on topic, have you looked at brands hatch on GE? you can see the trucks in the pitlane from a WSB meeting. pre 2003 I`d say unless they`ve updated the picture since I last saw it.

indianapolis looks cool on GE too, it looks so huge!

RE: Hooked On Google Earth

I`ve also used it to get a feel for Prague and Brno, which I`m visiting very soon.

are you going to Brno for the moto gp by any chance?

RE: Cleaning up / speeding up my PC

I would just do a backup of everything important and then reinstall windows from scratch.

You can spend longer cleaning up than doing a fresh install sometimes, just make sure you have all your drivers and install cds ready to go.

Partition the drive so you can have windows on a separate partition to all your documents, music, videos, photos etc and then next time you just have to wipe the windows partition instead of the whole drive.

RE: Weston-super-mare Pier gone

Leave the wood to rot, it`s not as if you can hurt yourself falling 15 feet into the sea.

No, but at Weston you run the risk of suffocating in the mud under the pier. Where else can you walk to the end of the pier, look down and not see water?

aah, memories...

RE: Brittish Hacker finds American Military UFO secrets

What is significant is that he claims to have found back engineered anti-gravity propulsion based on crashed alien spacecraft, hidden within the military files

Or he`s lying through his teeth perhaps?

So, what would this "anti gravity propulsion" do? would it allow us to defeat gravity and perhaps fly in some sort of flying machine?

methinks the Wright brothers may have sussed that out already....

Name that film round 2

my friend was impressed by how quickly "I" sussed out the name of the film from her synopsis last time so has presented me with another challenge:

"Its about a man who went through an old town and met this girl( also looking like Charlize Theron) who was a waitress living in a trailer with a flat tire.
He started dating her and they were driving in the car one time and he looked at her and she had a really highbrow book in the back and some sily shorts and a tatoo.
He was there to get married and his soon to be wife(or ex) arrived and saw what was going on and made her bring fruit to them while they were in bed(she drugged him or something i think).the ex person asked her what the local fruit was and she was quiet for a long time and then said peaches.
Anyway, he get srid of the ex person and goes looking for the waitress girl and finds her crying by her car in the middle of the street. They end up together and live hapily ever after etc"

I haven`t got a clue on this one!

RE: Name that film...

until next time....

RE: Name that film...

Cheers guys, I am now a genius!

RE: Name that film...

yeah that sounds spot on from the description on wikipedia.

I`ll see if that`s what she was thinking of....

Name that film...

Can anyone identify the film from this synopsis I was given:

"its about a couple, the girl looks like Charlize Theron, they rent a house to a stranger who does weird things like breed roaches and get the husband kicked out of the house for attacking him.
Eventually he tried to kill this girl by putting a nail gun to her head but it doesn`t work."

my friend is racking her brain trying to remember the name of the film and I`ll look like a complete genius for knowing it...


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RE: bassman_uk A quick Mac Mini question :)

chris, what spec was the mini when you got it and how much did you get it for?

RE: Second Life

Second Life is nothing more than an extremely over hyped 3D chat client

spot on. got bored of it very quickly, yet I know people who are obsessed with it.

Our company did a virtual "launch" of a new product on there last year so I had to install the client for a few people at work which is the only reason I heard of it.

RE: What`s the best biscuit?

There`s only one word to answer this: Chocolate Hob Nobs

oh hell yeah!

surprised no one has mentioned this site yet:

RE: What`s your favourite Coffee, & why?

I really want a nice cup of coffee from a jar, if possible,

personally I don`t think that is possible, instant coffee all tastes really bitter to me and needs sugar added to make it drinkable. Instant coffee is also really bad for discolouring your teeth.

buy some ground coffee from the supermarket and use your cafetiere (one of those glass things that you put the coffee into & push a strainer thing down on it)

Sainsburys do some good coffee, I`ve tried pretty much all their own brand stuff and keep going back to their original blend.

The other thing you refer to is a stove-top espresso maker so you need to use espresso coffee in that. regular grown coffee wont taste as nice.

what the best coffee for ease & quickness?

The easiest and quickest coffee is instant coffee (hence the name) but it`ll never be as good as proper filtered coffee or espresso.

That`s my opinion anyway.

Is this telly any good ?

what do you think of this:

Acoustic solutions 19" tv

it`s about the right sort of size I want with plenty of inputs. mostly going to get used for playing games on so not too worried about watching tv on it.

anyone got one or know anything about it ?

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RE: Amiga Emulation

they used to do C64 stuff in there too a few years back...

RE: Amiga Emulation

I think the xbox one is a port of WinUAE, it runs ok enough on my pc but I basically want a dedicated machine for it.

the actual amiga forums I`ve seen are pretty damn geeky so thought I`d see if anyone here had tried it before I ask on there.

Amiga Emulation

Anyone played around with Amiga emulators much?

Basically what I`d like to do is to have an old laptop boot straight into the Amiga OS by running an emulator on a cut down OS, either linux or 98micro or an nlited XP.

From what I can gather, the Amiga Forever live cd will do that but I hear it`s a bit pants and I want to run off the hard drive and not off a cd.

anyone tried doing something like that?

failing that, anyone managed to get Midwinter 2 running either the old Dos version or the amiga version?

RE: Modding original Xbox- new questions

Shame on you - no Amiga!!!

oh don`t, I`ve spent most of the weekend trying to get Winuae running nicely on my PC just to play an old amiga game on it. without much success sadly.

Then I started looking at Amigas on ebay....

....must.....resist.....buying....more.....crap I don`t need....

RE: Modding original Xbox- new questions

i`m not sure i can justify buying another computer though.

I`ve got 2x PC desktops, 1 G4 Powermac, 3 PC laptops, an XBOX, a PS2, a dreamcast and a DS lite.

think I should either get shot of some stuff or make better use of what i`ve got already...

RE: Modding original Xbox- new questions

blimey, didn`t realise the mac mini was so small!

am very tempted now....