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RE: [VIDEO] Coronavirus, anyone starting to get worried?

Well, serves everyone right for *checks notes* eating out to help out, filling up the pubs again, going back to work, school and college and build, build, build-ing. I don't know what people were playing at...

Edit: Oh I forgot, we're such freedom lovers, not rule takers, unlike those Germans and *checks notes again* Italians

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RE: New Ebay con

Ordered a welding mask (this was a few years ago) via eBay. Delivery never arrived. On checking, Hermes (spit) said that the mask was delivered and 'put inside your porch'. We don't have a porch (and told them). After checking with all neighbours along a mile of lane, no-one had received it (or at least didn't admit they'd had it). Ebay said matter closed as couriers said they'd delivered it. Selling company not interested - as far as they were concerned they'd sent it, that's it. No-one would respond to us further. Tried to leave negative feedback on seller page. eBay wiped the feedback!

The likely truth is the courier either nicked it, delivered to wrong address or chucked it in a field. The seller and eBay considered that as the boxes had been ticked, they weren't going to trouble themselves anymore. We lost the money and didn't receive the goods. No possibility of comeback. f*** the consumer!

RE: [VIDEO] Brexit

Isn't it actually brewed (dredged up from the river) in Manchester or something and owned by Heineken? Fosters has got pretty much nothing to do with Australia, apart from the marketing.

RE: [VIDEO] Coronavirus, anyone starting to get worried?

Apparently they're closing a covid test centre at Ebbsfleet (Kent) to make way for a brexit lorry park, lol.

Next week they're bulldozing a hospital so they can use the land for growing potatoes...

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RE: [VIDEO] The Trump Presidency

It's an odd version of democracy.

Without looking it up, I believe it's been many years (decades?) since a Republican actually won the popular vote whilst also winning the presidency.

I understand why they have the electoral college system. It was supposedly to balance out the power to the mid-states so they wouldn't always be over-ruled by the larger population coastal states. I wonder if it's still fit for purpose now though? It inevitably leads to a handful of swing states that everyone fights over.

Not a great deal better in the UK though. I learnt the other day that the only other 'European' country that still has FPTP is Belarus!

Edit: according to wikipedia, Bush Jr. and Trump were last 2 presidents to lose popular vote but win presidency. You have to go back to 1800s to find previous examples.

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RE: [VIDEO] Brexit

Robee J Shepherd says...
"I would be tempted to bet against you there! Mainly because he has a history of kicking out anyone who sides against him"

I might take that bet...

I'm really going by some of the political pundits who've been suggesting this. They're hearing back-bench rumblings that they are not happy with how bad the party are looking. And many are having to defend red-wall seats whose constituents are likely to turn on them quickly if (when) things get s*** (more s***).

Even supposedly strong leaders like Thatch got the push when she was losing popularity and it's not about having strong ministers around you, it's the back-benchers and 1922 committee types who get you ousted. You can't sack your back-benchers.

Gove and Sunak both want the top job (Cummings is actually Gove's man remember - he employed him originally, not Bozo) so he can't really count on them.

Honestly, the Tories are ruthless about ditching bad leaders and Johnson is getting pounded on PMQs and even recently in some Tory press. I even wonder if he wants the job - is he still quite ill? Didn't he really want the glory of the job without landing it just as a pandemic hit? I've heard stories that he's gone nuts at advisers when he gets wrong-footed on PMQs (like yesterday) and some other more 'personal life' rumours that I won't repeat here. Is he really enjoying life as PM?

There was that recent story that Cummings' father-in-law suggested that Johnson would step down early (just as likely to be another distraction piece, admittedly).

I'm not saying it'll happen that soon, and if there's an amazing turn-around in UK fortunes he may re-float his sinking ship. But there are definite rumblings...

RE: [VIDEO] Brexit

Forgot about this from Nancy Pelosi too:

The Good Friday Agreement is the bedrock of peace in Northern Ireland. If the U.K. violates its international agreements & Brexit undermines the Good Friday accord, there will be absolutely no chance of a U.S.-U.K. trade agreement passing the Congress.

I will say that the potential US deal is worth so little to UK economy (compared to what we'll lose with EU) that is it really that big a deal anyway?

RE: [VIDEO] The Trump Presidency

Si Wooldridge says...
"I think I'm still being confused for a Trump supporter, which I'm not - just a supporter of democracy. "

Hillary got 3 million more votes than Trump.

RE: [VIDEO] Coping with the lockdown

Track and trace is run by Serco. With no surprise to anyone, the govt outsourced it (I've noticed people complaining that Bozo called it "NHS track and trace" - it's nothing to do with the NHS).

It seems that no matter how much Serco have f***ed up in the past, they will
still keep being fed lucrative contracts.

RE: [VIDEO] Brexit

From Laura Kuenssberg:

Govt plans for breaching the Withdrawal Agreement getting an absolute roasting in the Lords, inc from former Tory leader, Michael Howard
So that's all going down really well then.

Early prediction: Bozo will not serve full term as PM. Either kicked out by party or step down 'due to continuing illness' or other excuse. Tory rumblings suggesting they are not happy with the continuing incompetent s***show and they've got form for giving unpopular leaders the heave-ho.

RE: [VIDEO] Coping with the lockdown

admars says...
"interview: so shoudl someone who has a ticket to the races today go?
health sec: the new rules come in on monday
interviewer: so is it safe to go to the races today with thousands of other people
health sec: the new rules come in on monday"

This is all very concerning for head of track n' trace, Dido Harding. She should really be confronting main board member of the Jockey Club, Dido Harding...

RE: [VIDEO] Brexit

So the govt are going to break the international treaty that they not only negotiated, signed and agreed to, but pushed extremely hard for parliament to vote through - many MPs boasting that they hadn't even bothered reading it before voting for it. It was an 'oven ready deal' and they were going to 'get brexit done'.

Now, apparently it's no good and they are going to renege on it and break international law "but only certain bits" (it isn't possible to 'slightly' break the law).

This is unprecedented and trashes our reputation. We look seriously untrustworthy like some dodgy banana republic.

Looking forward to tomorrow's PMQs when Starmer should once again put Bozo through the rinser (if he's not too s*** scared to turn up).

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RE: Banksy....Is it Art or Graffiti ??

I think they used to film Art Attack in the Maidstone tv studios. I saw them setting up one of his 'installations' in a local shopping mall. Didn't spot any rats with machine guns.

[VIDEO] RE:Brexit

bandicoot says...
"we have shot ourselves in the foot by creating a weakening of our bargaining position due to pro-EU's"

Fresh outta the oven hot takes...

RE: Stuff you can't part with.

I remember an old interview with Alison Moyet where she said that she destroyed all her gold discs because she didn't want to live in the past or carry around all this clutter that we all build up. I'm with her on that in spirit. In reality I've got a hoarder's temperament - don't like throwing anything away 'just in case'. I think living a simple, uncluttered life without too many pointless possessions is the ideal.

RE: [VIDEO] Living on Youtube

Never really watched Battlestar when it came out originally (16 years ago!!) apart from the pilot episodes.

I think I started watching it on Sky catchup a few years back but again, didn't get very far. Might make a concerted effort to finish it this time.

[VIDEO] RE:The room next door

I mean, this one is taken to another level

[VIDEO] RE:Living on Youtube

Lovely, elegant little explanation (from the peerless Carl Sagan) on how we DEFINITELY KNOW that the Earth is round. Olden days people were not entirely idiots either (they even accurately worked out the Earth's circumference).

RE: Anyone know anything about camcorders?

Gavski says...
"This is the equivalent one right now, same functions, but i'm sure it's been upgraded since! Here

Thanks for that. Will check it out.

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RE: Anyone know anything about camcorders?

admars says...
"I suppose you have seen the gudies, recommended for movies, vlogs etc, amazing how much some of those 4k ones are."

I remember I had 4k video recording on my old Sony phone from 6 yrs ago. I was kind of hoping it would be on all camcorders by now. Looks like you have to spunk £500-£600 before you start to see it. I am too cheap. Argos here I come...

There are so many guides but they are often quite dubious, just after click-thrus or views with little decent info, or very quickly out of date.

RE: Anyone know anything about camcorders?

admars says...
"what sort of stuff are you going to be filming, or shouldn't I ask? ;)"

It's prime purpose is for filming 'making' videos for youtube/website (quite dry and boring really). GoPro with it's fixed wide angle is not really that good for this. Need the close-ups and the flip-screen.

There are a lot of cheap Chinese cameras out there with amazing kits of extra handles and directional mikes and lens shades and stuff for like 90 quid. Amazon is flooded with them. Strongly suspect they are a load of crap.

Anyone know anything about camcorders?

Want to buy something budgety (although would rather spend more if it's worth it). I realise these are a bit of a rare beast now. Don't really want to go the DSLR route and phone videos lack the optical zoom and better quality of a larger CMOS chip. A brief look shows that 4k cameras are perhaps still a bit pricey, although they'd be more future proof, but happy enough with HD. The real cheapos tend to lack an option for adding a mic, which I'd kind of like. Thoughts?

RE: [VIDEO] Coronavirus, anyone starting to get worried?

Seems that govt have now extended the non-eviction provision until September. This doesn't particularly help landlords of course. May ultimately have to allow for rent as extra welfare payments.

RE: [VIDEO] Coronavirus, anyone starting to get worried?

The ban on evictions from rented housing ends in a couple of days. This is possibly the next big stored up major problem that the Tories don't seem to have dealt with. Are we about to see the next big f*** up hitting the headlines? That blonde bloke who apparently runs the country still nowhere to be seen.

RE: [VIDEO] The Trump Presidency

Steve Bannon charged with fraud over Mexico wall fund

On the one hand, he stole money from donors to the wall (that will never be built) on the other hand he will possibly go to prison. Oh dear, what a pity, never mind.

Nice try, but no cigar

Found this in my spam folder. I mean, people must fall for this s***, right?


I am a hacker who has access to your operating system.
I also have full access to your account.

I've been watching you for a few months now.
The fact is that you were infected with malware through an adult site that you visited.

If you are not familiar with this, I will explain.
Trojan Virus gives me full access and control over a computer or other device.
This means that I can see everything on your screen, turn on the camera and microphone, but you do not know about it.

I also have access to all your contacts and all your correspondence.

Why your antivirus did not detect malware?
Answer: My malware uses the driver, I update its signatures every 4 hours so that your antivirus is silent.

I made a video showing how you satisfy yourself in the left half of the screen, and in the right half you see the video that you watched.
With one click of the mouse, I can send this video to all your emails and contacts on social networks.
I can also post access to all your e-mail correspondence and messengers that you use.

If you want to prevent this,
transfer the amount of $1000 to my bitcoin address (if you do not know how to do this, write to Google: "Buy Bitcoin").

My bitcoin address (BTC Wallet) is: 1AREpqsjCtQ9UU9q5Kk8QXmje15m3dxcYi

After receiving the payment, I will delete the video and you will never hear me again.
I give you 50 hours (more than 2 days) to pay.
I have a notice reading this letter, and the timer will work when you see this letter.

Filing a complaint somewhere does not make sense because this email cannot be tracked like my bitcoin address.
I do not make any mistakes.

If I find that you have shared this message with someone else, the video will be immediately distributed.

Best regards!
Best regards! Have a great day! I hope you die in a Covid ward!

RE: Coronavirus, anyone starting to get worried?

sj says...
"There are laws and policies in place to stop precisely this sort of thing. Single source for something like this, that isn't even fit for purpose. Wow."

From Jo Maugham's thread:

Govt bypassed normal procurement procedures that exist to guard against waste and cronyism to buy its entire predicted annual consumption – at elevated pandemic levels – of FFP2 facemasks from one adviser/supplier

What sort of financial loss does this represent? We calculate between £156m and £177m of public funds. On a single contract - entered into with the vehicle of one of Liz Truss' advisers.

RE: If you thought the UK was a police state (still not sure why you'd think that)

John Amaechi does a rather good job of explaining 'white privilege' (with short video).

There's a good chance, as a white person watching this, your life is already hard. Every day you have to overcome some difficulty or challenge just to get by, but you can still have white privilege. White privilege doesn't mean you haven't worked hard or you don't deserve the success you've had. It doesn't mean that your life isn't hard or that you've never suffered. It simply means that your skin colour has not been the cause of your hardship or suffering.

RE: Coronavirus, anyone starting to get worried?

See this twitter thread (if you already haven't):

Jo Maugham QC (Good law project) suing govt over this. And thank God someone is or they'd just do their usual 'move on' and get away with it.