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RE: [VIDEO] here comes the new boss, same as the old boss

Those two clowns need to go. Nothing less. And if they do change leader again there must be a general election.

I'm facing a possible £600 a month jolt to my mortgage next year if rates go up past 6%. I'd be in real jeopardy with everything else going on. Brexit onwards has been a catastrophe with the govt constantly denying economic realties and clumsily trying to fix problems they created.

It might be a bit more fun for me watching the Tories implode if it weren't for the fact that, along with many others, I may face real hardship.

RE: New TV

I got this Hisense last December (this particular model may not be available now) and I'm very happy with it.

It's a QLED as opposed to OLED - there are arguments as to which is better (QLED may be cheaper) but I think I'd opt for a tv with one or the other. General image quality is really great and 4k is particularly eye popping evident when you watch something like Green Planet/Frozen Planet via iPlayer or Amazon 4k content. I mean, it really wows you sometimes...

It uses Hisense's proprietary smart tv system - VIDAA, which is very quick to load and never lags, everything works perfectly. I note that on my sister's very budget end 55" Hisense, which runs on Roku, there is noticeable (and annoying) lag. However, VIDAA is limited which streaming services they run - currently note that NOWTV and AppleTV+ won't run on it (this may change at a later date). They tend to have a mishmash of operating systems - sometimes Google, sometimes Roku, etc. Google seems the most open to more streaming services if that bothers you.

I also looked at TCL in the budget arena and they looked pretty good too. I wouldn't be put off by the budget names anymore, many of the panels are made by the big names anyway.

RE: [VIDEO] Deadpool 3

I never knew how to pronounce 'Feige', but now I know (always thought it was 'Feeeg' for some reason).

RE: [VIDEO] here comes the new boss, same as the old boss

We are now seeing the full force of the pro-Brexit, low tax, 'anti-government' government in full flow. And it is an absolute fkcuing disaster.

Truss/Kwarteng's plan makes no sense: they're trying to put their foot on the accelerator to 'boost the economy' while the BoE are having to stamp on the brakes to stop the £ crashing and inflation spinning out of control.

UK markets have lost at least $500 billion in a few days and we are going to pay for all of it one way or another.

RE: here comes the new boss, same as the old boss

The 'mini budget' (for which all govt analysis remains unpublished and hidden from scrutiny) has proved such a success with the international financial markets that the £ is currently absolutely tanking against the $ and even the weakened €.

We are borrowing vast sums to give tax cuts to the rich that will have no effect on the poor and at far greater cost as it is now much more expensive for the UK to borrow.

They can't even seem to understand the simple logic that fracking - even in spite of the fact that the vast majority of the population are vehemently against it - will do absolutely zero to ease our energy crisis or make gas cheaper.

We are in deep, deep trouble. I don't think people realise how bad things could get. I am genuinely worried that our economy could be facing a catastrophe. They are making a huge bet with hundreds of billions of borrowed money (that the taxpayer will have to repay) that it will grow the economy sufficiently to pay for itself. The markets have already given their verdict.

EDIT: Pound has fallen to something like $1.09 - getting close to parity with the $!!! This is terrifying!!!

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RE: [VIDEO] Russia invaded Ukraine

alfie noakes says...
"The worry is of course that Russia will just get more belligerent and threatening if they look like they are losing face. "

And to no-one's surprise...

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RE: here comes the new boss, same as the old boss

She'll be at least as hopeless as the last guy, but with added climate denial. And instead of dealing with the genuine problems that Brexit is causing, continue to pretend they don't exist.

RE: The King

Some rambling thoughts then:

I'm pretty neutral towards Charles. No strong opinions either way (so far). In his new role as King, he is supposed to basically hide forever any opinions he has on anything of note and he has zero political influence. He's effectively a big, shiny ornament now.

The idea of a monarchy is archaic and ludicrous and really no country should have one. The real world is of course not that simple and I accept inequalities exist and there's no point banging on about it. People also have a right to protest against the monarchy, I don't feel that strongly that I need to stand in a mourning crowd with a placard saying "f*** the King" or whatever.

I am also happy to accept that other people want the royal family and again, there's no point screaming in their faces that it's a ludicrous idea (see also religion).

The Queen did represent stability and certainty that has seemed ever-present and this is not lost on me either. I also feel some loss which is exacerbated by the parlous political situation that has been hoisted on our country by this authoritarian, clueless, right-wing govt - we are in serious trouble far more than people realise, way more than most other western countries - this adds to the feelings of unease and uncertainty because everything is changing.

I can fully understand why a lot of people want to queue up for many hours to see the Queen lying in state because it is quite a historical moment for the UK. I wouldn't of course. I don't think other people are idiots for doing it.

RE: [VIDEO] Russia invaded Ukraine

Yeah, this stuff is barely being reported right now for obvious reasons but the Orcs are currently having their arses handed to them. Don't know how this will play out longer term but they've been really caught out here with many of them just abandoning super advanced equipment and legging it.

The worry is of course that Russia will just get more belligerent and threatening if they look like they are losing face. The one thing we really need is regime change to a more 'sensible' leadership.

RE: Memory hog

I used to use the Acast app before they discontinued it and reluctantly moved to Pocket Cast. I'm glad I was forced to change now because it's a lot more customisable, deletes old eps fine and plays BBC podcasts.

I've tried Spotify, Amazon and the inadequate Google podcast app and they all have limitations like being obliged to be online or too unwieldy to navigate.

RE: The Queen

She has died.

RE: The Queen

I think you might be right about that. Getting ducks in a row before the announcement...

RE: Amazon

RJS says...
"Mine should auto-renew tomorrow, so thankfully I avoid any hassle with the price upgrade."

Mine renewed in August so I got in under the wire too.

RE: [VIDEO] Lord of the Rings coming to Amazon

RJS says...
"Kind of wondering about...

I thought it was Gandalf... you could be right though.

RE: Liz Truss PM

Snaps says...
"It was 57% but your point stands regards it not being exactly a resounding victory."

She got 57% of those who voted, but 47% of all Tory members eligible to vote. Obviously not everyone eligible to vote actually voted (80 odd percent turnout). And the point is that 50% of all eligible to vote for strike action will have to vote for it - not just 50% of votes actually cast.

Patel has resigned but is likely to be replaced by the (at least) equally bad Suella Braverman.

RE: Liz Truss PM

Interesting stat:

Truss got 47% of eligible votes from Tory members. That's below the threshold that Tory ministers set for union members to vote for strike action.

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Liz Truss PM

The least surprising news has been announced that it's Liz Truss is now our PM.

A new thread for a new era. Let's just hope she was *pretending* to be a far-right imbecile...

RE: Looking for new broadband - any deals?

Thanks. Don't seem to be many offers about atm.

RE: [VIDEO] Boris the not-a-spider

That was a very good episode of HIGNFY. Totally eviscerated BJ.

Looking for new broadband - any deals?

I haven't spotted any via hotukdeals, etc, but on the off chance anyone has seen any good deals out in the wild i.e. bundled packages like nowtv or netflix. I can't get superfast broadband here so it's only basic speeds available for me. Thanks.

RE: [VIDEO] Results Came In

I was one of those people who just assumed that RW was just another arrogant show-off, but you get a very different picture of him if you hear the podcast he did with Adam Buxton. My opinion of him has changed completely. He is far more self-deprecating, honest and insecure than the impression he might give (the music still isn't for me).

Brooky says...
"Ohhh dear saw his video , he likes to do
Odd shockers , not my cuppa 😒"

I'd forgotten how full-on this video was!

RE: Exchange rate

Maybe the billions of £ in lost exports to the EU every month is not great for international confidence in the £?

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RE: Resident Evil (Netflix live action series)

I did watch all of this.

It was odd. Odd characters, odd settings, confusing narrative, the ubiquitous flashbacks/forwards (which should be banned).

RE: [VIDEO] Does anyone wash their own windows?

Gavski says...
"Didn't Alfie just utter those exact words?"

Feels like the start of a Jordan Peele horror film. I may wind up being killed and replaced by a deranged doppelganger from hell, which would be incredibly inconvenient.

RE: Does anyone wash their own windows?

I think window cleaners don't use ladders anymore because of strict new health and safety rules hence they use the extended hose cleaners instead these days.

We've got a hosepipe ban here so I don't know what window cleaners are doing now (unless it doesn't apply to them).

RE: [VIDEO] Light & Magic - Disney+

I love to see how these guys were never really destined to be successful in life, but just followed their passions which happened to fit in perfectly with the rise of the effects movies. As you say, I loved seeing their home movies made with cinecams and endless enthusiasm for their own pleasure - can really relate to that.

One little story that really resonated was the guy when asked about the endless monotony of creating stop-motion animation said that he was happy to do it for days on end. He had the realisation that he probably had anxiety/depression, and it was the 'mindless' repetition of the exacting work that literally kept him sane and (in his words) probably stopped him from committing suicide.

admars says...
"The gallery documentaries with Mandalorian are brilliant as well,"

I should imagine that it's better than the actual series...

My nephew works for a big effects company (he actually recommended this series). He said that films now tender out each cgi sequence - not even the whole film - to the lowest bidder and they have to fight to earn anything from it. The magic and romance has rather gone out of effects now esp. as so much is 'just' cgi.

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[VIDEO] Light & Magic - Disney+

Really excellent documentary series on the early history of the giant collection of nerds who started Industrial Light & Magic through necessity.

You really get a sense of the pioneering love of the special effects craft by these (mainly) guys under the guidance of George Lucas. Great characters, great camaraderie, it's highly enjoyable.

RE: [VIDEO] The Sandman

I'm up to about episode 9 I think? Enjoying it, but it's a bit all over the place story wise, a fun ride though.

I knew nothing about the original stories either.

The stand out so far for me is the 'immortal guy' story. Nice little stand alone episode with a touch of the Blackadders/Upstart Crow about it.

RE: [VIDEO] Smile thread

I probably took his abilities for granted when I was young as he was very much part of the landscape in those days, but he was a genius with that thing.

As the cliché often goes, when you meet him in real life he was a million miles away from his mad, idiotic, comedy character - a man of very few words who seemed a bit stern and introverted (from what I saw of him).

RE: [VIDEO] Smile thread

I've met Rod Hull...

Someone put a recent clip of him on an Italian show. Hilarious. Some of the crew treated him like a genuine threat to the hosts and tried to haul him off stage.