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RE: [VIDEO] Brexit

Conspiracy? Or maybe just a straight up failure of the govt (which was filled with brexiters until they ran away) to come up with a credible unicorn-free brexit plan that they had years to come up with?

RE: [VIDEO] Brexit

How well do you think it's going for you? Your lot seem pretty unhappy these days.

RE: [VIDEO] Brexit

I can't remotely see what's "fear propaganda" about the SF video, when it debunks the very same.

Remember, the Russia Today video is bought and paid for by the Kremlin who absolutely want Brexit so that it can cause us real harm. Congratulations on being a willing stooge.

RE: The Walking Dead: Season 8

And then there's this:

So it would seem the zombies are sentient and are plotting. Not sure what to make of this. A new injection of threat and excitement or a desperate attempt to breath new life into this moribund show?

RE: [VIDEO] Brexit

TM's deal will leave us £100bn worse of by 2030 compared to staying in the EU - equivalent to the financial output of Wales or the City of London.

Happy Monday everyone!

RE: [VIDEO] mobile phone recommendation please

Now down to £119 (definitely black Friday deal)

RE: [VIDEO] Bohemian Rhapsody (Freddie Mercury story)

I was a tad young for 'actual' punk when it first hit, but what it lead to definitely improved music.

Still love The Stranglers and I played London Calling (the album) to death.

RE: Christmas Ads 2018

Sorry, but that Elton John ad can suck a bowl of dicks as far as I'm concerned.

He cut his mother out of his life for years over a pathetic feud and only made up with her shortly before her death.

RE: The Walking Dead: Season 8


All the menace and threat has gone out of it. Rick has indeed gone, which is not really a spoiler because they kept trailing 'Rick's last episode' etc.

[VIDEO] RE:Brexit

This is why they want brexit. And just like the Trump voters who support him stealing away their healthcare and racking up the national debt, leave voters went like lambs to the slaughter to vote away their prosperity and hand it to odious scum like this:

RE: Advice - new laptop / notebook or whatever they atre callled nowadays!

I bought a refurbed Thinkpad T430 a couple of years ago for around £315 too and it's a very good workhorse computer, but I think it might be a bit of an ugly lump if you want something a bit more stylish that doesn't have to run more intensive programs.

The choice is so huge now I don't really have any specific suggestions, but I would definitely go with SSD and get something with a decent screen (Thinkpad screens not necessarily great)

I know this is a bit over, just something I saw on

RE: [VIDEO] mobile phone recommendation please

Just noticed they are knocking out Honor 9 Lites on Amazon for £129 which I think is an absolute bargain (might be a Black Friday deal, not sure?)

RE: [VIDEO] Brexit

But what are the brexiters gonna do, push us into no deal? That will be utter catastrophe and the public (the non lunatic majority at least) will come to hate them for what they will lead us into. Being PM will be a poisoned chalice  - I notice Gove turned down Brexit Secretary (who would want to be handed that hot turd?) and Rees-Biscuit 'said' he wouldn't put himself forward as Tory leader (a back-bencher with no ministerial experience, don't forget)

RE: [VIDEO] Brexit

Pete-MK says...
"Probably just a role by name only. May's been doing all the talking on this one, which is probably why the term clusterfark keeps rearing its ugly head

They still have to take a lot of the responsibility for this.

Truth is they've got no plan, so it's easier to just run away, stand on the sidelines and say "I wouldn't have done it like that".

As James O'Brien said:

The minute Brexiters have to write down their ‘plan’, expose it to scrutiny & explain the detail, the whole thing will fall apart. This holds whatever the plan is. No deal is now the only way they get to continue refusing to write anything down. It really is this simple & tragic.

RE: [VIDEO] Brexit

As Ian Dunt put it, Dominic Raab just quit over a deal he negotiated.

RE: [VIDEO] Brexit

...and to everyone sick of brexit this is only the withdrawal agreement!

Trade negotiations will take years after this, with Europe screwing us down as hard as possible, and the rest of the world knowing how weakened we are through desperation.

Interesting little story about how a country can be screwed by powerful countries when in a submissive deal (i.e. the US v Samoa/Tonga). The strange case of the turkey tails and the mutton flaps

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RE: Worst cat ever

We've adopted a 'sweet little' feral cat. She would have torn that rat to pieces like something out of a slasher flick. She'll kill several mice a day. I often try to save the ones she 'plays' with (tortures) for half-an hour, keeping them alive so they jig about a bit. She'll kill rabbits, pigeons, rats. She always wants to bring the sodding things indoors too as a bloody offering. She's a bit more wary of the large looking pheasants and the hedgehog that visits at night to mop up any remaining cat food.

RE: [VIDEO] The Trump Presidency

The good old days...

RE: [VIDEO] Brexit

You may need a sarcasm emoji Rob.

What's also funny about the tiny fishing industry we have in this country is that the vast majority of the fish is sold to... have a guess...

bandicoot says...
"Have to agree with Rob, most people in this country do not give a flying toss about the fat cats London financial market"
(I'll finish your sentence) "...which last year paid around £72bn into the exchequer through taxes, or 10% of the UK's entire tax take."

The fat cats in the financial industry also include, btw, former broker Nigel Farridge, insurance broker Comrade Arron Banks and brexit ultras John Redwoodn't and man-of-the-people Jacob Rees-Biscuit (who have set up offices in EU and advised investors to avoid UK markets because of negative affects of brexit).

The trouble with this "burn the whole house down" attitude is that we all get burned to death.

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RE: [VIDEO] Brexit

Afternoon all

A $240-Billion-a-Day Market Is Leaving London Ahead of Brexit

The decision... is the first example of a major financial market leaving the U.K. While every sizable trading venue has set up a regulated entity in the EU because of Brexit, BrokerTec -- as the business is known -- is the first to move an existing market from London to a continental European city: Amsterdam.

RE: [VIDEO] The All New Doctor Who Thread...

I thought it was an episode of Red Dwarf (without the jokes).

RE: [VIDEO] Brexit

A***n B***s is invited onto the Andrew M**r show on sunday to refute foreign funding claims!!! WTAF?

"Terry McFingers invited onto The One Show to talk about how he never done that post office in Bethnal Green that time and anyway it's all just a made up story by them slags in the Cricklewood Gang..."

RE: [VIDEO] Brexit

Here's a really good example of the media balance bs I've been wittering on about: Sky News headline earlier re Arron Banks (paraphrasing):
Arron Banks pleased to have his funding of looked into by the NCA (then a recording of his response) "I'm happy to have this investigation so I can finally clear my name” etc.

Headline wasn't “Man being investigated for allegedly breaking the law” it was “Man immediately given chance on camera to refute investigation into his allegedly breaking the law”.

You don't normally see a headline like “Terry McFingers happy to help the police clear up the misunderstanding about the armed robbery” it's usually “Man held for questioning over armed robbery”.

It just seems like people like Banks are given special treatment.

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RE: Happy Halloween 👻

Seven weeks 'til Christmas... just sayin'!!!

RE: [VIDEO] Brexit

Snaps says...
"I never listen to Today but Humphrys is getting loads of abuse lately on Twitter, being labelled as an old Brexit favouring, sexist Tory."

I don't listen either, or watch Question Time anymore because of the "balance" and moronic audience. They have yet to have a pro European MEP - Seb Dance for example - who actually knows how the EU works and can counter the lies and myths.

Beeb gets a lot of bashing now because many remainers think it is not reporting what is really happening. Although I agree to some extent, I don't want to end up as a screaming loon.

Edit: Just seen that Arron Banks has been referred to National Crime Agency - 'bout time...

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RE: Westworld Season 3

Never really lived up to the hype. Let's hope it gets it's arse in gear.

RE: [VIDEO] Brexit

Robee J Shepherd says...
"I wake up to Radio 4 because all I want is the headlines before I turn off, and I suspect people are tuning out of the Today Programme because it's 90% about Brexit these days and they are just really bored of it all!"

I wish I didn't have to keep banging on about it. Bad new is, we are gonna get this for decades yet. It's not going away as damage will be long lasting.

This is the stuff you don't hear on the news every night, so I'm here to cheer you all up! The gradual, unseen haemorrhaging of big business out of the UK. A lot of this is irrevocably set in motion:

Barclays moving over £200bn of business over to Dublin.

RE: Happy Halloween 👻

Happy Halloween Boxing Day!

RE: Don`t forget the clocks go back Saturday night!!!!

I thought JRM got his nanny to do it?