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RE: RIP: Sir Clive Sinclair dies aged 81

He was basically like a tech rockstar when I was a kid - a balding, ginger, nerdy, speccy, mensa genius. Never quite found that killer tech to really change the world. 

There was a pretty good drama made a few years back as I recall - I think Alexander Armstrong played Sinclair?

RE: [VIDEO] Only Murders in the Building

Watched the first ep. Got a nice feel about it. It's reserved for Sunday night viewing.

RE: Hawkeye

I was thinking Die Hard...

RE: Hawkeye

Hailee Steinfeld (sp?) has grown up a bit since True Grit, etc. blimey (when you stumble onto fan accounts when clicking on #Hawkeye twitter...)

RE: [VIDEO] Womans US Open Final

That was stressful but wow, unbelievable. We have a new sports superstar.

What were you doing on 9/11?

Not very original I know, but 20 years on I do remember exactly what I was doing. Don't remember many other world events in the same way.

I was working on a job installing automated gates for a house and the customer (a lady in her 70s) came outside to say what had happened. She seemed slightly offhand about it though, and made it sound like some sort of accident, possibly a light-aircraft had hit the tower - it may only have been the first impact at that time. She certainly didn't seem at all alarmed.

I remember searching the news on my whatever-it-was crappy phone of the time with what was probably 2g internet. That's when I saw what had really happened.

RE: [VIDEO] Womans US Open Final

I would also say that building her up so much puts a lot of undue pressure on her. I wish the media would back off a bit rather than stalking her old tennis club, etc.

Whatever happens, next time she plays in a tournament she won't be the plucky outsider anymore, she'll be the big threat everyone else is gunning for and she'll have built up her own expectations for herself. Hope she can keep her laid back attitude.

RE: [VIDEO] Alan Davies:As Yet Untitled

I tend to watch them on streaming, where they're all available (UKTV play I think)

I'd recommend John Richardson's 'Meet the Richardson's' while you're there...

RE: [VIDEO] Alan Davies:As Yet Untitled

Big fan of this, but it's easy to miss hidden away on Dave.

Watched the most recent episode which had Alistair Campbell's daughter as one of the guests. Let's just say she was not what I was expecting.

RE: [VIDEO] Boris the not-a-spider

The Libdems had a big proper plan for social care and obviously that never saw the light of day and then Nick Clegg went to the dark side.

RE: [VIDEO] Paralympics 2020

It's a really brilliant promo. We're particularly good at this self-effacing, original style in this country. Could you imagine the US putting out something like this? It'd be firework displays and inspirational vignettes with the Top Gun theme tune over the top.

RE: [VIDEO] Sean Lock dead :-(

Oh no that is terrible news.

It was clear he'd been ill if you watched through the various series of 8 out of 10 cats, but I kind of got the impression he'd gotten over it.

I know we're all posting clips here, but this one is short and sweet (if you can describe it as that)

Ok, one last edit:

This from a Guardian article written by Harry Hill:

He took his illness in typically dry style. I heard he was in a hospice for a bit of a rest. I called him up. “Wow!” I said. “A hospice, what’s that like?” “It’s OK,” he said “… and the sex is amazing.”

This item was edited on Wednesday, 18th August 2021, 14:18

RE: The Afghanistan abandonment

Hearing plenty of reports of executions, torture, child brides to taliban fighters, all the usual stuff that we apparently are fine about happening. And typically the uk govt are being difficult about accepting refugees because we don't want to 'set a precedent'. Utterly shameful. I am completely disgusted and angry. Why would any other foreign nationals want to help this country ever again when we would clearly let them rot and die as soon as we don't need them.

RE: The Afghanistan abandonment

This has been an utter disaster and the first real blunder from Biden. The UK really had no choice but to pull out after the US decided to wave the white flag. I've no doubt this has gone way worse than the US had imagined and the 'no regrets' attitude from Biden is predictable guff.

The Taliban will now have full access to the millions spent on armaments and infrastructure meant to keep them out, and who knows if Afghanistan will return to the training ground it was for terrorists.

The biggest disaster is for the Afghani's of course. Expect a new wave refugees heading north towards our shores.

RE: [VIDEO] Tokyo 2020 Olympics

sj says...
"Funny you should say that but I was out on my mountain bike recently but on a road.  I was going at 13mph - which isn't a bad pace to keep up and is moving a fair bit."

I think a half decent club cyclist is expected to do 20mph. You literally test yourself by marking out a flat circuit of 20 miles and try to complete it in an hour.

RE: Clarkson's farm

I thought it was really good too.

RE: [VIDEO] Tokyo 2020 Olympics

Well we did miss a penalty earlier in the game (then they went up the other end and scored).

RE: Post Trump fallout

The important headline from that is that Russia wanted to put a "mentally unstable" Donald Trump into the Whitehouse - their words.

The Russian documents also intimate that they do have kompromat on Trump presumably obtained on his trips to Russia.

RE: [VIDEO] The Witcher (Netflix)

It is a bit of an oddity, but still enjoyed it. As I said before, it really changes gear from ep. 4. Looking forward to new season.

RE: [VIDEO] Tokyo 2020 Olympics

If Japan cancel the Olympics, they won't host it again unless they go back to the normal bidding process and compete with everyone else. It won't just be postponed again. It would be a major, major loss hence the reluctance to give up on it.

RE: [VIDEO] Boris the not-a-spider

Robee J Shepherd says...
"Good news everyone!

HGV drivers are going to be temporarily allowed to drive for longer than 4.5 hours without a 45 minute break from 12th July!"

We'll just add it to some of the other terrible decisions of this dangerous, right-wing government that have happened this week:

The criminalising of anyone helping asylum seekers into this country through 'not conventional routes', even if not for personal gain. i.e. if you're a fisherman and you help a troubled boat of migrants, you could theoretically get life in prison (see the s*** the RNLI got for helping drowning migrants).

The mass covid experiment that they are perpetrating on the UK population i.e. let a virus run rampant and see if a partial vaccine programme and herd immunity in children can contain it.

Belittle the national team for having progressive values whilst also trying to mooch off their huge success (Bozo standing on that massive England flag in front of No. 10, ministers wearing ill-fitting England shirts photographed 'whilst watching the game').

The criminalising of protests that might cause disruption or be too noisy, which is every protest that has ever happened in the history of protests. i.e. any protest that is uncomfortable for government will be conveniently deemed unlawful (I think this could end up being a damaging own-goal for this govt)

The pushing through of the photo ID needed to vote plan to 'get rid of the idea that there might be voter fraud' even though there is very little evidence of voter personation. i.e. groups who are more likely to not vote tory also happen to be the groups that are most likely to not have any form of photo ID.

RE: RIP Richard Donner

I got to see Goonies at a pre-release screener when I was a young scrote. God that was a long time ago...

Dodgy Audacity?

Not actually used or updated it in a while, but this is a bit concerning:

Audio-edit software Audacity has denied accusations its new privacy policy has transformed it into "possible spyware".

And technology website Fosspost described the most recent version as "possible spyware".

"One would not expect an offline desktop application to be collecting such data, phoning home and then handing that data to governments around the world whenever they see fit," it wrote.

RE: [VIDEO] Coronavirus, anyone starting to get worried?

Robee J Shepherd says...
"Things might be totally fine, but we are up to the number of cases that forced a lockdown in November already."

Sums up my feelings. 

We now have more covid cases than the whole of the EU.

50% of population is still not vaccinated. No vaccine is 100% effective (see Andrew Marr's experience). Unvaccinated young can still get long covid even if they only have mild symptoms.

We'll see in a few months time whether the skyrocketing cases will start translating into hospitalisations/deaths/long covid.

Surely it would have been smarter to keep masks/some social distancing/ventilation requirements?

Govt are going back to gambling again - far too influenced by libertarian right and Ayn Rand idiot fanboy Javid.

[VIDEO] RE:Asimov's Foundation

Si Wooldridge says...
"Isn't there a new version of Dune due as well?"


EE re-introduce roaming charges in Europe

This was them in January:

"Our customers enjoy inclusive roaming in Europe and beyond, and we don't have any plans to change this based on the Brexit outcome. So our customers going on holiday and travelling in the EU will continue to enjoy inclusive roaming."

And now:

Those joining or upgrading from 7 July 2021 will be charged £2 a day to use their allowances in 47 European destinations from January 2022.

O2 have also said they would be introducing new costs for roaming in Europe.

This is basically the thin end of the wedge. All operators will charge soon and I'm betting they'll return to higher basic charges too, not just one-off costs in the years to come (it was so lucrative for them before it was banned in an EU agreement).

RE: [VIDEO] Coronavirus, anyone starting to get worried?

The irony here is that most EU countries barely use the AZ vaccine because they consider it too risky.