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RE: [VIDEO] Brexit

Peter Oborne: My dossier of the lies, falsehoods and misrepresentations of Boris Johnson and his government is now published:

Basically a list of Bozo's torrent of diarrhoea that leavers are happy to glug down as long as 'brexit gets done' (his disastrous deal categorically does not get brexit done btw).

[VIDEO] Christmas adverts 2019

This is the best Xmas ad ever made. Also WTAF!!!?

(this is - apparently - not a joke)

Edit: looking at the date, it's actually from 2015. Why did I not know about this sooner?

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RE: Government halts support for fracking.

Tories in "makes correct decision" shocker.

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RE: [VIDEO] Brexit

Labour do formally back a referendum with remain on the ballot, but they won't officially back either.

RE: [VIDEO] Brexit

...that's £70bn worse off per year in perpetuity, btw (the entire output of Wales). And that assumes that we get a comprehensive trade deal with the EU at the end of the 14 month withdrawal agreement (slim to no chance).

And get this, as part of Bozo's surrender bill, the UK gave up a £7 billion windfall from our share of the European Investment Bank. Anyone see this reported on the news anywhere? We are absolutely screwed under these clowns

Oh yes, and then there's the secret deals to screw over the NHS to the yanks to secure 'bend over and touch your toes' trade deals, where specifically the price the NHS pays for pharmaceuticals was discussed spoiler: they want us to pay more

Now that Bozo can't hide behind brexit unicorns, other parties can point directly to his incredibly bad deal and tell people exactly what the nasty surprises are.

RE: Echo Dot 3rd gen £8.98

Looks like the link is dead now, and due to stupidity, I didn't order one last night thinking I'd do it today. So I missed out on my own bargain bucket post!

Echo Dot 3rd gen £8.98

Saw this posted on twitter.

Valid only for new Amazon Music Unlimited customers who are Prime members. This bundle contains the Echo Dot (3rd Gen), Sandstone Fabric (List Price: £49.99, dispatched from and sold by Amazon EU Sarl) and 1 month of Amazon Music Unlimited (£7.99 value, sold by Amazon Digital UK Limited). After 1 month, your subscription will £7.99 per month. Cancel or change anytime
Basically, get a cheap Dot and as long as you cancel your Amazon Music sub, your Echo Dot effectively costs £9

RE: [VIDEO] 70's adverts

Not tonight Josephine

RE: [VIDEO] Brexit

...and just as an addendum, the above image is from The Bangkok Post (I believe), so this is how a country from thousands of miles away sees us. We are a pathetic joke.

RE: [VIDEO] Brexit

Boris has finally got us a deal!

[VIDEO] RE:Joker

Has a new genre been spawned?

RE: [VIDEO] Brexit

The £100m adverts are really an expensive (we're paying) propoganda tool. Psychologically it is a well known ploy that if you keep repeating an assertion - even a lie - it becomes lodged in the brain as truth. The message that "we are leaving the EU on 31st October" is the assertion that the govt. are trying to convince the public to accept, even though it is unlikely (even with the very bad deal Bozo is proposing - no time to ratify).

On last Remainiacs podcast they noted that they have these ads running before the podcast begins and that they have no real power of stopping them, so they donated all the money they got from them to @ledbydonkeys 

RE: [VIDEO] Brexit

Originally thought this was a joke when I first saw it (well, it is a joke, really) but it is a whole album made by Rhodri Marsden (@rhodri Scritti Politti, et al)

RE: [VIDEO] The Trump Presidency

"Giuliani? Can't say I've ever met him. Was he on my staff?"

RE: [VIDEO] The Trump Presidency

Starting to think Trump really is f***ed this time. Even some of his staunchest allies are berating him for the kurdish debacle.

RE: [VIDEO] Brexit

Andrea Leadsom promotes 11 new brexit videos which explain exactly how brexit is terrible for business and how it will now be far more difficult and costly.

My department has created 11 explainer videos covering topics from travelling to the EU for business after Brexit, to using the new UKCA mark. Watch and share the videos to make sure your business, and your suppliers, are ready for #Brexit

RE: [VIDEO] Brexit

Frankly I want to leave this nasty s***hole of a country. The racists can fight it out amongst themselves and England can sink into the mire for all I care. The irony is, brexit has made it much harder for a pauper like me to go.

RE: [VIDEO] Brexit

We will be a total pariah state if/when we leave.

Don't forget, day one after the great no deal triumph we'll be cap in hand asking for deals from our ex allies.

RE: [VIDEO] Paracetamol shortage

mbilko says...
"Not many shops in Alderney but checked today and all had plenty from what I could see"

That is a bit of a schlep from Kent but what the hell if they've got some nice fudge too.

Robee J Shepherd says...
"Maybe Brexit has given everyone near Alfie a headache."

Most people here think it's great. They all won the war apparently so brexit will be easy (funny though that in the hospital eye surgery today having to wait an hour to see a doctor was apparently the most outrageously unfair thing that had ever happened to them judging by the moaning).

RE: [VIDEO] Terminator: Dark Fate

The most dangerous Terminator of them all: a Mexican immigrant Terminator.

RE: [VIDEO] Paracetamol shortage

...still can't get paracetamol in any of the shops local to me btw.

RE: [VIDEO] Paracetamol shortage

Jitendar Canth says...
"Partially linked to Brexit, but more to do with the strength of the pound"

Wonder why the pound is so weak? A mystery we'll never get to the bottom of I suppose...

RE: [VIDEO] BBC is making a Victorian-era War of the Worlds TV series

Always wanted to see a version closer to the book. The juxtaposition of aliens against Victorian technology/mindset really adds to that idea of puny humans with no idea what's about to hit them.

RE: [VIDEO] Brexit

mbilko says...
"Isnt that what Boris is doing?"

He's got his "will of the people" shield. It's a bit like Captain America's: it's able to deflect any criticism and apparently unanimous Supreme Court rulings.

It's looking like Johnson/Cummings are going to throw Attorney General Geoffrey Cox under the bus for this one too. Great bunch o' lads.

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RE: [VIDEO] Brexit

Ignore this...

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RE: [VIDEO] Brexit

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RE: Now Thomas Cook gone bust

Bloody diesel strikes again!

RE: Not a fan of Tom Watson, but really?

Have seen some news pundits suggest that Corbyn might be going and they don't want Watson in place to help direct a 'centrist' leadership bid. This may be wild speculation...

This has all rather overshadowed the fact that Labour are also trying to oust Harriet Harman of all people.

Edit: Corbyn has finally stepped up and quashed it. Watson stays.

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