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About this user: still have the old wharfy 750 now relegated to the bedroom... now all panasonic hometheatre/ multiregion dvd player...

likes `Baby Spice`
dislikes, anything to do with Brad Pitt/Friends/ or Robbie Williams. (oh, and Arsenal).

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RE: Happy Thanksgiving

Really dont get thanksgiving... but have a great time!

Richard Baker

one of the stalwarts, of when the BBC really did report the news, RIP

RE: Mary Poppins returns

ooh... this looks like it could be quite good!

RE: I didn't know that halogen light bulbs had been banned!

too many cheap chinese products... you unfortunately get what you pay for, if its 99p, incl postage from Taiwan, what do you expect?

RE: Jacqueline Pearce

RIP Supreme Commander

RE: Cheap energy suppliers

EON have just emailed me to say i could save £180 by switching to a new tariff in October when current fix is up... tempted to swap completely, but concerned we have EON smart meters, and the issues of them not working with a new supplier?

RE: Cheap energy suppliers

And IRESA stopped trading, by OfGEM

RE: EPL 2018/19 predictions for Top 4

1. Man Utd
2. Spurs
3. Man City
4. Liverpool

RE: The last chuckle

yes good old innocent slapstick comedy, no malice, no innuendo, no vulgarity... RIP Barry Chuckle

RE: [VIDEO] What gig did you just go to?

I went to see Billy Joel at Old Trafford a few weeks back... absolutely fantastic, am aiming to go see him at Madison Square Garden in the next 12 months

RE: Apple

whilst i am on here tapping away on my Acer Aspire laptop which is i guess 6 or 7 years old now... i still have my Dell desk top tower with 3.5" disk drive option which i bought back in 1999 hence my user name as its when i first truly went on line... and its still works, it may be relatively slow compared to a modern computer, tablet or even mobile phone, but it works!

RE: Good News

Thats good personal news for you and your family...

I partly admire The Trump in that he is openly honest about putting his country American first, a few of our leaders could do with a backbone... whether he does it the right way only history will judge in the end... his personal life is more likely a sham of adultery, and excess brought on by a bottomless pocket of money, knowing he can lie and pay his way out of any trouble... however i am sure that some have targetted him for exactly that, to get pay outs that set them up for life?

Trump is no politician, he is a bully boy business man..

He is clever man, and not to be underestimated, like some other 20th century historic world leaders before him, by feeding on the fear of the poorly educated, the easily manipulated, the threats of other nations, mass uneployment, immigration, managing the press and fake news etc... i hope he doesnt make their mistakes as they ended with millions of deaths.

As for you Americans we dont judge you on one man... i have good friends in Kansas, friends who served a liftime in public office military and civil...

RE: WC: Tunisia vs England

i suspect we've had our twenty minutes of believing... this world cup!

RE: Arsenal: A new beginning for the 2018/19 season

Arsenal are such a comedy act... i though they had signed Dick Emery?

RE: Royal Wedding

Is there a wedding... it FA Cup Final day!

RE: The new 'what's the dress colour?' controversy...

Laurel... i can't hear yanny at all, is it because i hear a real word not just a made up word?

RE: ABBA are back (sort of)

my girls are looking forwards to Mama Mia 2...

these are a brilliant tribute act

If Abba did tour, they would be top of the list for family show

RE: Sega Megadrive Mini

can count me in on one of these on release i love the simplicity of oldskool games

RE: couple of good deals on Micro SD cards

A good spot... ordered a new car for a spare, i have a new phone option in a month or two so seems a good time to get a new card

RE: Commonwealth Citizen? UK Resident? Time to bugger off!

The nation is a Heinz 57... if we were to evict all those with decendants from overseas, i reckon there would be less that half a dozen people left!

RE: Ant drunk driving forces rehab

Enjoy... i have some paint to watch dry!

RE: Builder general question

If its a flat... and a lease, are the remedial works covered by the freeholder?

Flats above shops can have all sorts of issues, depending on the establishment, insurance etc

As you are in Ayrshire i could be talking rubbish as i know the housing system above Hadrians Wall is different!

RE: Ant drunk driving forces rehab

I have to say i dont watch anything that the 'two prats' present... i honestly cannot stand either of them, and i physically turn it over or leave the room.

Is it news worthy that he has had a 'collision' whilst allegedly over the prescribed limit of alcohol to drive. No he is just one of hundreds every day 'drink and drugs'... it's only in the media because of who he is... but lets move on, hope if he was over the limit he gets a ban, but only in line with what others get.

I cannot condone any drink driving, he made the choice, but he should not be punished anymore than the law allows because of him fame... thankfully he has not killed anyone.

If he really is remorseful perhaps he should make some significant effort in educating others not to do the same thing, as he is a role model, or donate significant sum from his personal fortune to charities that halp those living with the after effects of drink drivers.

This item was edited on Tuesday, 20th March 2018, 17:30

RE: New clean air act on the cards

best you turn off your light bulbs and internet Bandi... as where do you think the electricity comes from to run these... fossil fuels, nuclear fuels... yes there are so called greener cleaner fuels such as wind/solar or hydro, but oh yes, think of all the manufacturing that goes into constructing the factories, and manufacturing the products to produce these... electric cars, green my @r$e...

use less, waste less, and control the birth rate on the planet, we may just all live a little longer!

just my humble opinion...

RE: Who lay down with the lamb?

not forgetting that Wikepedia can be updated by any numpty to change history!

RE: Who lay down with the lamb?

not forgetting Datsun being rebranded Nissan in 1986

RE: New movies for 2018

Iron Sky... i loved that film, much underated, and proves it doesnt need a multimillion pound/dollar budget, to make a decent film!

RE: New movies for 2018

Went to watch The Darkest Hour yesterday... have to say i really really enjoyed it, very powerful portrayal of Churchill, faults and all.

Not sure how accurate the film is to the true events, but i suspect fairly accurate, and how close we were to disaster, capiltulating to Axis powers.

Well worth the Oscar... i can see a potential sequel on the horizon!