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RE: Printer -

Have exactly the same issue with a Kodak unit... just will not print, suspect its gunked up somehow, cheaper to throw away and buy new, than mend!

That awful... Greta girl will be spitting at me again, and my wasteful generation!

RE: Black Friday deals

Bought the eldest her Dell from their outlet after christmas two years ago, so that she had something for seconday school... and have not had any issues, so think we will probably look there again

RE: Black Friday deals

i am on the lookput for a new laptop for me, just for general email, interweb stuff, and writing reports...

this one is on hotukdeals...

anyone got thoughts? Its about as much as i want to pay... have looked at a few reconditioning sites also

Black Friday deals

Am i missing out... i haven't seen a single thing yet that has tempted me?

Biggest retail day of the year... not in this house.

RE: [VIDEO] BBC is making a Victorian-era War of the Worlds TV series

Well i really enjoyed the first episode, the second one just got on my (. )( .)'s with the chopping and changing in time...

Will give the third episode a go... but to be honest its pretty meh!!!!!!!

RE: [VIDEO] Christmas ads 2019

Its only just the middle of November... so bugger off!

RE: Election 2019

i could never support any party with Corbyn in, i really cannot print what i think about him.

My money is a straight fight between Boris, and the Liberals who will just give what little decision making we do have to Brussels.

RE: The adidas Originals Star Wars Collection for 2010

The Adidas stuff does nothing for me, but quite like the Levi denim jackets!

RE: BT broadband

we have BT package for TV and Broadband, no issues at all

RE: Now Thomas Cook gone bust

Forgot i posted here... a big shout out to Love Holidays, they refunded complete holiday within 5 days, they gave a £50 discount code (something they didnt have to do as it wasnt their problem).

Managed to rebook a different holiday, so kids and wife are happy!

i did note that Ryan Air increased several seat prices from £40 to over £400 per seat... to make money out of others misery! I will never fly with them again... immoral fcukers!

RE: [VIDEO] Captain Picard returns

Sadly Seven of Nine, hasnt aged well... no sign of the spray on spandex uniform!

RE: [VIDEO] BBC is making a Victorian-era War of the Worlds TV series

looks like this could be good... but knowing the BBC they have probably messed it up!

RE: What`s a good brand of fridge freezer these days?

Strangely we have a LEC fridge freeer, which we bought from Co-Op back in December 1993, when we bought our first house... its releegated to the utility as a beer and icecream fridge/freezer, but having only ever had to change th bulb twice in 26 years, i think i have had my monies worth out of it?

The main on in the kitchen is just under 10 years old, a Samsung American style with mains water and ice... i reckon at least twice a year i have to take the back panel off the inside of the fridge, as it just freezes up, and then the fan blades catch making a right racket.

No idea why it does it, but not calling an engineer out, as would likely cost more than buying a new one!

Had a similar experience with a tumble drier last year in that the start button was failing, took the front off and it was clear the plastic panel that connects all the buttons behind had snapped, ordered a new plastic panel, looked like an airfix kit, £6 and problem fixed... engineer wanted £80 call out, before parts,

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RE: Now Thomas Cook gone bust

Looks like our October holiday is unlikley to take place, booked through another tour operator, but flights were with Thomas Cook

RE: The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance (Netflix)

one of my favourite films as a kid... there was a real thing for animation movies, Krull, Never Ending Story etc at that time, butthis was the best!

RE: What3words

i looked at this a few months back... whilst it sounds like a good idea, the bluelight emergency services, and those volunteer services have not decided to universally adopt it.

RE: [VIDEO] Brexit

Robee J Shepherd says...
"Agreeing to this trade deal would also put farmers in the UK at a huge disadvantage. In order to export their chickens to the EU, deal or no deal, they will need to continue to obey EU rules, we may find ourselves in a situation where most of the meat in the UK is exported to the EU and most of the meat we eat is imported from the US.

Not sure how that is in the interests of UK farmers?"

Or perhaps the reverse, instead of flying food in from around the world because it is cheap, we will start eating food produced in the UK.

Perhaps instead of paying hypothetical 20-30% higher prices for good manafactured overseas, we will start being less wasteful, or supporting uk manufactured products.

The public voted for Brexit... lets stop scaremongering on all the negatives, and embrace the potential of putting the Great back in Britain.

Just my humble thoughts.

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RE: [VIDEO] Don't need conspiracies to worry about contrails.

Had those money chutes in a Woolworths store i once worked in

RE: Oh My God

Its how they sell them... obviously men can buy pink too, and ladies can by the standard black, or the many varients in camoflage distressed patterns.

Buying a gun in many US states is like buying groceries!

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RE: Oh My God

Robee J Shepherd says...
"The really scary thing is seeing people going to Walmart with guns over their shoulders."

not really as you can buy guns in Walmart... they even do pink ones for the ladies!

RE: Oh My God

bandicoot says...
"Well its all over now, they are gone, and all for what? Nothing."

They have never gone away... and anyone who believes that really needs to wake up and smell the coffee!

RE: Anyone online, need a shoulder etc

I would suggest as police are already involved, you log everything, writed down what you remember.

As it happened at supermarket, i assume CCTV is being seized as evidence, this will hopefully corroborate you version of the incident.

Hopefully this will be the end of the incident... but i doubt it.

You can always consider consider taking precautions... panic alarm, cctv covering your home, vehicle if parked on the street?

If you get on with you neighbours, let them know, as i am sure they will support you by keeping an eye out.

RE: [VIDEO] What gig did you just go to?

Lets Rock at Powderham

Nik Kershaw, Thomas Dolby, Go West, Betty Boo, Tight Fit (bloody awful... everyone though it was a joke), Belinda Carlisle, Billy Ocean, Hot Chocolate, Johnny Hates Jazz, Belouis Some, Owen Paul,  Musical Youth, Snap (the standout act... were brilliant) 11 years of this show, and the first band to do an encore!

Human League were the last act, sadly we left before they got on the stage as the girls were getting tired.

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RE: [VIDEO] Rambo: Last Blood

i hope this delivers what the trailer promises, RAMBO, John J back to his best, the dark real story... not some of the sillyness of the sequals (as watchable as they were)

RE: [VIDEO] Brexit

this is the start of a campaign to discredit him as the highest profile and leading candidate.

I really hope it backfires on those stirring the $h1tty stick.

Its old news... and serves no purpose other than to muddy the waters, and feed the tabloid rodents, discrediting this once great country even more!

RE: Court battle over Police Face recognition

Facebook and other social media platforms have been running this for years

RE: [VIDEO] Brexit

It's like the Two Ronnies have returned from the dead to write her speeches.

Sadly nothing like the comedic geniuses that were the Two Ronnies, this lot are a bunch of disgracful self serving buffoons, i think the Queen should dissolve parliament as they are not fit to govern!

RE: [VIDEO] Brexit

they are all an absolute shower of SH*T, and should all resign.