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dislikes, anything to do with Brad Pitt/Friends/ or Robbie Williams. (oh, and Arsenal).

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RE: Policing question.

I stand corrected on the endorsements, points side of it

definitely a FPN - i think its now £50 maximum (November 2017) for cycling offences, but stand to be corrected.

Section 36, Road Traffic Act 1988
On date at place, whilst propelling a pedal cycle failed to comply with the indication given by a road traffic sign, to which Sect 36 RTA 1988 applied, namely...

in the case of the question 'a red light trafffic sign'... (many others apply)

lawfully placed on or near a road, namely ... road & location.

The cyclist if not issued a FPN can also be reported often referred to as NIP (Notice of Intended Prosecution) and then will be summonsed to court where can be fined upto £1000.

RE: Policing question.

sorry, late to this

Under the Road Traffic Act 1988 s.36 and the Traffic Signs Regulations and Directions and Directions 2002 regulations 10 and 36(1), road users must not cross the stop line when the traffic lights are red. This offence, also known as ‘red light jumping’, applies to cyclists as well as motorists. The maximum penalty for red light jumping is a £1,000 fine and six penalty points endorsed on the driver’s licence however, in most cases, a driver will get a Fixed Penalty Notice (On-the-Spot Fine) of £30 whilst the maximum would only ever be imposed if the Fixed Penalty Notice is contested and taken to court. The punishment is also applicable to cyclists who, if caught, can be issued a Fixed Penalty Notice of £30.

so essentially if you have driving licence regardless of you mode of transport you may fined and points!

RE: Sega Megadrive Mini

now thats good value i reckon!

RE: Shet happens!

I have been waiting for an MRI scan on my knee since Christmas, when doctor made referal... been told 5-6 months wait at this time!

RE: Keith Flint dies aged 49

"Always tell your mummy before you go off somewhere"... really sad news, RIP

This item was edited on Monday, 4th March 2019, 16:03

RE: Everton: A new beginning for the 2018/19 season

You cost Liverpool the league title... cant ask for more than that!

RE: [VIDEO] The All New Doctor Who Thread...

well after the Capaldi incarnation (worst since Peter Davidson) i was unsure about a woman playing The Doctor, but she is brilliant!

RE: Happy New Year

Happy New Year... spent most of the night awake, coughing and feeling rough, obky drank two bottles of J2O... still not feeling great now, but forced myself to the gym for an hour to try an sweat it out!

RE: HMV going out of business... again.

Not been in HMV for several years... our Christmas shop was done online, and a morning visiting a Christmas market.

RE: Benefits of online dating

my best mate married his online date within a year!  And they are still together with kids...

RE: Stomach acid tip

surely as its made with apples, just a few pints of Cider will have the same effect, and as a  bonus clealry counts towards your five a day?

RE: Happy Thanksgiving

Really dont get thanksgiving... but have a great time!

Richard Baker

one of the stalwarts, of when the BBC really did report the news, RIP

RE: Mary Poppins returns

ooh... this looks like it could be quite good!

RE: I didn't know that halogen light bulbs had been banned!

too many cheap chinese products... you unfortunately get what you pay for, if its 99p, incl postage from Taiwan, what do you expect?

RE: Jacqueline Pearce

RIP Supreme Commander

RE: Cheap energy suppliers

EON have just emailed me to say i could save £180 by switching to a new tariff in October when current fix is up... tempted to swap completely, but concerned we have EON smart meters, and the issues of them not working with a new supplier?

RE: Cheap energy suppliers

And IRESA stopped trading, by OfGEM

RE: EPL 2018/19 predictions for Top 4

1. Man Utd
2. Spurs
3. Man City
4. Liverpool

RE: The last chuckle

yes good old innocent slapstick comedy, no malice, no innuendo, no vulgarity... RIP Barry Chuckle

RE: [VIDEO] What gig did you just go to?

I went to see Billy Joel at Old Trafford a few weeks back... absolutely fantastic, am aiming to go see him at Madison Square Garden in the next 12 months

RE: Apple

whilst i am on here tapping away on my Acer Aspire laptop which is i guess 6 or 7 years old now... i still have my Dell desk top tower with 3.5" disk drive option which i bought back in 1999 hence my user name as its when i first truly went on line... and its still works, it may be relatively slow compared to a modern computer, tablet or even mobile phone, but it works!

RE: Good News

Thats good personal news for you and your family...

I partly admire The Trump in that he is openly honest about putting his country American first, a few of our leaders could do with a backbone... whether he does it the right way only history will judge in the end... his personal life is more likely a sham of adultery, and excess brought on by a bottomless pocket of money, knowing he can lie and pay his way out of any trouble... however i am sure that some have targetted him for exactly that, to get pay outs that set them up for life?

Trump is no politician, he is a bully boy business man..

He is clever man, and not to be underestimated, like some other 20th century historic world leaders before him, by feeding on the fear of the poorly educated, the easily manipulated, the threats of other nations, mass uneployment, immigration, managing the press and fake news etc... i hope he doesnt make their mistakes as they ended with millions of deaths.

As for you Americans we dont judge you on one man... i have good friends in Kansas, friends who served a liftime in public office military and civil...

RE: WC: Tunisia vs England

i suspect we've had our twenty minutes of believing... this world cup!

RE: Arsenal: A new beginning for the 2018/19 season

Arsenal are such a comedy act... i though they had signed Dick Emery?

RE: Royal Wedding

Is there a wedding... it FA Cup Final day!

RE: The new 'what's the dress colour?' controversy...

Laurel... i can't hear yanny at all, is it because i hear a real word not just a made up word?