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About this user: still have the old wharfy 750 now relegated to the bedroom... now all panasonic hometheatre/ multiregion dvd player...

likes `Baby Spice`
dislikes, anything to do with Brad Pitt/Friends/ or Robbie Williams. (oh, and Arsenal).

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RE: RIP: Shane MacGowan: Pogues singer dies aged 65

A tortured soul, lived life to the fullest... RIP

RE: Why Google is cr*p

'Dog Pile' is also a useful search engine

RE: [VIDEO] The All New Doctor Who Thread...

Can't believe Rassilon hasn't made an appearance back on here to comment?

RE: [VIDEO] All The Light We Cannot See

Watched this yesterday... all four episodes back to back.

Have to say, this along with 'The Last of Us' are the two highlights of TV this year!

What a great storyline, so well acted, just brilliant! 

Well done Netflix

RE: Christmas ads 2023

M&S having given in to the  'I'm offended by everything brigade', they have lost my £250+ Christmas food shopping this year!

They probably wont miss me, but I am sick of the pandering to the minority who actively seek out something to find offensive, even when there is nothing there!

Must be an 80's vibe with the tunes... as Waitrose is right up there 'Just can't get enough'

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RE: Don`t forget the clocks go back Saturday night!!!!

admars says...
"what about the boiler?"

Already on.

Not in this house... they have plenty of jumpers!

RE: Rest at last, Matthew Perry

Never watched Friends... but RIP gone to early, clearly a troubled soul!

RE: [VIDEO] All The Light We Cannot See

Definitely going on my 'to watch' list... a great spot!

RE: RIP: Angelo Bruschini (of band Massive Attack)

RIP... not a great Massive Attack fan, but sadly a life gone far too soon!

RE: [VIDEO] What gig did you just go to?

Well last night went to The Watering Hole at Perranporth, and saw Wheatus...

Sadly left their best to last with Dirtbag, which made it quite a long night, was the first proper night time concert the youngest has been to and have to admit she struggled a bit!

The second best song they did was a cover of Erasure's 'A little respect'...

Support act was some American rapper called MC Frontalot, who was no Darryl MC, Jam-Master Jay, or Eminem... I am sure that someone there must have enjoyed his performance, but in all honesty if it hadn't been for the subtitles on his video screen, other than F Words, I wouldn't have understood a thing!

RE: [VIDEO] The All New Doctor Who Thread...

And a Mogwai... lets hope it doesn't get wet!

RE: Maisie Williams

Froze? Wow was it that scary?

very good... 

It froze where she is being lifted up by the crows!

Re-watched it this morning and all was well, shame it was on 1 minutes long, as I am sure that could easily have made it to an hour or more!

RE: Maisie Williams

froze 3/4 of the way through, but liked what I saw

RE: I have a funny feeling this whole ULEZ thing might be a tad on the unpopular side

I agree, I have Solar on my house, my Electricity bill last year fell to a quarter of the previous year, and that was with the energy prices going up!

With electric cars I cannot understand why they don't build in Solar Technology, great big roof, and bonnet area's... its mad even if it only gave 25% charge, that would probably give most users enough for short journeys.

I was hoping we would see more Wind Farms on land, I was listening to Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall on R4 (Grandad FM as my kids call it), there are over 5000 applications pending just in the South West, but if only one person objects they are immediately refused, yet Solar Farms can go up all over the place.

I am not saying I would be happy if they stuck a 50 meter turbine in the middle of my front garden, but having travelled extensively across a lot of western Europe they seem to have the right idea, build them alongside major infrastructure that's already there, like motorways.

I walk, but mostly cycle now as much as I can, on a recent trip to London, even used the train, whilst the service was great, the stress was horrendous, with strikes and cancellations, and worrying about getting back, not to mention the overcrowding!

RE: I have a funny feeling this whole ULEZ thing might be a tad on the unpopular side

It appears my Diseasal 2013 Corsa if a foul polluting behemoth that's killing the planet...

Any way I couldn't give a toss about ULEZ as not going into any cities to sit in static traffic for hours on end, it does double the MPG that the wife's petrol 2019 Corsa which is compliant does... and is only £35 a year to tax...

The diesel is ten years old, has 125k on the clock, so in the greater scheme of things is probably more green than most electric cars, with batteries that have components mined the other side of the world, that degrade in efficiency after a few years and cost half the price to manufacture!

Oh and lets not forget the energy to charge the electric cars, that comes from predominantly fossil fuels!

RE: Five Nights at Freddies

What a load of Pants... I was hoping from the title that they may have resurrected Freddie Krueger

RE: I have a funny feeling this whole ULEZ thing might be a tad on the unpopular side

May not affect you YET.... but its coming to town near you Soon!

Making every car ULEZ compliant, or Zero VEL (Tax)  just means, that money isn't in the pot to repair the already critically bad state of the roads...

They can argue its about emission's, but it about filling the coffers in Whitehall, just like the Health Service, has taxed many smokers into submission now they are looking at Taxing Vapes!

RE: Let’s talk this year Films

they have now!

Not seen it... but may look it up if i get bored, and some time

RE: [VIDEO] Star Wars: Ahsoka

After the massive disappointment that was The Mandalorian (to me anyway), I really enjoyed Obi Wan Kenobi, and Andor, hopefully his will be just as good


Holy post resurrection Batman!

RE: [VIDEO] What gig did you just go to?

Saw Billy Joel at Hyde Park BST last night... was scorchio there all day, Natasha Bedingfield was first act on, and was quite good, the Daryll Hall came on a great back catalogue, sadly the voice isn't what it was!

This was third time I have seen Billy Joel, mid 90's Earls Court, River of Dreams Tour, than 2017 at Old Trafford, the best venue, and then last night, possibly the best I have seen him play...

Two solid hours, played a lot of his early 70's stuff... he clearly still loves entertaining the crowd, his voice never faltered, absolutely awesome... just need to win the lottery so I can go see him play Maddison Square Gardens.

RE: My latest retro pickup :)

nice... but not sure you could their best of onto one tape... so many good tunes

RE: Glastonbury 2023

Debbie Harry... wow at 77 years, what a voice, and energetic performance

She absolutely owned the stage and crowd, such a catalogue of great songs

RE: Glastonbury 2023

Raye? I've not seen her Glasto set but seen her on Jools Holland etc, and she has a great voice,

Thanks just google her... yes very good, a real star in the making!

Just managed to catch up on the Fatboy Slim set from last night, have to say it was excellent

RE: Glastonbury 2023

Well i quite enjoyed G'n'R, struggled with hearing a lot of Axel, not sure if that was deliberate or not from the sound guys/girls?

Not the voice he once was, but still hit some notes throughout, Welcome the Jungle, was the highlight for me... i know they played a lot of stuff from their less successful albums, and some of Slash stuff...

Watched Chrissie Hind she was also still pretty good, no idea why they called it the Pretenders, perhaps its because the others were pretending to be Pretenders?

Cant believe people raving about Lizzo, I felt like Renee from 'Allo Allo', was looking for some cheese to stick in my ear's!

Didn't catch the name of the young girl who was singing where the presenters were, very soulful, a touch of the Adele about her, and Amy Winehouse (but much better), she could definitely be on the Pyramid Stage.

Rick Astley, have seen him before, he is a great crowd pleaser entertainer, loved the Smiths Cover he did later with some other band i'd not heard of.

Manic Street Preachers, saw them at Beautiful Days a few years ago, whilst not really a band i would pay to listen to, they were  were really good.

I know Norman Cook/Fatboy Slim was on late last night didnt manage to see that, so will have to hunt it down on iPlayer/Catchup... also need to find Paul Carrack as he was on yesterday also... if only in the hope he did 'Living Years.

Today is all about Blondie for me... 

My next gig for real, is Hyde Park in two weeks, to see to see The One and Only Piano Man... Billy Joel!

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RE: [VIDEO] Russia invaded Ukraine

Could be better the devil you know, than the devil you don't...

I suspect Putin will run and hide somewhere like Syria, or another friendly despot state...

Prigozhn let's wait and see what he's all about, leader of pychopathic mercenaries... about to get hold of the red button!

RE: Glastonbury 2023

Well Friday was ok...

Foo Fighters (always good value)
Texas - Charlene Spitteri is as amazing now as ever

Arctic Monkeys... did about 20 minutes worth of decent stuff, rest was m'eh!

The Damned, and Billy Bragg were on another stage, but not managed to see any of their performances on tv/or online...

Tonight, Guns n Roses are the highlight for me... saw Axel and Slash in the mid 90's sat in a park in Holland just jamming acoustically to about 100 of us, think they were in the middle of a tour, and having a night off, smashing the local beer!