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dislikes, anything to do with Brad Pitt/Friends/ or Robbie Williams. (oh, and Arsenal).

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RE: The Bitcoin millionaire who accidentally lost it all

You joined just to tell us that???

Go on i am waiting for it.... second post imminent...

A new opportunity you have identified with a link?

Sorry i'm a qualified cynic!

RE: [VIDEO] RIP Dave Prowse :(

i reckon it will all go way above my payscale... i quite like some of the pre-production stuff

RE: Easter Day

unfortunately busy working... 

RE: Easter Day

Hope it all went well...

Not had a drink (alcohol) since New Year

RE: Vaccines Part 2

think i was lucky, just two days feeling lethargic...

Hopefully second jab in next 6 to 8 weeks?

I am told that it will be available to all from July onwards, so kids/teenagers should be able to get it.

What's the future, who knows, I suspect we will end up being able to have an annual jab like the Flu, all viruses mutate, hence that they don't protect forever.

On the whole I think the Govt/development companies/NHS have done a brilliant job getting us to this stage so quickly...

I hope that in future we are as determined quick to develop medicines for other diseases

RE: JustGiving appeal for firebombed Royal Marine veteran...

wow... I don't know the backstory, behind being targeted twice, but a worthy cause, always happy to help ex-service personnel, now just passed the £37k

RE: Marvelous Marvin Hagler RIP at 66

i remember so well his fight against Alan Minter

RIP Marvin

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RE: Vaccines

i had mine today AZ jab also

*just a quick update, that this wiped out all my energy monday/today (tuesday), no other side effects.

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RE: Need Suggestion

my suggestion is you take your tin of cured pork meat, and shove it where the sun doesn't shine!

RE: [VIDEO] Smile thread

Sky Arts had 90 minute documentary on Banksy and the whole street-art scene this last week, was really interesting watching.

RE: Honey I'm Home

Good news that its been caught and that they have treatment in place, i hope you have a swift recovery.

These things do remind us, perhaps to not lose sight of the important things in life, our friends and families, and actually we need to get that balance of life and work right.

The mother-in-law had one back in 2003, wasn't quite so lucky, lost her speech, and use of right arm, and has limited mobility, but she has a quality of life, and my 2 daughters have never known her any other way, so have no problems understanding, communicating with her.

RE: [VIDEO] Wandavision (and others)

wife was watching this with the two daughters lunchtime today... awful just awful

RE: Cheap energy suppliers

went through similar choices recently, having been with EON pretty much since owning a house 28 years (with the exception of a year with EDF... never gain atrocious customer service)... we have now gone to Shell Energy, they were by far the cheapest fixed price choice (gas & electricity) based on last years actual kwh usage, and all there energy is 'green'.

RE: [VIDEO] What are you listening to now??? (Music recomendations)

Just started listening to The Hassles, this was a band Billy Joel was in during the sixties before he went solo

RE: R.I.P. Mr Garibaldi

another taken far too early... RIP

This last year, and all these people disappearing from my childhood, and early years, really does make you think about your own mortality.

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RE: Any home insurance recommendations?

i've started using the Comparison Sites, but by going through 'Easyfunding' each time cars, house, utilities, i have saved money, and even got donations usually £15 each time for the youngest school.

RE: [VIDEO] Coronavirus, anyone starting to get worried?

Si Wooldridge says...
"Do you have a cigarette lighter in your car and does it work with the ignition off?"

I don't think any Auxiliary Sockets (Cigarette Lighters) now work with ignition off/key out...

I'm not techie, so are you saying this wont work if you need ignition on? That would seem to totally defeat the object as that in itself would drain battery?

RE: [VIDEO] Coronavirus, anyone starting to get worried?

mbilko says...
"Boris cycling 7 miles from Downing St!! That is the problem in a nutshell for me, one rule for us and again, another for them, why has he not been visited by the friendly local bobby??  will give the guy at the door something to do at least."

I'm failing to see the issue Boris is exercising, not travelling to exercise, and it is within the spirit of the guidance.

*this based on comments within thread, if it transpires he has/was driven 7 miles from home to undertake exercise then that's a different matter entirely.

The instructions as I read it in the simplest form, is, exercise should start and finish at home?  You should minimise contact with any persons outside of your household/or support bubble.

When I cycle for exercise (or to/from work) its in excess of 10 miles from my front door.  I could cycle around the block 50 times, but I would get dizzy.

When cycling I will always take to the centre of the road when passing pedestrians, or when overtaking other Mamils,  to keep distance at a maximum, and if I cannot do that I wait to pass at a more appropriate location.

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RE: I ******g hate people.

Luckliy, there are ppl who join the armed forces and police for the right reasons, and want to join despite being aware of the big picture. Like nurses, teachers etc, a vocation for some, it's not something some ppl stumble into like they used to, because they couldn't do anything else.
 certainly not for the money, I took a wage cut for the from retail management for nearly 10 years!

I come from a family of NHS workers, mum and aunts career nurses, and cousins who have followed... the abuse that NHS staff/emergency service workers get is truly unbelievable.

One thing I have seen over the years since mine started school, is how hard teachers work, its not 9-3.30 Monday to Friday with 6 weeks off in the summer, and I suspect any parent who is truly honest will say how hard home schooling has, and continues to be!

RE: I ******g hate people.

It is a generalisation, but it really is difficult to recruit, and retain...

I stand corrected on Millennials... change that to those born since the Millennium 

Its probably a lot to do with there are other opportunities out there, and that the world has changed dramatically certainly since the early 80's, if we went back 30+ years ago, if you weren't very academic, you went into manual jobs, many joined the services... the pace of change is only getting quicker.

Today's service personnel today have to be so much more technically able, as weapons systems, vehicles, all admin functions, communications systems are all run by computers/electronics, the starting point in the military today is an extension of education, and certain Levels of Maths, and English are required, and training/CPD through out will nearly always have some NVQ accreditation allowing transfer to civilian occupations.

RE: I ******g hate people.

I know it won't be even investigated probably but I'd still become a statistic personally. Too many crimes 'lost' by the police without them not being recorded in the first place.

Unfortunately the crime will be screened out, but it will be 'recorded' as National Criming Standards require this... only in December did the CC of GMP resign, following report from HMI for Policing criticizing the force Crime Recording, amongst other failings.

The biggest issue facing Policing in the UK currently is that in 1989-1991 saw a massive recruitment drive across all police forces.  Now 30 years on, all those experienced officers leaving having completed 30 years service, and with the best will in the world forces are struggling to recruit quick enough.

I know from recent personal experience, that some recruits have had a shock once starting, some leaving as they didn't like having to work evenings, nights or weekends...

The Military faces the same problem, the youth/young 'Millennials' who should be the recruits of today, are different to those of us that grew up in the last century, they want to work in the warm and dry, and anything over 8 hours a day they think is excessive!

RE: I ******g hate people.

is still use a S7 great phones... had to sadly replace my work Nokia 3210 (after nearly 10 years) with a Samsung Galaxy XCover

The wife an two daughter are iSheep...

RE: [VIDEO] Coronavirus, anyone starting to get worried?

Full Lockdown until end of January just announced in Scotland... i reckon it will be here within 48 hours!

Seems Lockdown V3.0 will be announced at 2000 hours!

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RE: Fireworks and drones

I don't think fireworks should be illegal, but perhaps only be able to purchased by from licensed sellers, and for properly licensed organised displays

RE: [VIDEO] Arsenal 2020/21 Season

amazing how three games can go from relegation contenders to 6 points of a potential European spot

RE: [VIDEO] The All New Doctor Who Thread...

Time to dump the BBC TV licence, and get them just to advertise like all other stations.
couldn't agree more... British Broadcasting Company, once the pride of the world, now just full off repeats, and cheap programming, the news like a tabloid!