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    4 / 10

    Veronica is a young girl when she is taken under the wing of a strange man called William. He trains her to be a 'complete weapon', but she is unaware of what or who her target will be. It seems four teens fill their time by picking up young women and then hunting them in the forest, literally. When they pick up Veronica it may be the final girl they do this to.

    This film should have been great and have flashes of greatness, but never seems to get going. Or I should say that it spends too long doing very little. The general premise of 'picking the wrong girl' has been done many times before and much better too.

    The character of Veronica and her training is never really explained and so I never really connected with her. Also, unlike say Keanu Reeves in John Wick she is never really any good at the assassin thing. I can almost forgive the fact this is supposedly her first mission, but for someone who had been trained for many years to do this I expected the kind of fluent martial arts and takedowns that I saw in the John Wick films.

    Abigail Breslin is fine and looks stunning throughout, but the rest of the cast are simply awful. The four teens are unbearably annoying and seeing them get taken out really gave me no joy. No back story is given as to why they are doing this and this might have made the film more interesting, but sadly not to be. No attempt is made to show the aging of Wes Bentley despite many years passing from the first scene which is just bizarre.

    By the end of the film I had no desire to watch this again. It was not awful by any means it just feels unfinished. If more had been explained as to why she was being trained or whether there was a connection with the four teens would have been interesting, but instead by the end I was left feeling that nothing had happened. As I say, this is a shame as the film had a lot of promise and could have been the springboard to a new franchise of a vigilante, but this is not to be. It will likely be the final time I watch this film.

    The film can be watched as part of the Arrow Streaming Service £4.99 a month/£49.99 Annual Subscription.

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