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    Ninja Scroll: Box Set (UK)

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    a.k.a Jûbei ninpûchô
    Certificate: 18
    Running Time: 0 mins
    Retail Price: £29.99
    Release Date:

    Volume 1 - Dragon Stone: In feudal Japan, the Edo period brought a time of delicate peace bought with blood. Ninja Scroll: The Series chronicles the life of Jubei Kibagami as he wanders the countryside as a ninja for hire. At this time, ninja clans are everywhere. One clan, known as the Hiruko Clan, doomed to live and die in darkness, protects a sacred treasure called the Dragon Stone. The Kimon Clan, however, bent on reviving the power of the Toyotomi, wants the Dragon Stone and the treasure it hides. Jubei is the best man for the job of protecting both the Dragon Stone and the only one who can use it-The Light Maiden.

    Volume 2 - Dangerous Path: Jubei, Shigure, Dakuan and Tsubute set out to find answers. The battles heat up as the Kimon become more desperate to obtain the Dragon Stone and the Light Maiden, while the Hiruko are just as desperate to keep the Kimon from their goal. Everyone is out for blood, with Jubei stuck right in the middle!

    Volume 3 - Deliverance: The war between the clans reaches its climax as Shigure is kidnapped by the Kimon clan, leaving both the Hiruko and Jubei desperately chasing after them. As the powers of the Light Maiden grow stronger, friends and enemies become harder to tell apart and Shigure, pursued by legions of creatures, finds she can no longer deny her responsibilities as the Light Maiden. She alone is the key to finishing the war, and the drifter ninja Jubei has committed himself to seeing her to the end!

    Special Features:
    Interview with director Tatsuo Sato
    Interview with the character designer
    Storyboard to finished film comparison
    `Creating The Cover Art` featurette
    Interviews with the soundtrack composers
    Behind the scenes
    Art gallery
    Textless opening and closing animations
    Original trailer

    Video Tracks:
    Standard 1.33:1

    Audio Tracks:
    Dolby Digital 5.1 English
    Dolby Digital Stereo 2.0 Japanese

    Subtitle Tracks:

    Directed By:
    Yoshiaki Kawajiri

    Written By:

    Toshihiko Seki
    Emi Shinohara
    Kôichi Yamadera

    Music From:
    Kaoru Wada

    Director of Photography:
    Hitoshi Yamaguchi

    Yukiko Ito
    Harutoshi Ogata

    Shigeki Komatsu
    Yutaka Maseba
    Haruo Sai
    Masaki Sawanobori

    Executive Producer:
    Masamichi Fujiwara
    Makoto Hasegawa
    Ken Iyadomi
    Yutaka Takahashi

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