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    Drop The Dead Donkey The Writer`s Choice (UK)

    9 / 10
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    Featuring six of the very best episodes chosen by the writers of the show
    Certificate: 15
    Running Time: 175 mins
    Retail Price: £14.99
    Release Date:

    The multi-award winning Drop the Dead Donkey ran for six series on Channel 4 from 1990 to 1998, becoming one of Channel 4`s best and most successful comedies. Centred on a bustling newsroom, relive the staff of Globelink News` antics in this fantastic DVD, featuring six of the very best episodes chosen by the writers of the show, Andy Hamilton and Guy Jenkins. Features `Sally`s Viking`, `Baseball`, `Gus And The Grim Reaper`, `Helen`s Fake Boyfriend`, `Damien`s Virus` and `The Final Chapter`, plus fifty classic moments from the series.

    Special Features:
    Interview Footage

    Video Tracks:
    Standard 1.33:1

    Audio Tracks:
    Dolby Digital Stereo 2.0 English

    Directed By:
    Liddy Oldroyd

    Written By:

    Sara Stewart
    Jeff Rawle
    Neil Pearson
    Ingrid Lacey
    Haydn Gwynne
    Robert Duncan
    Susannah Doyle


    Your Opinions and Comments

    9 / 10
    Drop the dead donkey - one of the classic series of the 90`s.
    Ahhh - is that the sweet smell of Nostlagia I detect?

    The Plot
    The series is set in the mythical TV News studio, Globe link news.
    They`re mission to report all the news thats fit (and unfit) to print, and to have a cynical attitude to all stories.
    They are quite a bunch of misfits, who somehow manage to report the news, but the interesting stuff is the interplay of characters.
    It has some similarities to "The Office".

    [*] Sally`s Viking - Sally is recorded in her dressing room with her "viking" and the tapes are soon changing hands...
    [*] Baseball - A friendly baseball match against Gus`s brothers team. Gus wants to anhilate them... what sibling rivalry? Surely not.
    [*] Gus And The Grim Reaper - Gus has a brush with death, and vows to live for ever.
    Helen`s Fake Boyfriend - Helen is unable to tell her parents about her lesbian life, and wants Dave to help with a cover story... she should know better!
    [*] Damien`s Virus - The final days of globe link, its all falling apart, and Damien catches a virus, but he doesn`t do ill...
    [*] The Final Chapter - The last episode, no buyer for GLN, whats going to happen to them all?

    The Cast
    Susannah Doyle - Joy Merryweather - possibly the most cynical woman on the planet. Not one to mess with!! Quote:

    Sally Smedley: Any messages, Joy?
    Joy Merryweather: Yes, your planet called, said your mission on Earth was over and could you go home.

    Robert Duncan - Gus Hedges - the cliche dribbling manager, we`ve all met one, some of us worked for one.Quote:
    We`ve got to downsize our sloppiness overload.
    We`re merely running our bulletins through the cappucino machine of innovation, see if it comes out frothy.

    Haydn Gwynne - Alex Pates, trying to keep the lid on the office and get news out.
    Ingrid Lacey - Helen Cooper, tries to keep the production rolling.Quote:

    Helen Cooper: I can`t believe I`m saying this, Dave, but while I`m away you`ll be in charge of ethics.
    Joy Merryweather: It`s in the dictionary, under `E`.

    Neil Pearson - Dave Charnley, always up for a bet, a woman, and out of money!
    Jeff Rawle - George Dent, management isn`t really his thing, too bad.
    David Swift - Henry Davenport, senior news reader, senior womaniser and arch rival of Sally.Quote:

    Sally Smedley: For that remark, Henry, you will burn in Hell for all eternity.
    Henry Davenport: Doesn`t worry me - I`ve sat next to you for three years.

    Stephen Tompkinson - Damien Day, the reporter who doesn`t let simple things like the truth get in the way of a story.Quote:

    Damien Day: Did anyone see World In Action? They sneaked inside a maternity ward to show how poor security is. I mean. I did that two years ago. D`you remember that, George?
    George Dent: How could we forget?
    Damien Day: I put the baby back! I mean all right, it was in the wrong cot but it all got sorted out in the end! If you ask me those mothers just overreacted.

    Victoria Wicks - Sally Smedley, the airheaded fading news reader who is only concerned about herself.Quote:

    Sally Smedley: Either I get a formal response to my request for the same lunch allowance as Henry or I shall withdraw my labor. How would you like that?
    Joy Merryweather: How would we know?

    The Visuals/Audio
    Nothing very special in either department - but good enough.

    The Extras
    The writers (Andy Hamilton and Guy Jenkin) make an appearance, talking you through their favourite moments from the series, with appropriate scenes.

    Hilarious. When filmed it use to have the final additions done on the day of broadcast so they could comment on issues of the week.
    Most of it is still as funny as it was then!
    posted by Julian Onions on 1/5/2005 18:31