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    Added on: 7/8/2004 14:03
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    After The Fox (UK)

    6 / 10
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    You caught the "Pussycat"... now chase the Fox!
    Certificate: U
    Running Time: 102 mins
    Retail Price: £15.99
    Release Date:

    Vittorio De Sica directs Peter Sellers in this comedy penned by Neil Simon. Millions of dollars worth of gold bullion is on its way from Cairo to an unknown Italian destination. There is only one criminal mastermind capable of stealing it: Aldo Vanucci (Sellers), also known as "the Fox". Aldo devises the perfect plan to seize the gold: posing as a flamboyant film director, he casts an aging, egotistical film star (Victor Mature) and his own voluptuous sister (Britt Ekland) in a fake film about... a gold theft! But the action really heats up when the boat with the real gold arrives!

    Special Features:

    Video Tracks:
    Widescreen Anamorphic 2.35:1

    Audio Tracks:
    Dolby Digital Mono English
    Dolby Digital Mono Spanish
    Dolby Digital Mono German
    Dolby Digital Mono Italian
    Dolby Digital Mono French

    Subtitle Tracks:
    CC: English

    Directed By:
    Vittorio De Sica

    Written By:

    Akim Tamiroff
    Martin Balsam
    Britt Ekland
    Victor Mature
    Peter Sellers

    Maurizio Lodi-Fe
    John Bryan

    Metro Goldwyn Mayer

    Your Opinions and Comments

    6 / 10
    After the Fox
    R2 (PAL), Norwegian
    Even though the disc reviewed has a Norwegian cover, the disc is the same as the UK edition (and should be so throughout Europe).
    Average bitrate: 8.50 mb/s
    Ratio: 2.39:1 (16:9 enhanced)
    Chapters: 16
    Soundtrack: English DD 2.0 mono (192 mb/s), French 2.0 mono, German 2.0 mono,
    Italian 2.0 mono, Spanish 2.0 mono
    Subs: Danish, Dutch, English (hard of hearing), Finnish, French, German (hard of
    hearing), Greek, Norwegian, Portuguese, Swedish
    Extras: None
    Cert: U
    Cover Design: Unremarkable cover design, not really descriptive of the film, and yet again the original poster is avoided: Average.
    Duration: 1:39:03 (4% PAL speedup)

    The film itself
    Not really inspired or imaginative but good entertainment nonetheless. The film Drags slightly during the last half hour but then picks up with a funny chase sequence at the end. Overall an agreeable timefiller.
    7 / 10

    Image Quality
    The opening minute of the DVD looked pretty bad, aliasing and print damage all over the place, soft focus, poor colour quality, but then things settled firmly down during the opening titles which were remarkably clean and sharp.

    The film is presented in an aspect ratio of 2.39:1 which is pretty much the same as the original aspect ratio, and I didn't notice any awkward framing. The transfer is 16:9 enhanced.

    Sharpness is pretty good throughout, apart from the first minute or so, with fine detail being resolved in the picture without any noticeable edge enhancement. Shadow detail was good enough, though not outstanding, with the image mostly set in bright locations. Colour was a little too bright, unfortunately, with skin tones rather yellow and greyish. However, sudden splashes of vivid colours and general consistency led me to believe that the film looked this way originally. I did not notice any film grain or pixelization in the transfer and no low level noise either. In terms of video artefacts the only real worry was occasional moderate amounts of aliasing. The worst examples appear in the opening minute and then throughout the film on fine lines on cars, walls, streets, etc, but fortunately not all scenes exhibited this artefacting. Edge enhancement is visible - If you go searching for it, that is - but is generally well controlled. In terms of film artefacts, there are scenes that look a little spotty, but other scenes were clear as a bell. In any event, no distraction ever came from the film artefacts.
    7 / 10

    Audio quality
    Let me think here, if there ever was reference quality mono, this is it. The soundtrack is a 2.0 DD track running at 192 kilobits per second and of course has the limitations of such old recordings but it is the original soundtrack and it has never sounded better. I managed to find no issues with it at all. The music score was delivered beautifully throughout, and the bass was fine too. The dynamic range was as good as we could ever expect for a mono track. Occasionally dialogue was obviously looped but that's because the film was in Italian originally. I sampled the Italian track, but it has been mastered at too low a level, and the wonderful score by Burt Bacharach has been replaced with some laid back dull jazzy score, I recommend the English track.
    9 / 10

    There are no extras; there are no chapter menus either.

    Region 1 vs. Region 2

    The Region 1 disc was released in early 2002 and does contain the film's trailer as an extra but reviews suggest that the picture quality is lesser than what we have here. There's an unwatchable pan & scan version on side 2. Unless you desperately want a trailer, the Region 1 release has no other advantage.

    The picture quality is fine, apart from occasional aliasing and film artefacts

    The mono audio is wonderful

    There are absolutely no extras, to say the least
    posted by DVDfinnur on 16/10/2004 03:59