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Fireball XL5, The Complete Series (UK)

7 / 10
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Five disc box set
Certificate: U
Running Time: 975 mins
Retail Price: £39.99
Release Date:

Set in the 2060s, Gerry Anderson`s Fireball XL5 charts the interplanetary adventures of a spacecraft and its crew, handsome blonde pilot Steve Zodiac, the glamorous blonde space doctor Venus, maths genius Matthew "Matt" Mattic, and Robert the Robot. Their mission is to patrol sector 25 of the universe, beyond the solar system. This DVD release features all 39 episodes.

Episode titles: Planet 46, Hypnotic Sphere, Planet Of Platonia, Space Magnet, The Doomed Planet, Plant Man From Space, The Sun Temple, Space Immigrants, Space Monster, Flying Zodiac, Spy In Space, XL5 To H20, Space Pirates, The Last Of The Zanadus, Space Pen, Convict In Space, Wings Of Danger, The Triads, Sabotage, Prisoner On The Lost Planet, Flight To Danger, Space Vacation, Mystery Of The TA2, Robert To The Rescue, The Forbidden Planet, The Granatoid Tanks, Dangerous Cargo, 1875, The Robot Freighter Mystery ,Drama At Space City, Whistle For Danger, Faster Than Light, The Day The Earth Froze, Invasion Earth, Ghosts Of Space, Trial By Robot, A Day In The Life Of A Space General, Space City Special, The Fire Fighters.

Special Features:

Written By:

David Graham
John Bluthal
Sylvia Anderson
Gerry Anderson
Paul Maxwell

Soundtrack By:
Barry Gray

Gerry Anderson


Your Opinions and Comments

10 / 10
This is a wonderful collection of memories of my childhood in the 60`s. It`s clearer than I remember, and given the age of the prints the DVDs were made from, it`s remarkable that they are so pristine! The sound is outrageously good, too.

The only differences I see between the Region 0 and Region 2 sets are:

1.) The extras, of course. The Mike Noble interview is worth the difference in prices, in my opinion.

2.) The menus. The Region 2 DVDs have MUCH better menus than the Region 0 discs. The animations on the R2 discs were done by friends of mine, so I admit to being biased. Robin and Pauline Day make the most remarkable 3D pictures and animations of all things XL5!

posted by Larry Fugate on 12/10/2003 22:32