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Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me (UK)

8 / 10
21 votes cast
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The hugely well-endowed sequel!
Certificate: 12
Running Time: 91 mins
Retail Price: £24.99
Release Date:

First he fought for the Crown, now he`s fighting for the family jewels! Mike Myers (`Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery`) returns as the world`s grooviest superspy in his latest comedy-adventure!

Intent on world dominaton, diabolical genius Dr. Evil travels back to 1969 and steals Austin`s `mojo`. Now Austin must return to the Swingin` `60s, recover his mojo, and stop his terminally square arch nemesis from liquidating the world.

Together with fab CIA superchick Felicity Shagwell (Heather Graham - `Lost In Space`, `Bowfinger`), Austin faces off against an army of outrageous villians including a heinous henchman of tremendous girth and Mini-Me, Dr Evil`s deranged 1/8-sized clone.

Special Features:
Interactive Menus
Scene Access
Feature length commentary
Cast & Crew
Theatrical trailer
Music Videos
Behind The Scenes
Deleted Scenes
Hidden Menu: What If God Was One Of Us? Just The Two Of Us
Classic Evil Schemes Gone Awry

Video Tracks:
Widescreen Anamorphic 2.35:1

Audio Tracks:
Dolby Digital 5.1 English

Subtitle Tracks:

Directed By:
M. Jay Roach

Written By:

Seth Green
Robert Wagner
Heather Graham
Elizabeth Hurley
Rob Lowe
Michael York
Mike Myers

Casting By:
Juel Bestrop
Jeanne McCarthy

Soundtrack By:
George S. Clinton

Music From:
Pete Townshend

Director of Photography:
Ueli Steiger

Debra Neil-Fisher
Jon Poll

Costume Designer:
Deena Appel

Production Designer:
Rusty Smith

Jennifer Todd
Mike Myers
Eric McLeod
Emma Chasin
Suzanne Todd
Demi Moore
John S. Lyons

Executive Producer:
Donna Langley
Erwin Stoff
Michael De Luca

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Your Opinions and Comments

10 / 10
The film is absolutely GENIUS. It is more funnier than the first which is always good.
Ive bought this film on DVD which was a superb move, because on which there are deleted scenes (which should have been in the film - so funny), Behind the Scenes footage, Music Videos, Cameos, Feature length Commantery by the Director and MIKE MYERS himself. Also there is a HIDDEN MENU which i cannot find, it might be on the DVD player feature but if anybody knows otherwise please tell me! thanx.
Overall, this film is Brilliant. Well worth the money, even on normal VHS video.
posted by THORPEY on 1/2/2000 13:19
9 / 10
The biggest grossing comedy of all time makes it to the small, or not-so-small, screen, depending on your home setup.
The Spy Who Shagged Me sees the peerless Dr Evil come up with another plan to defeat Austin Powers and take over the world - he will go back to the Sixties and steal Austins mojo, rendering him powerless. A glorious take-off of the ubiquitous super-villain seen in James Bond films, Dr Evil comes into his own in this film, particularly his refusal to simply kill Powers (Scott Evil: `Why not just travel back and kill him when he`s on the crapper or something?` Dr Evil: `How about no, Scott?`). The best innovation of the film is his clone, Mini-Me - exactly like him in every way except one-eighth his size.

TSWSM treads ground which will be familiar with Mike Myers fans - many jokes are reprises from the first instalment, and some are even pinched from Myers` earlier film So I Married An Axe Murderer for reasons unknown. It may make the movie a bore for people who have not seen the first film, but many of these revisits enhance it for the true Austin Powers fan and gives the feeling of an in-joke.

There is so much more I could say about this film, but to summarise - if you loved the first movie, watch The Spy Who.... a few times. It may not be as funny at first, but after 3 viewings I have come to love the whole film (my personal favourite has to be the Devil-possessed rotating chair - `I need an old priest and a young priest.`)

The extras are much more bountiful than the first disc, including deleted scenes (deleted purely for length reasons and in the main very funny), cast and crew filmographies and biographies (and a separate menu for the numerous cameos), a behind the scenes documentary (press fodder, but still fairly entertaining) and a feature length commentary (which does not even stand up to the original - the director Jay Roach tends to get lost in some, quite frankly, boring trivia delivered over scenes with no relation whatsoever to the subject). There are four trailers including the Star Wars themed teasers (`If you see only one movie in 1999, see Star Wars. But if you see two movies in 1999, see Austin Powers!`) the full trailer and, for some reason, the promo for the original film (also on the first disc). Finally there are three music videos - Madonnas `Beautiful Stranger`, Lenny Kravitzs `American Woman` and Mel Gs `Word Up - US Version` which is far better than the ley-line themed original. If you are lucky you may find the Hidden Menu, although to be honest this really isn`t worth looking for as the original feature has been cut from the Region 2 release.

Overall, a good film enhanced by some decent extras, and worth buying if only for the chance to see Elizabeth Hurley`s head explode...
posted by Carole on 7/2/2000 11:26
9 / 10
Let me tell you something, I love Austin Powers. No matter what other people say, it makes me laugh and that`s why I love it. I can watch certain sequences over and over especially the Jerry Springer section and where Dr Evil meets Mini Me.

Having bought this DVD in the USA in December, I had a little head start on finding that hidden menu which I will share with you all. Go to the special features menu and `wait` after a few minutes the special menu will appear. Just be Patient!

The DVD is chock full of features including music videos from Madonna, Lenny Kravitz and Mel G and the 2 trailers. I can`t praise the content enough or the deleted scenes (Dr Evil falling off his chair makes me howl).

In summary, by this DVD!
posted by Chris R Bainbridge on 15/2/2000 11:03
8 / 10
Great film, extras are a bit of a let down. Features menu takes far too long to load up, and the disc sticks and jumps between tracks 29 and 30 on the Samsung-709.
posted by EllieHM on 17/2/2000 00:43
10 / 10
As you can see from the other reviews above, this film is better than the first and spot on.
posted by dingle on 27/4/2000 20:05
10 / 10
posted by ad6 on 9/7/2000 00:40
9 / 10
TSWSM is miles better than the first Austin Powers outing. Myers had by now realised that Dr. Evil is by far the funniest character in the franchise and he gave him a lot more to do.

I could watch Dr. Evil all day - very, very funny. The DVD`s best featrure is the deleted scenes - they are all funny but surely some of them should have made it into the film.

TSWSM is not for everyone, it *is* childish humour, but if you liked the first film you will *love* this one - trust me.
posted by Brahman on 26/7/2000 03:26
9 / 10
I bought this for £10 recently in Woolworths. I already had the vhs version but was starved for more. This DVD has to be one of the best availible and the menus are well presented and interactive in a way. I was more impressed with the lengthy extras and secret Dr Evil menu. If you haven`t watched this film then do because it is one of the best comedy films around.
posted by D.stent on 1/7/2001 15:42
6 / 10
Great fun, you can watch this one over and over again and still find it fresh and inventive.
posted by rubber faced warbler on 17/7/2001 17:51
10 / 10
Probably the best single disc DVD out there. You can pick this film up pretty cheap these days and I`d recommend it to anyone. A brilliant disc, excellent extras especially the deleted scenes. Sound and picture quality are up there with the best. One of those few DVDs that can be watched again and again!
posted by superdan on 7/9/2001 02:00
8 / 10
Whilst i`ll have to disagree with the majority here (this lacks the raw comedy of the first outing-some of the jokes are far from subtle!), it`s safe to say that there are so many moments of comic genius here its bewildering. Although clever retreads of some of the jokes in International man of mystery,whats on show here can bring tears of laughter to all who watch! When i originally saw this at the cinema i was going through a pretty traumatic bereavement-but by god this cheered me up! For two hours Mike Myers and Jay Roach(director) deliver a very slick comedy, thanks ti Dr Evil. If one character can lift a film its him-"...why make trillions when we could make....billions?" Myers portrayal of a bungling villain is absolutely knockout and brings a smile to your face every time.
The 2;35;1 anamorphic picture is stunning. Forgiving a few scenes bearing heavy compression,the image is pushing reference quality throughout,with stunning vibrance and the cleanest movie print ever commited to disc. Similairly,the Dolby Digital Surround Ex audio is a treat,with crystal clear dialogue,excellent music,and some ace surround moments-this is a superb recording.
Extras are plentiful and include some criminally banished deleted scenes "....Jerry Springer: uh dr evil do you have something you wana share with us? Evil: Share? i`m the head of an evil organisation i don`t share okay-u frickin idiot!..."Truly inspired.
There`s also music videos,trailers,featurettes,a great commentary and loads more.
The fact that this can be found for as little as £10 makes it even better. A comedy classic presented in exemplary fashion.
posted by Westy on 7/9/2001 03:36
9 / 10
This has to be the funniest film I`ve seen this year, the video quality is outstanding and the same is true for the audio. And best of all, the title includes a wide range of special features all of which are excellent. Its presentation really stands out from the crowd too, the graphics contained within the interactive menus are very well done, the film also boasts includes hidden features! This DVD is excellent and I`m sure will appeal to nearly everyone. It includes an excellent cast, some of those being Heather Graham, Michael York & of course Mike Myers.
posted by Andrew (UK) on 19/10/2001 23:11
8 / 10
"First he fought for the Crown. Now he`s fighting for the Family Jewels. Austin Powers is back, baby! MIKE MYERS returns in this blockbuster sequel as the British secret agent that thwarts international madmen and shags beautiful women like mad, man! But his arch nemesis, the powerful and bizarre Dr. Evil, is planning to hold the world hostage for a large ransom. Only Austin can save the day in this hilariously hip James Bond spoof... Groovy..."

"It`s time for double oh behave!"

"Austin Powers 2: The Spy Who Shagged Me" is the blockbuster sequel to one of the funniest comedies to hit the big screen in a long time. When the original came out no one would have believed that it would go on to become a massive success like it did. After beating Dr. Evil in the original we find that his wife, Vanessa, is really a fembot. After exploding Austin is left wifeless and goes back to being a swinger baby yeah! However Dr. Evil is back also, along with a clone 1/8 of his size - Mini-Me. This really is a great film and a great film deserves a great DVD, but is that what we get?

Video wise we have a Widescreen Anamorphic 2.35:1transfer. The quality is excellent with hardly any grain or artefacts showing up. You really can see everything much better and it puts the VHS version to shame, then again nearly all DVDs put VHS to shame. For the audio we have a wonderful Dolby Digital 5.1 track which gives you a great cinematic viewing. With a screen big enough you`d think you were in the cinema, minus the sticky floors... Well depending on your living arrangements.

Feature wise we have plenty to go around. We have a feature length commentary with Mike Myers and the director Jay Roach which is good, although nothing special (unlike the commentaries to the "Evil Dead" movies - pure class). We also have some great deleted scenes which are mainly similar jokes to the ones in the film but used differently, although some would have been great in the film. We also have two teaser trailers, one theatrical trailer and a trailer for "Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery" and three music videos. These are all great quality and a good addition to the disc, something to mess around with when you`re bored. There are also notes on some cameo appearances throughout the film and a behind the scenes documentary. If you`re good enough to find the secret menu (not too hard) you`ll find some clips from the film which deal with Dr. Evil as well as some "Classic Evil Schemes Gone Awry".

You should now be able to find this disc cheap in all stores. My copy was £9.99 at Woolworths and I`ll bet it`s even cheaper at other stores. If you love quirky humour and plenty of spy film references then you`ll love this. Get it!
posted by Evil Disco Guy on 18/11/2001 15:03
10 / 10
This is one of the best DVD`s I have ever owned because the film is one of the best.

The Commentary by Jay Roach & Mike Myers is the tops.

The hidden Dr Evil extras are top with the Just the Two of Us song is very funny.

3 Music Videos are brillant including Lenny`s American Woman.

Deleted Scenes are brillant and the profiles are brillant to read.

One of the Best DVD`s I have ever seen in a long time.
posted by barry110 on 30/7/2002 14:49
9 / 10
An excellent film with a DVD to match.
posted by p$y on 9/8/2002 05:08
5 / 10
I`ve never liked this kind of humor, there`s a few fun gags, but mostly it just made me cringe, it took me three turns to finish watching this movie, and i usually never ever leave in the middle of a movie. A good production though and if this it you`r bag, it`s a good buy.
posted by NiM on 14/10/2002 17:04
8 / 10
Extremely funny film, although clearly not to everyone's taste. In my opinion one of the few films to be better than the original. Disc wise we're in for a bit of treat as well… video and audio are both very good. And we get a nice selection of extras with well designed menus… good stuff!
posted by Rich Davies on 19/11/2002 02:46
8 / 10
I didn`t enjoy the first film and was expecting nothing from this. I was very pleasantly suprised. This was great entertainment with lots of classic scenes that can be watched repeatedly.
Myers is great and introduces some great new characters, Mini Me and Felicity Shagwell.
The script is smart, witty and very funny. Time passes by and you have to give Myers credit.
The DVD is good as well and worth buying if you haven`t seen the film.
posted by morpheus177 on 5/1/2003 15:53
10 / 10
This is one of the best dvds available. This box office smash hit shortly became a comedy classic. It is quite simply hilarious. The cast are all great. This is the best installment in the series.
The picture is crisp, colourful and very sharp. The sound is fantastic and there are plenty of extras to boot. The music videos are great and there are easter eggs to keep you busy.
A must own dvd.
posted by dicanio on 9/2/2003 21:57
6 / 10
Well, here`s my two cents. I liked IMOM. I don`t know why, but there were some good Bond spoofs the first time I watched the film. Now we got TSWSM free with the DVD player, and I thought, well, I might enjoy it, so I put it on. I didn`t. I didn;t even see all of the film, I thought it was that bad. I really can`t describe why I thought it was bad, the only guess I can think of is that the humour and style was just far to over the top for me. I know many people enjoyed it, but it really is a film you should rent before you buy. Having said that, I`ve seen Goldmember, and I thought that was actually quite good, even if Dr. Evil is now about as funny as a punch in the face, and Fat Ba***rd is still in it unfortunately. I`d go as far as saying Goldmember is the best in the series in fact.

The style of TSWSM is very brash and all 60`s/70`s mad colours, and the transfer is quite good, very good in fact. All the colours come across well, and there are no blemishes to be seen at all. I might not have liked the film, but I can`t fault the picture.

The audio is just as good, with good clear dialogue and background music. No complaints again.

A nice packed disc too. A commentary which I only lisetned to a bit of, but it seemed OK. The deleted scenes are more of the same really, and there are some good character bios. The best bit on the disc was the song `Just the Two of Us` by Dr. Evil and Mini Me. Now that was funny, and was well worth watching. I`d just download it or something. I didn`t like the film and went and got a part exchange on Monty Python and The Holy Grail. Now that is a funny DVD.
posted by cartoonjonah on 5/6/2003 22:37