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    Added on: 19/1/2000 18:22
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    Ten Things I Hate About You (UK)

    6 / 10
    4 votes cast
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    How do I loathe thee? Let me count the ways
    Certificate: 12
    Running Time: 93 mins
    Retail Price: £15.99
    Release Date:

    A cool cast of young stars is just one of the things you`ll love about this hilarious comedy hit! On the first day at his new school, Cameron (Joseph Gordon-Levitt - `Halloween: H20`, TV`s `3rd Rock From The Sun`) instantly falls for Bianca (Larisa Oleynik - `The Baby-Sitters Club`), the gorgeous girl of his dreams!

    The only problem is that Bianca is forbidden to date... until her ill-tempered, completely un-dateable older sister Kat (Julia Stiles - `Wide Awake`) goes out, too! In an attempt to solve his problem, Cameron singles out the only bad-boy (Heath Ledger) with a nasty reputation of his own!

    Also featuring a hip soundtrack - this witty comedy is a wildly entertaining look at exactly how far some guys will go to get a date!

    Special Features:
    Interactive Menus
    Scene Access

    Video Tracks:
    Widescreen Anamorphic 1.85:1

    Audio Tracks:
    Dolby Digital 5.1 English

    Subtitle Tracks:
    CC: English

    Directed By:
    Gil Junger

    Written By:

    David Krumholtz
    Joseph Gordon-Levitt
    Heath Ledger
    Larisa Oleynik
    Julia Stiles

    Casting By:
    Donna Morong
    Marcia Ross
    Gail Goldberg

    Soundtrack By:
    Richard Gibbs

    Director of Photography:
    Mark Irwin

    O. Nicholas Brown

    Costume Designer:
    Kimberly A. Tillman

    Production Designer:
    Carol Winstead Wood

    Andrew Lazar
    Jody Hedien
    Greg Silverman

    Executive Producer:
    Seth Jaret
    Jeffrey Chernov

    Touchstone Pictures

    Your Opinions and Comments

    6 / 10
    This is amongst the best of last year`s "teen" movies. It`s a perfectly conceived, very charming and nicely acted remake of The Taming Of The Shrew. You already know the story so the plot holds no surprises and you know you won`t be getting a brain workout but you`ll still enjoy every second - and that`s quite an achievement.

    Ten Things is never less than thoroughly entertaining and is blessed with a foot-tapping soundtrack which is a perfect match for the on-screen action. To resurrect a cliche, a great night out - or in!

    All of which makes the quality of the picture on this DVD a disgrace. Why "a disgrace" rather than just the usual "disappointing" or "not up there with the best"? Because Buena Vista, the company that can`t spell anamorphic has decided that, on this transfer at least, punters will be just as happy with a huge dose of digital enhancement. You know what happens when you hit the sharpen button just once too often on a picture that you`ve just scanned in? Well that`s what we`ve been given here. In a sad and cynical attempt to fool people into thinking that this is a high quality transfer while saving a few dollars (and we really are talking a few dollars here), Buena Vista has produced a DVD which will have projector owners and anyone with a halfway decent RPTV reaching for the screwdriver. On the other hand, you won`t be taking your audio system to bits because the DD sound is just fine.

    Come on Buena Vista, wake up! This and many of your other titles deserve better than this. So do we, the people that buy the discs. Other companies can make decent transfers, why can`t you? This looks like it`s been done by a myopic ten year old.

    You know the really sad thing? It breaks my heart to say this but if you haven`t already seen Ten Things, you`re just going to have to go out and rent it. It`s worth it.
    posted by John K on 29/1/2000 20:07
    4 / 10
    Great film, but seriously lacking in features :-(
    posted by EllieHM on 4/2/2000 23:31
    7 / 10
    I agree with JohnK this is a good teen comedy, possibly the best in the last few years. Though not in the same league as the Breakfast club or Ferris Bueller...

    I disagree with JohnK about the picture quality. I think he`s talking about the R1 disc which is NOT anamorphic. The R2 disc IS anamorphic and the picture quality is just fine.

    The sound quality is pretty good (particularly the music) but there`s nothing here to show off your surround sound.

    The features are poor, just the basic scene access.
    posted by I. Merriman on 14/6/2000 20:18
    7 / 10
    A silly (yet original) growing up movie.
    Although it is labeled as a comedy, there`s hardly anything funny in it.
    The video transfer is ok. Flesh tones look natural and there are no compressions signs.
    The DD 5.1 includes a couple of songs, but that`s about it. I did not notice any usage of the surrounds.
    The menus are still and dull.
    There are no extras at all, but if you watch the end credit you could see a couple of funny outtakes.
    Bottom line - rent this movie only if you are really bored, or if your friends want to come over and watch a silly little growing up movie.
    posted by Zvi Josef on 31/10/2000 16:54