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American Pie 2 (Unrated, widescreen) (US)

8 / 10
3 votes cast
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This Summer It`s All About Sticking Together
Certificate: none
Running Time: 111 mins
Retail Price: $26.98
Release Date:

Here`s the pie you couldn`t see in theaters! This special unrated edition of American Pie 2 is the comedy hit you`ll want to watch again and again!

The characters you love are back! One year after the prom-night misadventures immortalized in American Pie, the entire gang has reunited for the summer. Now, an innocent-looking beach house will be transformed into the ultimate party central. Five guys will discover the powerful bonds of friendship… and Super Glue. Five girls will explore the mysteries of love… and the Rule of Three. And from late-night band camp encounters to some very accommodating next-door neighbors, this will be one summer vacation none of them will ever forget!

Special Features:
Interactive Menus
Scene Access
Special Making Of American Pie 2
Hilarious Outtakes And Deleted Scenes
Jason Biggs Warning: Don`t Try This At Home!
Star Screen Tests From The Original American Pie
Behind-The-Scenes Craziness With Stars
Viewers` Top Ten Scenes
Classic Movie Lines
3 Doors Down "Be Like That" Music Video and Music Highlights
Commentaries with the Director, Writer and Cast Members
Film Production Notes and Filmmaker Bios
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Video Tracks:
Widescreen Anamorphic 1.85:1

Audio Tracks:
Dolby Digital 5.1 English
DTS 5.1 English

Subtitle Tracks:
CC: English

Directed By:
James B. Rogers

Written By:

Eugene Levy
Thomas Ian Nicholas
Chris Klein
Shannon Elizabeth
Tara Reid
Natasha Lyonne
Alyson Hannigan
Jason Biggs

Casting By:
Michelle Morris
Joseph Middleton

Soundtrack By:
David Nessim Lawrence
Mike Dirnt
Tre Cool
Billie Joe Armstrong

Director of Photography:
Mark Irwin

Stuart H. Pappé
Larry Madaras

Costume Designer:
Alexandra Welker

Production Designer:
Richard Toyon

Warren Zide
Craig Perry
Chris Moore
Stefan Frank
Chris Bender
Jane Bartelme

Executive Producer:
Paul Weitz
Chris Weitz
Adam Herz

Universal Pictures

Your Opinions and Comments

7 / 10
The sequel. Or is it? Oh, it is? So where`s the pie?
Basically, this rarely funny comedy is just an excuse for having a sequel. Sure, it has some laughs, but basically it`s not a good movie.
The version on the disk is said to be "unrated", but don`t expect anything more than some very mild nudity.
Biggs, who`s suppose to be the lead actor, had obviously gained some weight (5-10 kilos, I`d say) and no longer looks "young and innocent".
The video transfer is good. There are no compression signs and the picture is clear of scratches and dust particles. But where`s the pie?
The DTS and DD 5.1 soundtracks are both good. While there are not that many sound effects in the movie, the surrounds are used during the loud music scenes (plenty of those).
The menus are animated with sound.
The extras include 4 (!!!) commentaries, a couple of behind the scenes featurettes, 7 deleted scenes, several funny outtakes, a music video, a best scene chart, a nice Easter egg and some very cool DVD-ROM features. Guys - pay attention to the preview. ;)
Bottom line - if you liked the original, you`d have no problems with this one.
posted by Zvi Josef on 15/1/2002 20:36
9 / 10
This is a totally hilarious sequel which is as good as(if not better) than the original. Basically the movie is about moving on. The guys rent a summer home by the beach and basically have a wild time earning money. A fun summer movie with a great soundtrack.

The picture is clean, sharp and very colorful, bringing out summer on the screen. Nothing spectacular though nothing wrong.

The sound is great. I dont have DTS but the 5.1 is fab and brings the soundtrack to life.
The commentaries are great.(havent listened to all of them but did skip thru em all). Deleted scenes and outtakes were very good. There are some music vids and other stuff. Great value really.

An absolutely hilarious movie that is a must own.
posted by dicanio on 10/3/2003 22:56