Review for WWE Drew McIntyre: The Best of WWE's Scottish Warrior

8 / 10

Drew McIntyre seemed like he had all the opportunities going. He was selected by Mr McMahon as 'The Chosen One' and it seemed like he would be destined for greatness. It took him over a decade to achieve that and many ups and downs along the way. This set is simply a collection of eight matches. No introduction other than a short opening montage that reveals every match outcome. This is a little bizarre and maybe even just that introduction from McMahon would have been better than nothing.

Drew McIntyre against John Morrison for the Intercontinental Championship is a great early match by him and it is so surprising to see the young McIntyre. Both are great and this was typical of the mid-card, but there are glimpses of him being great.

Against The Undertaker from Smackdown is almost a squash match and definitely not a highlight of McIntyre's career and so not sure why this was included. After this, nothing is given until his return to NXT. This is not surprising, but the time jump is almost whiplash effect and you do wonder what he was doing during this time.

His match against Bobby Roode for the NXT Title was just fabulous. Both are amazing and like a lot of early NXT matches it was just perfectly paced and there were some great moments from the both of them.

His next match was a Raw match against Kurt Angle which was so odd, but a wonderfully technical match between the two. I had no memory of this and so I was pleasantly surprised by it.

I'm surprised that they included the entire Royal Rumble match and not just from Drew's entrance at Number Sixteen. This would have given more time for a few more matches. However, this was a fantastic Royal Rumble with some of the best eliminations I have seen.

His match against Brock Lesnar at Wrestlemania for the WWE Championship felt a little underwhelming. This was the start of the Covid-WWE period and so I can almost forgive this, but it didn't feel as great as it should. As someone who is half-Scottish, the ending was perfect. Speaking of perfection, we have his match at Summerslam against Randy Orton. I was never a fan of Orton, but I have to say I respect how good he is in the ring and it is a shame that the build to the match wasn't as good as the match itself. However, definitely one of the best matches from either of them.

Finally, we have the simply painful match at Royal Rumble against Goldberg. I remember watching this thinking 'If Goldberg wins, I will be switching off'. Thankfully he doesn't and it's not a bad match, just not a very good one either.

When I first received this set, I was convinced that I had lost a disk. This set really needed more for it to mean something. As a selection of matches it is fine, and if this was the disk of matches that accompanied a documentary, I would have had no problem with it. It is surprising that they didn't just use the the WWE 24 documentary Drew McIntyre: The Chosen One, coupled with the interview he did with Stone Cold Steve Austin. This would have made it a must-have item. Instead, this is just eight matches, none awful by any stretch, but only a couple that are really worth watching again.

However, if you are a fan of Drew McIntyre, and he is one of the best in the WWE at the moment, there is a lot of enjoy on this, just don't expect to learn anything new.

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