Review for Paige - Iconic Matches

6 / 10

Paige is an icon of WWE Women's Wrestling. She is no doubt going to be in the Hall of Fame at some point and it is such a shame that injury has cut short her career. Thankfully, she has been able to carry on in the spotlight with her GM role, but watching this disk makes me miss the old Paige in the ring. With the film of her life 'Fighting With My Family' it is not surprising that WWE would like to remind us (as if we had forgotten) just how great Paige was from NXT to the WWE main roster.

From NXT we have the NXT Women's Championship Tournament Final against Emma which is a great match and it is so great to see how NXT developed their women wrestlers. This is a great match and the ending was amazing, especially when you see all the current women who are such significant players in the WWE now.

Obviously, her Raw debut defeating AJ Lee is here and and it is worth it for the opening promo. Man I miss AJ Lee. The match is nothing special, but still great for the moment. Her match against AJ Lee at Summerslam 2014 is a much better match with more back and forth, but they worked so well together.

They also worked well as a team teaming together to go against The Bellas at Wrestlemania 31. The match felt a bit too rushed and the Bellas are awful and this felt more like an eye-candy match.

Finally, we have her against Sasha Banks from Raw 2017. This one of the last matches she had before she was forced to retire due to injury (incidently caused by Sasha Banks). I found this match to be a little hard to watch. I still can't believe that someone as clumsy and (in my opinion) dangerous in the ring like Sasha Banks is still able to wrestle. Paige has had better matches.

Considering she has retired, it is surprising that WWE has not just gone all out on a proper documentary set for her. As it is, this felt like a placeholder disk and one that only the biggest fans of Paige would want. If you are a fan of Paige then you will enjoy it and if you want a quick look at how good she was in the ring there is definitely a lot to enjoy. The matches on here are fine, but with only an hour of footage it is a shame that they did not include maybe a few extra ones to fill to disk to make it more worthwhile.

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