Review for WWE Money In The Bank 2018

6 / 10

Money in the Bank is one of the pivotal PPVs for the WWE. Much like the Royal Rumble it gives a hint at what plans the company has for the rest of the year. It is usually a PPV I look forward to, but after last year’s embarrassing glass ceiling shattering by James Ellsworth winning the Women’s Money in the Bank I had hopes that this would be an improvement.

Not again!?!

I feel like when I said Backlash was a terrible PPV that whoever booked Money in the Bank went ‘Hold my Beer. I have an ace up my sleeve.”

And that ace is James Ellsworth?!?

So now both Charlotte and Carmella have wins over the previously undefeated and untouched Asuka. This match started bad, the middle was awful and the ending made me scream so much that I actually considered quitting altogether.

You would not believe how annoyed I was that WWE would do this again?

Thankfully he wasn’t involved in the Money in the Bank match which was a great match between Sasha Banks, Becky Lynch, Alexa Bliss, Ember Moon, Lana, Naomi, Natalya and Bayley. I was happy with the ending. Though it did make the Raw Women’s match feel very predictable. As to that match, Nia Jax against Ronda Rousey in her first singles match was pretty up and down. It started awful, the middle was fantastic and then there was the ending. I think Rousey still has a while to go before I can call her good, but I have to admire how she is in the ring. The ending was predictable, which is a shame.

The rest of the PPV was just average at best. Seth Rollins against Elias was good, but nothing memorable. Though as it went I was made more and more aware of how much they both look like each other and this is probably something WWE will either make into a stupid storyline or ignore. Big Cass against Daniel Bryan was better than last time, but not by much. Big Cass’s real-life firing the next day meant this was going nowhere anyway. Roman Reigns against Jinder Mahal was just WWE putting someone we hated against someone we hated even more in an attempt to force us to cheer for Reigns because we hate Mahal? Bravo WWE! Bobby Lashley destroys Sami Zayn to thankfully end their Gooker-worthy feud.

Thankfully we finally get an amazing match between AJ Styles and Shinsuke Nakamura in a Last Man Standing match. This was the match I have been begging for since they announced they would face at Wrestlemania. This was a great match beginning to end.

Thankfully (despite my belief that the WWE Champion should have main evented) we had the Men’s Money in the Bank which was a great match between Braun Strowman, Finn Bálor, Kevin Owens, Kofi Kingston, Rusev, Samoa Joe, and The Miz. All had some great moments and all looked like they could win it. This was booked expertly and the ending was fantastic.

One of the things that has to be commented on, was how long this PPV was. When I got the two disks I was shocked and could not believe that this PPV would have to be stretched over two disks, but thankfully they do give a few extras including the great match between The Bludgeon Brothers against Gallows and Anderson which was a pretty good match from them all. Also included is the great interaction between Alexa Bliss and Ronda Rousey which was fantastic too. I was surprised they would include a few extra matches too from Raw and Smackdown and so maybe if the PPVs have to be stretched over two disks then this is one of the few benefits from this.

However, Money in the Bank was not a great PPV by any stretch. Both of the Money in the Bank and the WWE Championship were great, but the surrounding awfulness of this PPV made it almost unwatchable. When you consider how much effort they made in promoting Ronda Rousey’s first match you would have thought it would have been better than this. As for the rest all I can say is if I ever see James Ellsworth again I may consider quitting watching forever.

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