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    Review for The Windsors: Royal Wedding Special

    Prince Harry and Meghan are about to get married and Charles has flown to America to meet her Mom who is obsessed with her daughter not joining the Royal Family and staying an independent woman. Across the pond jealous Pippa plans to sabotage Kate by making her look awful for the big day 'My one duty is to look thin' and of course Camilla is working her tentacles to try and sabotage the wedding completely.

    This leads to madness with Harry trying to resist his urges to party and of course we all know what happens when Harry parties. Will they get married or will it be a disaster?

    The Windsors is the best example of parody of the Royal Family since Spitting Image. This special to coincide with the actual wedding of Harry and Meghan is even funnier. I found myself thinking 'This is not far off from the truth' a few too many times.

    Everyone was wonderful as always and Harry Enfield was great as Charles. Personally, I think this should have been longer or the final episode of another series as it felt like they condensed at least a series worth of great material into one episode and because of that most of the jokes were short and sweet. The Jeremy Corbyn and Beatrice hilarious storyline felt a little rushed and could have been so much better.

    That being said, I still loved this and laughed more than I have at most comedy shows. I loved every second and though I wanted more I was still satisfied with what I was given. Even if I must admit I wish they had waited until after so they could have parodied the sermon from the real thing.

    It is disappointing that the only extra is a short photo gallery and if this had been all I do wish they had done more with this and done more outrageous and ridiculous pictures from the wedding. Other than that, there is nothing else and in some ways I wish they had just left the release until the next series as they did with the previous set. Because of that it is not really essential to own unless you want a physical copy of it.

    The Windsors: Royal Wedding Special is a bit like the plates and cups created the commemorate the real thing. Not really necessary, but nice to have. If you are a fan of the series you will love this and it is definitely worth a watch, but I would wait until it's included on another set to make it more worthwhile.

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