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    Review for The Windsors Complete Series 1 and 2 and Christmas Special

    10 / 10

    The Windsors is one of the funniest shows I have ever watched. A satire on the Royal Family we see a surreal version of what life could (and quite possibly is) for various members of the Royal Family.

    This includes Prince Charles with his conniving wife Camilla who will stop anyone who gets in her way to being Queen. Popular Royal darlings, Will and his gypsy-wife Kate. Illiterate and always confused Harry and his dealings with the seductive and jealous Pippa, who has 'an amazing arse'.

    Also appearing is Prince Edward, a drunken mess still wanting to get into the Entertainment business. Princess Eugenie and Beatrice and her ostracised mother Fergie. The only Royals who don't appear are the Queen and Prince Philip, although he does send hilarious 'F word' laden letters to them from time to time.

    The set includes Series 1 and 2 and the Christmas special and is a show that gets better with every episode. The stories include Harry preparing for a ball, while Will wants to become a helicopter pilot to Charle's horror 'This isn't the Dutch Royal Family... This is the real thing!' Kate catching Ebola. Wills decides to call a referendum to abolish the Royal family 'This isn't a General Election. This actually matters!' This results in a Hunger Games-style way to get rid of the minor royals while George Osborne tries to sell the country off to the Chinese... sort of.

    The Christmas episode is a mix of Jane Eyre and Christmas Carol which is great and also includes a crazy Christmas Music Video by Beatrice and Eugenie. Kate is stuck with making Christmas dinner with Camilla making it as difficult for her as possible and Prince Charles having to do the Queen's Speech in which he declares war on the EU.

    Once we are into Series 2 we see Theresa May and Donald Trump make appearances and Harry has a dilemma over his relationship with Meghan Markle. We see a discovery of Charles' identical twin brother and the shock that Kate is still married to a gypsy who sold her for a drink. With the discovery of a new Magna Carta, can Charles become absolute king? What world leader would be so mad to allow that?

    What is so great about this show is the satire is so over the top that it can't be taken seriously. Sometimes, the best satire is just taking one aspect of a character and stretching it to absurdity. The idea of Kate and Pippa being gypsies is amazing and the sight of Kate fighting with Camilla is probably one we all wanted to see in real life. The cast look just enough like their real life counterparts for you to know exactly who everyone is and their performances are perfect.

    The Windsors is one of the best comedy shows I have seen in a long time. I have never laughed and smiled so much while watching and there were some absolutely amazing moments throughout. It is a shame that our Royal family is not as entertaining as they are in this show, but if it is true about the rumours that Prince William is a fan then it would be amazing that they are able to laugh at themselves. I would recommend this to everyone who enjoys clever comedy and understands that this is not mean-spirited but a jolly good right royal laugh.

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