Review for WWE Night of Champions 2013

Look at the cover of this DVD and you know what the first thing I will say is.

So to avoid being predictable, Night of Champions is one of the best concepts for a PPV. When WWE will very rarely even acknowledge that the Tag, IC or US belts exist on PPV it is nice when you have a PPV where (or at least the original concept had you believe) every match was a championship match. The past few years it has dwindled down to a couple of matches and the PPV has just been like every other one. This year they almost made a return to the old style. ALMOST. There is still one match that is not championship related and I always say that if it's not for a championship, at least make it for a titleshot so that it has some connection.

This PPV is so uneven it hurts to even think about it. The only match that I would say is worth the watch is the main event that features Randy Orton defending his WWE Championship belt against Daniel Bryan (remember that cover, I'll be coming back to that in a second). This is a pretty good match and though I don't think the pair worked well together, the match itself was entertaining and it did have a pretty good ending and when you consider how much I hated the ending of the previous PPV you have to wonder why WWE did that in the first place?

The US and IC matches are fine in general. Dean Ambrose against Dolph Ziggler was good, though you do wonder what Ziggler did to go from being world champion, to having a hot angle with AJ Lee to... this? Curtis Axel against Kofi Kingston was fine and certainly a great way to start the PPV. The tag match between The Shield and Prime Time Players was just too short to be great. However, they do include as an extra the Tag Team Turmoil match that occured before the PPV which featured The Prime Time Players, Tons of Funk, Usos, 3MB and The Real Americans which was for this title match. To be honest, if they had just added The Shield to the match it probably would have been my match of the night.

RVD against Alberto Del Rio for the World Heavyweight Championship could and should have been my match of the night. It pains me to say that, because it involves one of my least favourite wrestlers at the moment. But thankfully WWE messed it up and so what should have been great was merely average and not the match I had been expecting.
Miz against Fandango had no championships of any kind, no title shots, no nothing. For me it was just a fine wrestling match and an excuse to look at Fandango's gorgeous partner Summer Rae. The Divas Four way which featured AJ lee, Natalya, Brie Bella and Naomi could be summed up with a sentence I have used many times 'the entrances are longer than the match... and probably more entertaining.'

Of course you are all expecting me to say match of the night was CM Punk against Curtis Axel and Paul Heyman. But it isn't. This is almost a TV match in terms of quality and it pains me to say that a match involving CM Punk was boring and almost unwatchable???

So that brings me to that cover. Yes you see the cover with Daniel Bryan holding the WWE Title in victory. You know I write these reviews trying not to give away results (where possible). It would be like reviewing a film and saying 'so when it turns out Bob is the killer it really gets you at the end'. You don't want to know that. All you want to know is: Is it good?

Now, I understand that WWE work on the idea that we all know who won the match, but considering the championships change hands (apart from CM Punk's reign) more times than I change socks it would be difficult to remember who was a champion at a certain PPV. Anyone remember who was WWE Champion at Elimination Chamber? Anyone? I would guess it was CM Punk, but who knows? (It was actually The Rock, but even that I had to go back and look up?)

WWE needs to either fire their art department or just forget about releasing these DVDs whose main purpose is so you can watch it again. I mean yes I know the twist in The Sixth Sense or The Empire Strikes Back or Saw. I don't need them on the cover to spoil it??? Because why would I want to watch a match when I already know who won?

Ok rant over.

Night of Champions 2013 is a waste of a PPV. Nothing happens. Nothing is moved forward and if you know what happened the next night on Raw you will know that even one of the best moments is thrown in the bin. Why did WWE even bother? There is nothing on the PPV that I would recommend to watch again and it's sad to say, but that includes a CM Punk match too??

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