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Added by: Alan Titherington
Added on: 3/4/2011 21:17
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Strauss, R: Elektra (Thielemann)

10 / 10
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Recorded live in Jan/Feb, 2010
Certificate: N/A
Running Time: c.126 mins
Retail Price: £24.99
Release Date:
Content Type: Musical Recording

The richness and intensity of Richard Stauss's masterful one-act opera. in herbert Wernicke's compelling production, vividly portrays the relentless pursuit and ecstatic realisation of vengeance.

Linda Watson, as a merciless Elektra, joins Jane Henschel as Klytämnestra and Manuela Uhl as Chrysothemis to head a magnificent cast which see commanding performances also from Albert Dohman and René Kollo.

The Munich Philharmonic, under the direction of Christian Thielemann, brilliantly captures the score's demands for overwhelming power and finely balanced delicacy throughout.

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Your Opinions and Comments

Excellent ELEKTRA admired on DVD & live.
Your review is valuable because of the large images included
Mine is at
and wish you good surfing there for many other operas on DVD
posted by musicalpointer on 26/4/2011 08:53
10 / 10
Thanks for taking the time to read the review. It is certainly a fantastic performance (with an excellent transfer onto DVD). Thanks also for the link to the musicalpointers selection - always good to have a variety of opintion to muse upon! I'm very familiar with the site, and consider it a very useful place to learn about unfamiliar works. If there's any chance of slipping in a link to my own review then that would be great :-)
posted by Alan Titherington on 26/4/2011 11:14
Have already done so re your Ercole Amante, which chanced to "introduce" me to myReviewer, and agree that cross-links can only help everyone  - impressed by your inclusion of large size images, which I'v never risked; more than a dozen of them (is there a c. issue?). 
See my rev of that one DVD at
posted by musicalpointer on 26/4/2011 11:46
10 / 10
Thanks very much for that! (I had often wondered whether things were being read to be honest :p) I've actually been meaning to check with the powers-that-be on whether we are able to link to external reviews (can't really see a problem msyelf, but will have to confirm) of the same item, but if I can then I'll definitely return the favour! Should be relatively straightforward to do this retrospectively as well.

As for the images, I've not had any problem with Opus Arte. Their press office certainly don't appear to mind at least. I use VLC Media Player (free software) on my computer to grab as many screenshots as I fancy, and those not included in the review sit there on the right hand side ready for 'expansion' should anyone want to see what else is going on.

posted by Alan Titherington on 26/4/2011 12:05