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9 / 10


I suppose when it comes to a 'Best of' DVD it all depends whether you agree with what is described as 'the best.' Well when it comes to UFC: Best of 2009 there is just that much on this two disc set that there will be something to please everyone.

There is just so much on this disc that you cannot help but be satisfied, but alternatively you also cannot help to be disappointed that certain fights or topics didn't make the cut.

 What we do get is a run-down on welterweight champion George St. Pierre, the contenders to his throne, a tribute to the retiring (although we soon found out he wasn't) Chuck Liddell, and then a number of fights which range from the outright boring, Matt Hughes vs. Matt Serra to some absolute wars, Carlos Condit vs. Jake Ellenberger, Nate Quarry vs. Tim Credeur.

It's a similar story on the second disc. This time we go through the two series of The Ultimate Fighter that took place in 2009 before taking a look at the lightweight at heavyweight divisions, with some more fights mixed in.


Video is presented in 4:3 PAL and this DVD looks great. The picture quality is excellent and the menus are easy to navigate.


Audio is 2.0 Dolby Digital and, apart from some dodgy music on the menu screens, everything is excellent. No complaints here.

Bonus Material

You're a fight fan, so what bonus would you like on a fight DVD? That's right, more fights! And that is exactly what we are treated to here. On the first disc we get three fights that easily could have made it on to the main chapters, GSP vs. BJ Penn, Dan Hardy vs. Mike Swick and Jon Jones vs. Stephan Bonnar.

On the second disc we are treated to even more fights, five extra lightweight fights, including BJ Penn's championship bout with Kenny Florian.

There is also a behind-the-scenes extra on the second disc. It is a feature which is not dissimilar to the one which comes on all UFC event DVDs. This time we go behind the scenes in some of biggest bouts featured on the DVD, and some not featured on the DVD. It involves a lot on how the fighters prepare game plans for their bouts, which is always interesting to any fight fan.

The other 'extra' on the DVD set is the 'jump to fight' feature. This allows you to watch the DVD through but put the bonus fights in and watch them when they are relevant. It is a pretty cool extra which helps if you like watching the DVD in one long viewing rather then floating around to different chapters.


You will always find people who will pick faults with 'Best of' DVDs. It is all open to interpretation and opinion. But what we do have here is a great DVD packed full of awesome fights and highlights.

There could have been more, the five round championship fight between Shogun and Machida would have made my personal cut. There could have been a feature on some of the younger up and comers in the UFC. But it certainly seems like nit-picking to be criticising this DVD when there is just so much on it.

It also has to be mentioned that the UFC did well to include fights such as Quarry vs. Credeur which, as it happened at at Fight Night event rather than a huge pay-per-view, wouldn't have gained as much exposure but certainly deserved to be spoken of as one of the best fights of the year. Ditto Condit vs. Ellenberger.

And then there were some of the true all time classics. Sanchez vs. Guida and Couture vs. Nogueira spring to mind. These bouts were must see fights that if you didn't catch them the first time round then you owe yourself, as a fight fan, to watch them on this DVD.

The extras, more fights, are also very good. In my book you couldn't offer the viewer a better extra than an extra fight. The behind-the-scenes segment is also a decent watch and the jump-to-fight mode is useful, if not crucial.

All in all this is a snip at £17.99. 2009 was a great year for fight fans, and with all the great bouts on this DVD, you can see why.

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