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The Best of Never Mind the Buzzcocks (DVD Details)

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The Best of Never Mind the Buzzcocks

7 / 10

Now, there are many of you picking up this DVD who are thinking 'The best? But it's only a one disk two hour or so DVD? Surely for a show that has been on since 1996, that's ten plus years of music-based hilarity?'
Sadly, this disk really should have made it clear that this is more or less 'Best of Simon Amstell on Never Mind the Buzzcocks' and ignores the fact that the show existed before he joined and that there was no such person as Mark Lamarr. This is kind of sad, as a two or three disk set going from the beginning to now would have been a must have item, this one centres solely on whether you enjoy Amstell or not. If you like him and his put downs this disk is for you, if you hate him and only watch for Phill Jupitus or Bill Bailey I'd put this box down now.
The set is split into four sections which is a little bizarre and I would have preferred just a simply 'best of' for two hours instead of having to swap to another section every twenty-thirty minutes or so. A 'Play All' would have also helped this.
'Imagine a Mildly Amusing Panel Show' is a spoof of the Alan Yentob 'Imagine' series, this is actually presented by Alan Yentob and this adds a unique bit of fun to this as it splices clips from the show with a put down interview with Amstell. These clips include the amazingly disgusting performance by Amy Winehouse and the wonderful walk off by Preston.
'A Moving Tribute' is a spoof look at Amstell quitting the show after being told he's 'not as good as Patrick Kielty' again spliced with clips from the show including Moby, Noel Fielding and Mark Ronson.
'Technically the Best Series Ever' is again clips from the show with also a spoof look behind the scenes of how a show is created. This could have been funny, but sadly falls flat as an almost sub-par episode of The Office.
'Exclusive DVD Extra' is again more clips and features a commentary by Amstell and Phill Jupitus. This includes many of the between segment jokes that never made the cut for one reason or another including a very dark joke about Kylie's cancer and clips from the Russell Brand episode that was pulled from airing altogether. The commentary which comes in and out was a little odd and even they comment that most of the time DVDs give you an option about whether you listen or not. I wish I had been given that choice too as the irreverent comments by Jupitus and Amstell didn't exactly add anything to it.
The Best of Never Mind the Buzzcocks is an ok DVD, but really could have been a whole lot better. As a 'Best of Simon Amstell' it is fine, though as it is only two hours of footage, they could have put in one or two episodes such as the Preston episode or the unaired Russell Brand episode in full. Sadly, that's not to be. An Easter Egg of 'Phill's 'phabulous' Interactive Quiz' could have been a great idea, but it was ruined in favour of a joke that wasn't really that funny. If this had been a retrospective of the whole show it may have been essential to own, as it is, it's something I may watch again, but won't be something I watch repeatedly. Maybe a few more clips of the show instead of the forced 'behind the scenes' comedy would have made this better.

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