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    Chanbara Beauty

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    Babes, Bikinis, Blades, Guns and Zombies
    Certificate: 18
    Running Time: 86 mins
    Retail Price: £17.99
    Release Date:
    Content Type: Movie

    Based on the hit Japanese video game series "The Onechanbara", the directorial debut feature from cinematographer Yohei Fukuda (Grotesque), CHANBARA BEAUTY stars Eri Otoguro (Vampire Girl vs. Frankenstein Girl; Shutter), Tomohiro Waki (Initial D - Drift Racer) and Taro Suwa (End Call; The Machine Girl) in a pulse pounding action-horror extravaganza that entertainingly delivers the goods from the get-go.

    It's the near future and the majority of the world's population has been transformed into flesh-eating zombies by a virus created by mad scientist, Dr. Sugita (Suwa). Attempting the level the score of humans vs. zombies is Aya (Otoguru), a beautiful samurai assassin with a minimalist dress code and a fondness for very sharp blades who is searching for her younger sister, Saki (Chise Nakamura), missing since she murdered her and Aya's father. Accompanying Aya is Katsuji, a well-meaning but somewhat bumbling and cowardly guy whose own sister has been kidnapped by Sugita. During the search for their respective siblings, they are joined by a gun-wielding, leather clad biker girl named Reiko (Manami Hashimoto), who has lost her young daughter to the zombie plague and is now seeking her own revenge on the one responsible, namely Sugita.

    Slashing and blasting their way across the country through a mire of zombie gore as they progress ever close to their goal, the trio are seemingly unstoppable in their quest. That is until they meet Aya's equal and now arch-nemesis, Saki, who is now in the evil employ of the psychotic scientist with plans on taking over the world by means of a zombie army.

    Special Features:
    Making Of Featurette

    Video Tracks:
    1.85:1 anamorphic widescreen

    Audio Tracks:
    Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround Japanese
    Dolby Digital 2.0 Stereo Japanese

    Subtitle Tracks:

    Directed By:
    Yôhei Fukuda

    Written By:

    Eri Otoguro
    Tomohiro Waki
    Tarô Suwa
    Manami Hashimoto
    Chise Nakamura
    Ai Hazuki
    Satoshi Hakuzen
    Hiroaki Kawatsure
    Sari Kurauchi
    Tomoya Nagai
    Tetsu Watanabe

    Music From:
    Chika Fujino
    Hideki Ikari

    Director of Photography:
    Yôhei Fukuda

    Production Designer:
    Tomoya Imai

    Visual Effects:
    Tsuyoshi Kazuno

    Masanori Kawashima
    Ryô Murata
    Hideyuki Sakurai
    Kyôsuke Ueno

    Executive Producer:
    Shunsuke Yamada
    Takafumi Ôhashi
    Hideo Tsujihata

    Manga Entertainment

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