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The Thought Criminals precede the release of second album You're A Moral Liability with new single All The Freaks.  Since the release of debut album Die Young: Stay Pretty, the band have lost two of their number and have regrouped around core members keyboardist Kirlian Blue and vocalist Rocky.
All The Freaks isn't too much of a deviation from previous single releases in that it is a catchy synth/dance number that is geared towards the dance floor but is also quite radio friendly both lyrically and musically, which wasn't quite the case with Suicide Bomber (still one of the catchiest songs I've heard in a long time…).
Both remixes are geared solidly for the dancefloor but also recognisably retain the chorus and overall vibe of the track.  I'm not normally a fan of modern remixes, I can't remember any by Depeche Mode for example that I've liked, but these two are very good.  My litmus test for remixes is whether I would skip over them or refuse to play them, and I find that I'm quite happy to listen to both without getting bored.
The Acapella track is really the vocal track with gaps where the music would be, and would be a useful resource for anyone wanting to put together remixes of the track.  What is particularly pleasing about this track is that you can tell just how good the vocal performance is without any of the synth magic to cover any flaws that may have been present.  Strong performance from Rocky.
Promising appetiser for the new album.

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