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    Review for Invasion from Planet Wrestletopia: Date with Destiny! and Two Worlds Enter, One Leaves!

    9 / 10

    Invasion from Planet Wrestletopia is a new series of comic books with art by Dan Schkade, colors by Marissa Louise and lettering by A Larger World Studios. Designed by Fred Chao. Created & Written by award-winning writers Matt Entin & Ed Kuehnel.

    The meeting of this group of people has been able to open a can of whoop ass on the comic book world, shine up nice and stick it straight up… well you know the rest. There is a wonderful crossover feel to this comic, merging the worlds of wrestling and science fiction with the comic book aesthetic.

    The story is simple. A wrestler Rory Landell is not happy with his position in the wrestling company, considering their best worker is an actual bear, this is not surprising. Trying to find something that makes him unique and ‘cute’ he cuts a promo and declares himself ‘Galactic Champion of the Universe’. This is seen by an alien planet of Wrestletopia as an act of war.

    When the alien race arrive, after first putting a steel cage around the earth they challenge Rory to a battle or the two planets will put into a Regal Rumble to determine who is actually the Universe’s true champion.

    I will be brutally honest, when I was given this comic I had flashbacks to the awful 1990s Warrior comics. If you have never read them, feel happy with this, as it was a mess of awful artwork, nonsensical storylines and general rambling from The Ultimate Warrior. Thankfully, this is a great story that captures the backstage feel to the wrestling world without being too inside that only ‘Marks’ would understand it.

    If you are a wrestling fan you will enjoy the wrestling action and it works well within the comic. This is the kind of thing which would make an amazing interactive or animated comic and hopefully if the whole concept takes off it could lead to an animated series. The characters are interesting and look great, the dialogue is authentic and these are clearly people who have absorbed the lexicon of the squared circle and everything feels authentic. There is also a Guardians of the Galaxy feel to the intergalactic elements which I thought may be jarring, but in the wild and wacky world of wrestling this fits just perfect.

    This is a great comic and I cannot wait for the next few issues. This will hopefully be a series that continues on and on and with the resurgence in popularity in wrestling interest with the All Elite Wrestling (Who are always talking attending comic conventions and things) maybe this can be something they can work on to get them involved.

    So let me tell you something reader, if you are a fan of wrestling, comics, science-fiction or all three, then this will be a laying the smackdown on your reading time if you smell what I’m cooking. And that’s the bottom line, because I said so… Brother!

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