Review for WWE Royal Rumble 2022

I love the Royal Rumble and every year I feel like I am let down. This year has been a few ups and down, but overall I have to admit that I really enjoyed this event and rewatching it was a great experience.

First, it wouldn’t be a WWE PPV without the bad parts and really with only four matches and the two Rumbles this would just be nitpicking. Becky Lynch against Doudrop was fine, but nothing special. The mixed tag match between real-life couple Edge/Beth Phoenix against Miz/Maryse had a fantastic build and the match was fine and it is always great to see everyone involved, but not very memorable.

The two Championship matches were great with Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins almost stealing the show with some great psychology and call backs to their The Shield days. The only thing with this match is that as they are both in a Heel role I’m not sure who to cheer for. Brock Lesnar against Bobby Lashley was a great smash mouth match with a shocking ending which is amazing.

Of the two Rumbles I would say they were both enjoyable and certainly had their moments. However, I think that there were not many surprises throughout mainly relying on surprise entrants especially the return of Mickie James. This was a stunning move as she was the Impact Wrestling Women’s Champion and was even described as such. I know that Impact is not the competitor they were ten years ago, but still shocking. The winner or the return of the winner was amazing and I was not upset by them winning.

For the men’s match the main shock was the epic fail by Kofi Kingston which was odd, bit also a shame. The winner was out if nowhere and i could not believe it and yet I was still happy with the outcome. This is the sign of a great Royal Rumble.

The Special Features are a mixture of segments from Raw and Smackdown and are fine in general, but nothing special. These are not things that will be watched more than once.

Royal Rumble 2022 was a great PPV and one of the best Rumbles I have watched for a long time and for someone who loves this event it was a perfect start to the road to Wrestlemania.

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