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    6 / 10

    Russian policeman Ivan Danko is trying to catch a Georgian drug kingpin Viktor Rostavili who after a failed raid escapes to America. Here he is arrested and Danko travels to USA to bring him back. Meeting Chicago cop Art Ridzik who acts as his 'Minder' and accompanies him to pick him up. During the transport he is ambushed and Rostavili escapes killing Ridzik's partner in the process.

    Teaming up, Danko and Ridzik have to put aside the prejudices brought on by the Cold War and work together to bring Rostavili to justice.

    Red Heat is a strange film. Made in the 1980s, this was the height of Arnold Schwarzenegger's prominence. It seemed like every year there was a new film starring 'Arnie', but this 1988 film is probably the weakest of this batch. The buddy-copy feel that Writer/Director perfected in the film 48 Hours misses its mark with the pairing of Arnie and James Belushi. It is neither funny enough or dramatic enough to work. The film feels like it meanders though what is a very threadbare plot and one that is barely memorable and few scenes that have any impact. The opening nude/snow/fight scene is probably the only memorable one and that is still not saying much.

    This Bluray contains a number of Special Features. Many of these are just too short, which is a shame and I do wish a 'Play All' feature was available. 'I'm Not Russian, But I Play One On TV' is an interview with Ed O'Ross who plays Rostavili. This was a quick reflection from him on making the film. 'A Stuntman For All Seasons' is a tribute to Benny Dobbins who died during the making of the film. His work in action films and this one is looked at and he seems to have been a great guy to work with. 'Political Context of Red Heat' is a quick look at the making of the film which was before the fall of the Soviet Union and boy can you tell which is looked at as well in the 'East Meets West' look at the creation of the film.

    'Arnold Schwarzenegger- The Man Who Raised Hollywood' is an overview of Arnie's career with interviews with a number of people. This was probably the best feature and really showed just how much of an impact he has made over the years. An original 'Making of' from the time is great to see the friendship between Schwarzenegger and Belushi off camera and this was a good way to promote the film. Finally we have the Original Trailer which really could have been 'Highlight Reel' and proof that in the 1980s they knew how to create a trailer.

    Red Heat is an entertaining film at times, but just wasn't as great as many of Arnie's films from the 1980s. If you want a great comedy, this isn't it, if you want a great action films, this isn't it either. It is slighty mediocre, which is a shame as it has so much promise from everyone involved, but if you are a fan of Schwarzenegger you may enjoy it. Just a shame that the heat has cooled from this 1980s film.

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    I loved this, genuinely one of my fav 80's movies due in large part to Belushi who I thought bounced of Arnie superbly when there weren't many stars who could steal a scene from him.
    posted by mbilko on 16/10/2019 20:22