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Mission Impossible 1-5 (Blu-ray Details)

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Now here’s a franchise that has passed me by. I watched the first Mission Impossible film in the cinema back in 1996. Yes, 21 years ago, back when the boy-faced Tom Cruise was still working on his second set of teeth. I found enough to enjoy about it to go through the usual path of VHS to DVD in my collection, but when it came to the second film, directed by John Woo, I wound up dismissing it as stylistic twaddle. But they are making the sixth Mission Impossible movie right now. Now that’s a franchise with some legs. Two decades of Tom Cruise as Ethan Hunt! He’s no Ken Barlow but that’s still pretty impressive given the bone shattering stunts and action. Following my usual modus operandi these days, I channel hopped over to a showing of one of the later Mission Impossibles, and was intrigued enough to want to watch it all. Today, that means buying the thing and putting it to one side until I actually make the time to watch it. It is now time to make my way through the first five Mission Impossible films. The first may be a point of comfortable familiarity, but I hope the second doesn’t serve as a roadblock...

Mission Impossible
Mission Impossible 2
Mission Impossible III
Mission Impossible Ghost Protocol
Mission Impossible Rogue Nation

The Packaging

You get 5 discs in a fatpack Blu-ray Amaray, two discs on each inner face, and three on two centrally hinged panels. Some of the films were multi-disc releases when released singly with extra features on the second disc. This release collects only the feature discs, and consequently some films, such as Mission Impossible III are rather barebones.



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