Review for WWE Clash of Champions 2016

9 / 10

Clash of Champions used to be a monthly event that WCW used to show and WWE have now decided to use this as the name of the new Raw-only PPV since the brand extension. The event since more akin to the previous WWE Night of Champions event with all the championships on the line. Of the seven matches only two have no championship on the line and as with the previous PPV I do wish they had been Number One Contender matches to at least connect with the theme. I am glad that all the Raw belts get the chance to shine on this PPV and hopefully this will continue.

New Day against Gallows and Anderson for the Tag Belts was a good match, but as always the promo seemed to go on longer than the match itself. I'm just not entertained by the whole 'Bootios' thing anymore. The Cruiserweight match was a good match, but nothing special and if you have been following the tournament you would have thought this would have had a bit more impact.

Cesaro/Sheamus was a horrible match, a horrible idea to do the Best of Seven and how they ended it was utterly ridiculous. I understand that in this day and age we have to think about the health of the two of them, but this just made everything seem pointless. Sami Zayn against Chris Jericho was a good match and proof that Jericho can and will work with anyone. A good showing from Zayn and it is always great to see Jericho in the ring.

Match of the night is quite clearly the Women's ChampionshipTriple Threat between Charlotte, Sasha Banks and Bayley. Everything about this match worked and I enjoyed every second of it. A great example of a Triple Threat and certainly one of the best Women's matches I have seen in a long while.

Rusev against Roman Reigns for the US Championship was an ok match. It seems like WWE have finally found a way to push both of these again. I will however say that the 'Russian' thing has had its time and is not as entertaining as they think. No matter how much we want to boo them for it. Lana seems to have lost her shine too.

Finally, we ended with a pretty great match between Kevin Owens and Seth Rollins for the Jammy Dodger, I mean the Universal Championship and this was a great match. It is amazing that it went for as long as it did and I would say that is a real positive part of this match. It really did feel that they were given the time to build up the back and forth of the match and make it mean something. My only issue with this is that I don't think the crowd knew who to cheer for with both being more or less heels though both got the best out of each other. It's just a shame they had to spoil it with the cheap antics from Chris Jericho?

The set also includes The Kickoff match between Alicia Fox and Nia Jax which is fine, Kevin Owens Raw Celebration and Sami Zayn's Highlught Reel segment which are both great to see. Match Six of the Sheamus/Cesaro Series which is much better than the PPV one and an amazing match pitting Sasha Banks and Bayley against Charlotte and Dana Brooke which shows just how great the women are in the WWE.

Clash of Champions was a great debut PPV for the Raw Brand and though some of the matches were average, I can't deny the wrestling throughout was fantastic. This is a positive part and I can only hope that this is something that will continue. Now that WWE do not need to worry about getting all the other belts on the show it means that lesser titles like the US and Cruiserweight will get more of a spotlight. I recommend this PPV to everyone and the future looks bright.

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