Review for WWE: Randy Orton: RKO Outta Nowhere

8 / 10

Randy Orton is never a WWE superstar I have enjoyed watching. I'm not really sure why that is. Maybe it is just the way he works in the ring or his general smug, heelish attitude which always feels like it is real and not his character. However, I must say that watching this new set of his has almost turned me into a fan. It is true that I would never leave my gym bag anywhere near him (Points for the people who get that reference), but he does seem like someone who has matured and is able to reflect constructively on his career.

This set is a Talk-Match-Talk-Match set which I usually do not like and this is no different. I always want them to just include a long interview and then have the matches as bonus features. Instead this is just Orton talks for a few minutes then a match. Rinse and repeat. Now this is not so bad here because all of the matches are pretty good. I would say that if you are a fan of Randy Orton you will enjoy almost all the matches on here. There are a few missing, but if you have his previous set then that will fill in some of the gaps.

There is a quick look at how he got into the business. He openly admits he got an easy ticket in because of being a third generation star, but he did earn his dues by working in OVW and there is an interesting match against The Prototype who a lot of people may know today. (Hint: You Can't See Him).

His rise in WWE is shown with a title match against the Undertaker in his first few weeks. Orton says he learnt so much from how he was able to put Orton over and yet still retain his shine which is something he would draw from later. We see his inclusion in Evolution, Legend Killer gimmick and his break into the main event.

The matches are pretty good including his match against Shawn Michaels where he is not allowed to use the superkick. Any match with HBK is great and this one is no different. We see the fantastic match against Jeff Hardy at the Royal Rumble, when everyone was convinced Hardy would win and Orton admits that he knew they had something when the crowd reaction was so heated.

Other great matches include a Last Man Standing against CM Punk and a Steel Cage match against Christian who Orton goes on to say was the guy who he loved working with most. They include his Money in the Bank Ladder Match win and the Unification Match between Orton and John Cena. Again, if you watch that earlier match from OVW it is surprising to see how far both have come and this is punctuated by the amazing promo video beforehand.

The set ends with Orton against Seth Rollins and then in a Triple Threat against Kevin Owens and Cesaro showing his ability to put over these newer stars as The Undertaker had done for Orton earlier on. He comments he would love to face Finn Balor in the future and it is great to hear someone like Orton praise the future and want to work with them.

There are thirty-six matches in total and none of them are skippable. As I say, if you are a fan of Orton this set is worth its weight in gold, but if I am honest if you enjoy wrestling then you should enjoy this too. There is a great mix of matches, some are from Raw and Smackdown and so leaning too much on the obvious PPV matches which the previous set relied on. I would say if you don't like Orton you may want to stick your prejudice in your back pocket like I did and watch this set. As the fantastic matches will hit you... like an RKO Out of Nowhere!

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