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Certificate: 15
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Retail Price: £29.99
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Content Type: TV Series

Wars bring out the best and the worst in two adversaries. WWE and WCW are no different, and during their epic battle, both sides pulled out all the stops in their quest for sports-entertainment sovereignty. In this countdown presentation, see how WWE's most formidable foe unleashed every page in its creative playbook. WCW produced more "OMG" inducing moments than Chris Jericho (allegedly) mastered holds. In over three hours of content freed from the vast WCW archives, experience fifty of these classic moments. From shocking reveals to the Shockmaster, transcendent trailblazers to inexplicable head-scratchers, bold parodies to botched power bombs, it's all here in one nitro-powered set.

Packed with rare commentary from today's stars who enjoyed it to the "Big Boys" who lived it, including Ric Flair, Kevin Nash, Scott Hall and an all-new interview with the immortal Hulk Hogan!

Special Features:
Bluray Exclusives

Slamboree – 17 May 1998
Cruiserweight Battle Royal
Winner Faces Chris Jericho for WCW Cruiserweight Championship

Bash at the Beach – 11 July 1999
Junkyard Invitational Match

Monday Nitro – 15 November 1999
Piñata on a Pole Match
Silver King vs. Juventud Guerrera vs. El Dandy vs. Psychosis vs. Villano V

Slamboree – 7 May 2000
WCW World Heavyweight Championship Ready to Rumble Cage Match
David Arquette vs. Diamond Dallas Page vs. Jeff Jarrett

Fall Brawl – 17 September 2000
United States Championship Match
Lance Storm vs. General Rection

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